WSOP 2013: Rawsome Rowsome's due for some presents

Those people who have known Adrienne Rowsome for a while were surprised to learn a few months back that she had secretly married her longtime boyfriend Ryan Carter. On a boat (and then off the boat, as you will see below).

Because no one initially knew when they got married, this significance of this Thursday sort of snuck up on everyone. It's July 11, 2013, one year to the day since they took the plunge.

Thursday will be, indeed, their first wedding anniversary.

"More presents!" Rowsome said a few minutes ago. More on that in a second.


If you need to find Rowsome on Thursday, you'll probably have to look here at the Rio. As of a few minutes ago, she looked to have enough chips to make it to Day 3. Which is also good news...and pretty Rawsome.

Yes, about that...

For nearly a decade, people have known her simply as "talonchick," but this week the Canadian Team Onliner fell victim to a typo on a poker news site that reported her name as "Rawsome" in a miracle jacks versus aces hand in which the board gifted her a chop.

The typo came down in a few minutes, but not before Lee Jones and I seized on the name (we encourage you to give it a try) and worked on making it stick. For what it's worth, I'm considering it her "married name."

She has not protested yet, in part because she's busy. After finishing Day 1 with only 15,000 in chips, she has spent all of this day Day 2 chipping up north of 60,000.

Event 62_Day 01b_FUR_9454.jpg

So, now Rowsome heads toward the end of this night with the hopes she won't be celebrating her marriage on her anniversary. But that's not to say she wouldn't accept gifts, maybe something traditional...

"First anniversary is paper, huh?" she said.

But you better make that paper green, because If you think she means anything but making the WSOP money, you don't know her very well.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Photos courtesy Poker Photo Archive.