WSOP 2013: Smile for the camera as players return for Day 5

The hardest job today on Day 5 of the World Series main event does not belong to any of the 239 main event players, who have five levels ahead of them today, but the television camera teams tasked with getting some action out of them before they take their seats.

These camera teams line the corridors, waiting in ambush and armed with cameras of various sizes, from the shoulder mounted ones with cables trailing out the back, to the little hand held jobs that make you wonder if the man operating it is not in fact an imposter living out his dream to be a cameraman and trying to blend in. I suspect it's a seniority thing. The veterans get the big ones, and three people following to shift things out the way and drag wires to wherever you want to go, whereas the new boy gets to use a camera phone.

Still four months away from being won: the main event bracelet

Regardless of what they've got to work with, each is looking for the same thing: a reaction from one of the players returning to the Amazon Room.

First they have to spot one of them. Then, get a reaction. One producer uses is own enthusiasm, holding up five fingers and saying "five!" with a grin, trying to get one of the players to mimic him, like you would an infant. They need something, anything to flag this day up for what it will be - the process of slimming this field even further.

Most players however would prefer to make it to their seat unmolested and get on with the business of the day. Their ranks are filled with the usual mixture of big names and the soon to be big names, led by the chip leader last night, Jon Lane.

There are also two former winners in the field; Carlos Mortensen and Greg Merson, who, as unlikely as it may be, has a potential back to back title ahead of him.

Also in the field is the last of the PokerStars Passport winners Anton Morgenstern.

Anton Morgenstern

The German had a volatile last session yesterday, first losing chips in a series of pots before rallying well to get them back. He showed flashes of talent that would make a strong performance today not much of a surprise, and his stack of 400,000 could provide him all he needs if he can build it fast.

We'll be here to see it. The cameras will be too.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter. Pictures courtesy of Poker Photo Archive.