WSOP 2013: Dear Liv, you're dead. Love, Matt

Imagine movie scene in which the villain--let's just call him Stout--stands above the heroine--let's just call her Olivia--and says nothing. She closes her eyes and thinks of a king. Or more precisely, kings.

In Hollywood, these kings wait until the drama is at its peak, sweat is pouring down the small of your back, and we're sure Stout is going going to put a bullet in Olivia's sweet face. And then these kings swoop in, save the heroine, and we go out for ice cream.

Hollywood lies.

Just a few minutes ago, I walked into the Amazon room to see Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree in a raising scuffle with Matt Stout. Finally, quietly, Boeree announced "All-in."

Event 62_Day 03_FUR_1056.jpg

Stout's call came before Boeree got the last consonant out of her lips. The cards on their backs, we saw the scene: Stout's A♥K♦ versus Liv's pocket kings.

Ripe for the double up, Liv dropped her soft eyes to the rail as the dealer dropped 4♥Q♥7♥ on the felt.

No one said a word.

Then came the 8♦.

No one said a word.

The dealer burned a card and dropped the 5♥.

And no one said a word.

Liv didn't look up as the dealer pushed up the four hearts, to indicate a flush. Liv had the K♥. It's impossible to say what she was thinking, because to everyone at the table, it appeared as though she wasn't watching.

Stout seemed to be thinking the same as us...did Liv see what had just happened? Oh, she must've. But just in case she didn't, Stout put the bullet in her face to be sure.

"Good game, Liv," he said to the crown of her head.

Slowly, Boeree raised her chin to look at the table and Stout's nut flush.

I write tens of thousands of words a year, and I don't have one to describe Liv's face at that moment. I have sat here for ten minutes trying to describe it. The closest I can come is this: it's just like that fraction of a second after a person dies. Life remains in their face, the muscles are still holding the lips taut and the eyes open, but the soul is gone.

She walked out without looking at Stout or saying another word.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Photos courtesy Poker Photo Archive.

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