WSOP 2012: Randy $%^&*'n Lew

wsop-130x100.pngWalk as far as you can to the back of the Amazon Room and you'll find two champions sitting beside each other. Last November, they entered the same APPT tournament in Macau. One of them won it. The other one placed 60th. One of them was in Rounders. The other one was 12 years old when Rounders came out. The latter is Team PokerStars Online's Randy Lew. The first one. Well, I think you might know him as Johnny $%^&*'n Chan.

If you didn't know, it was Lew who won that APPT Macau tournament last year. During his championship run, he never had the chance to sit at the table with Johnny Chan. Never had a chance to get a feel for how he played. Now, for the first time, he's elbow to elbow with one of poker's greatest heroes. And he has position on him!

"It's pretty cool," Lew said. "He's a legend."

It's also a bit funny. When it comes to being an action player, Lew is no Viktor Blom. With that understood, he's also no Johnny Chan. Seems the Orient Express is either nitting it up or pretty card dead--so much so that he had the dealer wash the deck.

"He asked for a scramble," Lew said with a smile. "He was playing pretty tight. I guess he needed a scramble to get some new cards."


Johnny Chan may one of the most famous poker players in history, but Lew had a better WSOP this year. Chan has no in the money finishes in 2012 (at the WSOP or anywhere else for that matter). Lew, meanwhile, made a nice little chunk of cash--$75,672, in fact.

  • Event #19 $1,500 NLHE 196/2302 -- $3,076
  • Event #35, $2,500 Mixed Hold'em 30/393 $5,195
  • Event #43, $1,500 NLHE, 12/2770, $37,657
  • Event #46, $2,500 NLHE, 111/1,607-- $5,703
  • Event #50, $5,000 NLHE, 32/1,001--$24,041
  • That is a long way of saying, Lew may be 30 years younger than Chan, but he's just as comfortable here at the WSOP. As much as the legends continue to inspire, the kids are making themselves at home at the Series. To wit: a little while after we talked, Lew tweeted about the arrival of Andy Frankenberger: "Frankenberger joins table & says 'intimidated right?' & fails at making Johnny Chan laugh then tells him he won 2 bracelets. Now Chan laughs."

    Lew is playing his standard game today. It's quiet, but effective.

    "I'm just kind of slowly grinding up," he said.

    That's exactly how he did it in Macau when he won back in November. There didn't seem to be any point the early days of the tournament that Lew was crushing the field. And then he crushed the field. Now, after a hard few weeks, Lew already has designs on the rest of the year.

    "After this I'm going to take a little break. I've been playing a lot of poker here," he said. "Then I'm going to try to head out to an EPT or APPT."

    But first, he has to make sure he doesn't have plans for late October. You know...when the WSOP Main Event final table resumes. After all, Lew may have position on Chan, but Chan is the one with the hold bracelets.

    That is, Team Online's nanonoko still has some work to day before people start calling him Randy $%^&*'n Lew.



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