WSOP 2013: Number of the beast remains as storm clouds rise

The emergency alert system activated all over the Las Vegas area this morning as dark storm clouds rose above Mt. Charleston. A weeks-old wildfire was still burning and had stripped the land of its already limited vegetation. Now, storms were coming. The water would crash down from the sky, and when it hit the mountain, there would nothing but ash and charred rocks ro hold back the water. It stood a chance of getting bad. Floods could crash down from the tallest peaks and in a matter of moments flood the people below.

Meanwhile, the WSOP has 666 players remaining. The number of the beast.

Yes, seriously.

Eighteen of them will earn nothing. Everyone else will get at least $19,000. The money bubble pops at 648.

In the crowd are several Team Pros, members of Team Online, and people who won the PokerStars Main Event Passports.

Here are the PokerStars players we'll be watching today:

Anton Morgenstern (Main Event Passport winner) 524,500
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (Team PokerStars Pro) 444,000
Marcel Luske (Team PokerStars Pro) 386,000
Jake Cody (Team PokerStars Pro) 350,000
Rafael Porzecanski (Main Event Passport winner) 345,000
Isaac Haxton (Team Online) 311,000
Ivan Demidov (Team PokerStars Pro) 273,000
Rupert Elder (Main Event Passport winner) 189,500
Humberto Brenes (Team PokerStars Pro) 132,500

2013 WSOP_EV62_Day 3_8JG2475.jpg

Play begins in a matter of minutes. The WSOP Main Event bubble is my favorite day of the year, and it's a storm I don't want to miss.

We'll be back when the number of the best turns into 648--the number of people who will get paid here today.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Photos courtesy Poker Photo Archive.

Brad Willis
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