WSOP 2014: Negreanu doesn't win...and banks $8.2 million

I'm trying to to think of the last time anyone earned $8.2 million in a few days and wasn't entirely happy with it. It's probably happened, but I certainly haven't known anyone who went to work one week, made that much, and went home thinking, "Well, that could've gone better."

But here we are.

Daniel Negreanu_2014WSOP_EV57_Day3_FUR_2606.jpg

Tonight, Team Pro Daniel Negreanu finished runner-up in the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop at the World Series of Poker. His take amounted to $8,288,001 minus whatever percentages he pieced out.

Think about that. Seriously. Sit back, take a moment, and think about it.

Going into this evening, Negreanu--one of the world's most celebrated poker players--had won $6.3 million at the WSOP. That wasn't even in the Top 10 money-winners at the Series.

Now? He has $14.5 million in World Series winnings.

Negreanu was among 42 entrants who put up the $1 million to enter the charity tourney, and for a moment looked poised to earn another WSOP bracelet. Heads-up against reticent high-roller Dan Colman, Kid Poker was on the verge of a $15 million payday. There were many points it might have gone his way, but in the end it didn't. He got it in with A♦4♣ vs Colman's K♦Q♥. Negreanu--already ahead by a bit--flopped as well as he could have wanted: J♠A♥4♠. He was still vulnerable to a ten, and that's what hit on the turn. Negreanu didn't boat up on the river, and Negreanu--covered by Colman's stack--had to be satisfied with a runner-up finish.

While the official numbers will list him as an $8.2 million winner, Negreanu told folks on the scene that he had only 44% of himself.

So, that means Negreanu earned more than $3 million for himself in just a few days.

But, here's a sort of funny thing.

Yeah, that's right. Negreanu pieced out 13% of himself to Twitter followers. The people who felt good about putting up $5,000 earned $41,000.

I'll say this: my wife would've been uncomfortable with pulling $5,000 out of our bank account, but she would have had a great time with $41K in Kid Poker money.

All of that aside, check out this tweet from Negreanu some 90 minutes after it was all said and done.

So, that is where we are tonight. Negreanu has put away more than $3 million, his backers have another $4 million or so to roll around in, and while Kid Poker doesn't have another bracelet for his case, he's having pretty good summer.

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