WSOP 2012: Negreanu, Katchalov and Selbst lead Team Pro survivors

wsop-130x100.pngWorld Series of Poker play moved into the second day today, or the first of the second days, which was in fact the fourth day of play in the WSOP Main Event. It's complicated. This was the combination of Days 1A and 1B, some 2,044 strong, and as the field was slashed in by half, we also began to see the first signs of those who may feature strongly in the coming days.

With three tournament rooms in operation the action was volatile, with a slow progression of eliminated players keeping the halls alive; their bad beat stories - in person or by telephone - being the only other noise than the riffling of chips for the full five levels of play.

Even after two full days however, there is still plenty of work for those filing out tonight, who right now are changing the mood from one of disappointment to jubilation. All of them have a night to rejoice but remain several levels of play from anything that resembles a profitable finish.

As far as Team PokerStars Pros are concerned however, more than a few are in with the shot of just that, and looking at their pedigree that's hardly surprising.

While the chip counts are still a few hours from being confirmed, Daniel Negreanu, Eugene Katchalov and Vanessa Selbst showed them all who the pros were, each bagging up around 300,000, leading the liveried few. At times both Negreanu and Selbst dominated today, while Katchalov struck late. Negreanu even discovered a not so secret admirer along the way.

Daniel Negreanu (Photo: Neil Stoddart)

When they return on Thursday they'll be joined by some familiar faces, including the reigning Champion.

Moving on to Day 3: Pius Heinz, Vicky Coren, Jan Heitmann, Liv Boeree, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Vanessa Selbst, Eugene Katchalov, Salvatore Bonavena, George Danzer and Toni Judet.

Reigning Champion Pius Heinz

We'll catch up with those names as they retake their seats for Day 3. Tomorrow though, the remainder of the Day 1C field return for a chance to join them.

Playing on Day 2C:: Christophe de Meulder (49,025), Jason Mercier (17,650), Angel Guillen (49,450), Joe Cada (117,375), Arnaud Mattern (27,300), Marcel Luske (23,925), Dario Minieri (58,925), Viktor Blom (110,225) and Juan Manuel Pastor (49,500). From Team Online: Randy Lew (62,025), Shane Schleger (20,340) and Fredy Torres (34,250).

Joe Cada (Photo: Neil Stoddart)

But where there is survival there is elimination, and Team Pros were among those signing off from this year's World Series.

Eliminated: David Williams, Mathias de Meulder, Team Online's Mikhail "innerpsy" Shalamov, Marcin Horecki, and Chad Brown.

Williams was among the first to leave this afternoon, and if anyone is in any doubt as to how painful it is to bust from the Main Event, even a pro with more than $8 million to his name and a bracelet, Williams' tweet on the way home said it all.

@DavidWilliams: "For a professional poker player, the day you bust out of the main event is one of the worst of the year. Nothing can explain it."

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As you'll recall today was really two tournaments, with Days 2A and 2B playing on the dame day, just a few feet from each other, but never really meeting. Tomorrow the survivors of that massive field on Day 1C will become Day 2C. It's not until Day 3 on Thursday that the entire field will be united as one for the first time.

That's all to look forward to. Our coverage continues at noon PT Wednesday. Until then, it's good night from Las Vegas.