WSOP 2013: Math time as 1,942 entries pack Day 1B

It's dinner time at the WSOP, and--stand back--we're doing math.

Just a bit ago, the WSOP brass announced 1,942 people had signed up for today's flight, just short of the 2,000 predicted to register. Add that to the 943 who showed up yesterday, and that gives us 2,885 players who have taken their seats so far.

That is, as they say, what we know.

But poker tournament fields are much like the game itself. The calculus is a practice in sorting out the incomplete information.

For instance, we don't know how many people will eventually pack in here tomorrow, but per Poker Oracle Kevin Mathers, we know more than 1,500 have already signed up to play Day 1C.

So, like that weird night with the double rainbows, we're asking what it all means.

WSOP execs had their eyes on a 7,000-strong field. To get there, they'd need to pack more than 400 of the 480 tables available to them on Monday. Could it happen? Yes. Yes, it could. Could I hit the seven card straight flush Pai Gow bonus? Yes. Yes, I could. I've been trying for a decade, and I'm due. I'm due!

Event 62_Day 01b_FUR_9579.jpg

It certainly looks crowded...

But, if we take that pie-in-the-sky number out of the equation, there are other benchmarks to consider.

2005 Main Event field: 5,619 -- This number is important, because it's the smallest field since the WSOP moved to the Rio and accommodated the giant crowds. The next year (the last before the UIGEA) 8,773 packed the Rio's gills. It seems certain this year's field will eclipse the 2005 mark, but it's worth keeping in mind.

2007 Main Event field 6,358 -- After the 2006 peak and UIGEA, the numbers fell off drastically, but were never smaller than this. The WSOP will need nearly 3,500 players signed up tomorrow to avoid having the smallest field since the UIGEA.

2012 Main Event field: 6,598 -- For this to happen, we'd need 3,713 players in tomorrow's field. It would have to be a monster, but it could happen.

For now, though, it's largely irrelevant, as it's dinner break, and most people are a lot like us: concerned with how many tamales we can fit in our mouth in 90 minutes.

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Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Photos courtesy Poker Photo Archive.