WSOP 2013: Victor Ramdin, Jose Barbero rule $5,000 OFC event

We take a break from our regularly scheduled World Series of Poker coverage to take you about 50 yards down the hall to the Carnivale of Poker, where two Team PokerStars Pros just took the top two spots in the the $5,000 Open Face Chinese Poker Tournament.

The Carnivale of Poker ran as a side tournament series during the WSOP and offered some lower buy-ins for poker hungry fans. Lower, that is, except for a $5,000 OFC touney. You don't see $5,000 OFC events in many places, but this one pulled in 48 people.

When it got heads-up, these two guys were sitting across the table from each other.


Though the event will get scant coverage elsewhere (other folks have their heads turned to the WSOP Main Event) this OFC contest was one to behold.

In the run-up to heads-up play, Ramdin began calling for cards, and the dealer obliged every time, letting Ramdin make trip aces on the bottom, kings in the middle and queens on top. It was enough to put the Team Pro in a dominant spot.

When it was done, Ramdin was the first Carnivale of Poker $5,000 champion, taking in a reported $76,000. Barbero pocketed a reported $47,000.


Congratulations to both Victor and Jose on a fun performance.

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