WSOP 2013: Main Event close to the bubble as Team Pros survive Day 3

We knew we'd lose a lot of players today, just not quite this many. When the doors opened on the Amazon Room this afternoon those returning knew that the number on the tournament clock would finally start to go down after several days of split flights and a seemingly endless supply of players. Their only concern was to remain among them and avoid having to make the long walk out of here as so many of their table mates were forced to do today.

The feature table in action

The sheer scale of the eliminations raised the question of whether the bubble, set to burst at 648 players, might actually have been reached today. In the end play fell short of that number. But when play resumes with 666 players, 18 of them will depart with nothing. What's more they'll depart to the delight of those they leave behind. There can be few worse feelings in any form of competition.

The leaders tonight are pushing the million chip mark, with Josh Prager, Max, Steinberg and Vladimir Geshkenbein all competing for the lead. Team PokerStars Pro, despite suffering losses today, remain in contention also, with Ivan Demidov (420,000), Jake Cody (350,000), Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (455,000), Marcel Luske (386,000), Isaac Haxton (311,000) and Humberto Brenes (132,500) all returning tomorrow in various strengths, details of which can be found on our Team Pro progress page.

Marcel Luske

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

There are also the Passport winner, including the likes of Rupert Elder on close to 200,000. You can follow their progress on the same page also. You won't see any scores for the likes of Liv Boeree, Gabe Nassif, Mathias de Meulder, Angel Guillen, Theo Jorgensen, Adrienne Rowsome and Mikhail Shamalov, all of whom departed today.

Adrienne Rowsome

Liv Boeree

Away from the action we looked at the World Series from various other perspectives. After a slight brush with the law, we tried to keep pace with Red Bull Robbie, and looked through the field at the players with an EPT pedigree.

Robbie Thompson

Attention now turns to Day 4 and that most dramatic of main event moments, the bubble. That will come tomorrow at some point, complete with tension, confusion and for one player, gut-wrenching disappointment.

Play starts at the usual time of noon tomorrow. Join us then.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter. Pictures courtesy of Poker Photo Archive.