WSOP 2013: Lost: Dog. Answers to the name "Ruffles"

They've been hard to miss this week, girls dressed in vests, shorts and knee length socks handing out bags of Ruffles Crispy Fries to anyone who'll stomach them; their corporate right as one of the sponsors of the World Series main event.

The girls work the corridors again today, although you sense their spirit, if not their commitment, has waned somewhat, at least since opening day.

"Ruffles! Ruffles?" they say to anyone they meet. On day one they said this as if they'd just discovered the cure for hangovers. They even talked of their being "made from real potatoes", as if they promise of a vegetable would be enough to win over the skeptics. Now they say it with the hopelessness of someone looking for a lost spaniel. Wherever Ruffles is, he's not answering.

Actually you could say they're looking for lost customers. Whereas on day one everyone had taken a bag - the first freebie of the tri - these potato snacks have since become a high-carb burden. The air smells of Ruffles, the floor is littered with Ruffles. You cannot move for Ruffles.

Trash or tasty?

So much so that on one table players took unilateral action to tackle their Ruffles problem. One man asked each of his table mates to hand over their bag. Arms full he then dumped them near a trash can few feet away. Ruffles? We'll show you what you can do with your stinking Ruffles.

But not in the trash can. Cleaners work the aisles clearing up the detritus of 2,000-plus people. They sweep up water bottles, empty Red Bull cans and anything else they don't have to bend down to pick up. But they leave the Ruffles. At what point does a bag of them become trash? Is it when they're kicked under the table, or thrown as far away as possible? The cleaners seem unwilling to make that moral call, and leave them. The result is thousands of bags, unopened, unwanted, and going nowhere.

Discarded or saved for later?

Not everyone is so offended. Russian pro Alex Kravchenko has two bags of them with him at the table. Others store what bags they can find under their chair like squirrels waiting for the summer to end.

In many ways the summer is about to end. Those bags of Ruffles might be the only thing they have to show for it. And they're delicious.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter. Pictures courtesy of Poker Photo Archive.