WSOP 2014: Vanessa Selbst heads-up for bracelet, $871K, drama

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst is heads-up for a World Series of Poker bracelet. This is not a unique experience for her (she's already won two bracelets) but she's pumped up nonetheless.

Yes, there is the $871,000 first prize on the line. Yes, there is the distinction of winning the third bracelet (not many people--and only one other woman, Barbara Enright--have done that). But, if we read between the lines...there's more on the line.


Well, to explain that, we have to look at Selbst's opponent, Jason Mo. He's the only other player left in the $25,000 Mixed-Max event. And if you have a look at Selbst's Twitter feed and what she re-tweeted, you'll see there's some history that goes back at least a couple of years. A fellow ladies event player (pictured with Selbst below) had this to say.

Note here, for the record, Jason Mo is not--as far as we know--a lady.

So, there's that.

And then there's...well, Mo is part of what his friend Ryan Fee called "The Evil Empire." Fee, as you might remember, won an LAPT event back in 2008. He made it deep in Event #2 this week, too. Mo (who uses the @klink10k Twitter handle) hoped their cabal could finish it off.

That didn't happen, and Selbst was the one to send Fee to the rail. Bad day for the bad guys, it seemed.

Mo, because it was apparently in the by-laws of The Evil Empire's Code of Conduct, made sure the world knew how he felt about it.

So, there's...that, too.

Now Mo and Selbst are heads-up. Due to how this unique tournament's structure worked out, Mo has 5.8 million to Selbst's 3.9 million.

How is this going to turn out?

Well, one of them is part of the self-described Evil Empire. The other is talking about karma.

Place your bets, folks.


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