WSOP 2013: ElkY makes his public departure

I reported on Bertrand Grospellier's exit from the World Series main event in 2006 when, as a recent convert to poker from professional video gaming, the Frenchman, fighting out of South Korea, was playing one of his first major live tournaments.

While he was becoming legendary as "ElkY" online, the live world paid little attention to this Bertrand guy, who, dark-haired and overweight, blended into the crowd and was eliminated out of the money, disappearing without much notice.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

A year later his every move was recorded by someone, adding to the legend of one of the game's great enigmas. The same goes for this year.

ElkY has busted from the main event after a long battle with a short stack and a final coin-flip, his fours against ace-nine. No chance to slip away unnoticed this time. ElkY is on that list of players who must account for their demise to camera. So, visibly disappointed, he did as was asked, a moment made no better by the sight of two PokerStars Bloggers sauntering past in the background, looking back like Gimlin Bigfoots in his moment of public misery.

A premature end for Grospellier, out inside the top 300.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter. Pictures courtesy of Poker Photo Archive.