WSOP 2014: Bryan Huang's secret

The dinner break ended just after 8pm, and Bryan Huang, one of three Team PokerStars Pros left in the field, wasn't in eyeshot. In fact, he wasn't even in the room. There were only six people sitting at his table, and he wasn't one of them.

Across the felt from Huang's 300,000-strong stack, an opponent sat incredulous.

"Crazy," he said. "I have never seen half a table empty."

The table played a couple of hands, each time peeling a 100 chip off the top of the empty stacks.

"It's only a 10K, right?" somebody quipped.

Another hand went by, and a few latecomers ran into the room, big lumbering men who had no business running that quickly no matter how late they were. One of them slipped into a seat at Huang's table with a shrug and no other explanation.

Huang was still in the wind, and another 100 chip came off his stack. If he missed another couple hands, he was in danger of missing the blinds. That's when it would start to get expensive.

Bryan Huang_2014WSOP_EV65_Day3_FUR_4323.jpg

Bryan Huang (Photo: Jayne Furman/Poker Photo Archive)

Keep in mind: this is not Huang's first rodeo. He's won hundreds of thousands of dollars around the world. He's made Asia his little honey hole. The guy can play.

Thing is, he's never cashed in the WSOP Main Event. In fact, it's been three years since he took any money out of the WSOP. He's due for a score here...if he could ever make it back from dinner.

The next hand started. The dealer took a fourth 100 chip. That's when Huang appeared from the ether.

Where was he?

"My friend looked at the wrong clock," he said. By way of explanation, he showed me a text conversation that started with the word "stupid," continued on for some time with words I'll not re-print, and ended with the word "person." Needless to say, Huang wasn't necessarily pleased with his buddy.

So, I asked the obvious question.

"Where have you been?"

Hunag told me. I jotted down notes and got ready to come back here and write down the story.

"If I go deep, you can write about it," Huang said as I was readying to leave him.

"Deep? I'm going to write about it now," I said.

"No!" he said.

And then he gave me an explanation for why. I'll be damned if I didn't decide then and there to keep his secret for him.

So, here we sit. It's 9pm. There are three hours left to play in the night, Huang is back in his seat. And he has a little secret.

Here's to him going really deep.

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