WSOP 2012: Kid Poker looks better in person

wsop-130x100.png"You look better in person than you do on TV," she said.

She was buried under a hat, hidden behind sunglasses, and at first it was impossible to tell if the backhanded compliment was a needle or genuine expression of affection for Daniel Negreanu's boyish charm.

Most people in the world--and probably a good many who are still alive here on Day 2 of the WSOP--have probably never been up close and personal with the guy they call Kid Poker. They wouldn't know if his good looks were the stuff of TV make-up artists or the real thing.

But the woman at the other end of the table? She had her opinion. She was into Negreanu.


The woman, without the hat

Negreanu has experience in this kind of thing. I've seen it happen all over the globe. Women dig the Kid. He is used to it. So, today, he handled the "you look better in person" with grace. He offered a polite, "Oh?" that was both non-committal and friendly. He probably didn't know what was coming next.

"I'm newly single," the woman said.

Yep. That's what she said.

Negreanu didn't miss a beat. "I'm planning to stay single for a long time. I like it," he said.

Again, it was polite. A little poker table banter. Negreanu's wheelhouse, if you will.

Keep in mind, this is happening as Negreanu works toward the chip lead on Day 2. He has more than 160,000 in chips, probably a Top 20 stack. You'd think it would be tough to talk relationship advice and play well at the same time. But, again, this is Negreanu. He can manage this kind of thing pretty well. There aren't many people who can talk and play at the same time as well.

"Maybe," said the woman, "you'll have a drink with me sometime."

I rewinded the conversation in my head and put the woman's quotes next to each other.

"You look better in person than you do on TV."

"I'm newly single,"

"Maybe you'll have a drink with me sometime."

Negreanu kept it cool. Kept it casual. "Not while we're working," he said.


I never thought he looked bad on TV

I've held this little bit back...and you'll have to forgive me for it. See, that woman in the sunglasses who was putting it out there for the Kid? She is just one year removed from winning the 2011 WSOP Ladies Event. Marsha Wolak is no babe in the woods. In the past year, she has put up ten tournament cashes, including three at the WSOP.

And, apparently, she is newly single.

So, make of all that what you will. For now, Negreanu will save the drink for another day. After all...he's working.




Liv Boeree, who is now down to 15,000 after losing most of her stack with queens versus fours.


Victoria Coren:

Part 1: "Huck Seed just wandered over and said this was a tough table. That's never good to hear, is it?"

Part 2: "And if you don't know who Huck Seed is then you haven't read my book and you're NOT REALLY MY FRIEND."


"Should your tie really be that way around?"

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker