WSOP 2013: Sorry, people of Nauru

The island of Nauru is 8 square miles. It is the world's smallest republic and doesn't have a neighbor within 150 miles. And for a period of a few minutes today, the people of that Micronesian island had reason to celebrate, for they had not one, not two, but three representatives in the final 239 players of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event. It was a statistical anomaly along the lines of two PokerStars Blog writers managing to min-cash a nightly tournament at Circus Circus1.

What a coup! What a poker revolution! Imagine the poker boom on that island of fewer than 10,000 people! Imagine the sponsorship opportunities. Imagine APPT Nauru. Whoever won here could be the Chris Moneymaker of Nauru. It was about to be the best thing to happen to poker since we stopped raising 3x.

And if it hadn't been a clerical error, it would've been the most interesting thing happening here at the WSOP.

2013 WSOP_EV62_Day 04_8JG2659.jpg

Main Event feature table, featuring exactly zero Nauruans

Turns out, somebody keyed in the wrong country code. Those NR designations should've been NL2 (Hello, people of the Netherlands!). Nauru got shut out of the WSOP Day 5 again. You'll get there someday, Nauruans. Someday.

The clerical blip gave us a chance to see just how much of a world phenomenon this Main Event still is. People from 83 different countries showed up to play here. The youngest was 21 years and eight days old. The oldest was 92. The average player was 38.1 years old. More than 95% of them were men.

And not one Nauruan made Day 5. Fish.3

1 Circus Circus doesn't have a poker room. In fact, we don't even know if the casino still exists.

2 When this post was first published, we incorrectly reported the corrections should've been NE instead of NR. In fact, it should've been NL. We apologize to the people of Niger for getting your hopes up.

3There is actually no evidence any Nauruan entered the event. If one did, we apologize for calling him a fish.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Photos courtesy Poker Photo Archive.

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