WSOP 2014: Summer vacation status for the Red Spades

For most pro poker players, the WSOP is summer camp, a chance to spend up to seven weeks in a curious and dangerous land with some of their closest friends. They can all arrive whenever they want, but none of them have a choice about when they are going to leave.

Today we have our eye on the people from PokerStars. Today's a today when many will be packing their bags with clothes instead of chips. Nevertheless, there are some rising stars who are looking good to make Day 3.

As we head toward the dinner break, here are some vacation photos from our crack photographer Joe Giron of Poker Photo Archive.

Chris Moneymaker_WSOP Qualifier_Event 65_Day 2A_B_2014 WSOP_Giron_8JG6197.JPG

Chris Moneymaker who has been sitting on the feature table all day long and still has what looks to be around 70,000 in chips

Naoya Kihara_Event 65_Day 2A_B_2014 WSOP_Giron_8JG5992.JPG

Naoya Kihara (Team Online) sitting on around 100,000 in chips with two levels left to play in the day

Bryan Huang_Event 65_Day 2A_B_2014 WSOP_Giron_8JG6127.JPG

Bryan Huang (Team Pro) who was down to 15,000 two hours ago and is now sitting on 90,000. We're hoping he talks to Marcin Horecki on break, as Horecki is down to 15,000.

Gabriel Nassif_WSOP Qualifier_Event 65_Day 2A_B_2014 WSOP_Giron_8JG6207.JPG

Gabe Nassif: ( Team Online) still alive with 40,000

Liv Boeree_Event 65_Day 2A_B_2014 WSOP_Giron_8JG6189.JPG

Liv Boeree, now finished with summer camp for the year after busting out earlier today

Today we've also said goodbye and "see ya next summer" to Jan Heitmann, George Danzer, Vanessa Selbst, and Lex Veldhuis.

The surviving players are now out on a 90-minute dinner break.

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