WSOP 2014: Moneymaker leads PokerStars' charge into Day 3

There are 1,864 people sitting in the Main Event right now, and precious few of them are unaware of of the chip leader's name.

Just in case they need any help, here's a clue.

Pat and Mel Humphreys, Phil Ivey_2014WSOP_EV65_Day3_FUR_4249.jpg

Ivey's biggest fans, Pat and Mel Humphreys

That's right. Phil Ivey--yes, that Phil Ivey--is leading the WSOP Main Event headed into Day 3. He has half a million chips, aka about five times the average stack.

Because he's Phil Ivey.

While there will be a few hundred thousand words spent on Ivey today, there is an important point worth noting: the 2003 WSOP Main Event champion, Chris Moneymaker, has better than two times the average stack. He is among the eleven members of Team Pro and Team Online who have advanced to Day 3.

Chris Moneymaker_2014WSOP_EV65_Day1A_FUR_3276.jpg

Chris Moneymaker

There are some powerhouses coming in under the PokerStars flag, including Daniel Negreanu who had a terrible end of his night on Day 2C, but has already doubled up once today. Stephen Bartley will have the story of Negreanu's good start a little bit later today.

Here's a full list of who is wearing the Red Spade today.

Day 3 start

Chris Moneymaker 222,000
Bryan Huang 168,700
Matthias De Meulder 125,400
Barry Greenstein 113,500
Jake Cody 80,000
Humberto Brenes 64,100
Fatima Moreira De Melo 62,200
Theo Jorgensen 50,600
Daniel Negreanu 38,900
Randy Lew 26,700
Gabriel Nassif 24,000

Today is perhaps the toughest for a WSOP player. Get knocked out today, and you'll earn nothing. Survive today and you'll earn...exactly nothing. The WSOP field won't hit the money until tomorrow, so today is all about building a bubble-abusing stack.

Stay tuned.

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