WSOP 2015: Recognize the face? Charlie Carrel takes on the World Series

Charlie Carrel_WSOP_d2ab.JPG

I'd thought I might have been more memorable. But to Charlie Carrel I was just some guy staring at him, and grinning slightly. Nope. No clue.

But let me back track a little, and give you time to get a good look at Carrel yourself.

Earlier this year Carrel, still just 20, went deep in the High Roller at EPT Malta. Dressed in eyebrow-raising psychedelic, he'd finished fifth to pick up €201,211, the largest payday of his live poker career up to that point. On the flight back to London I found myself sitting next to Carrel and talked with him about all sorts of things, an account of which you can read here.

He was the kid ready to take on the poker world, starting with the World Series just as soon as he turned 21. Well, that happened a short while ago, but not before he topped his Malta result by winning the €25,000 8-Handed High Roller event in Monte Carlo. That one was a little richer, worth €1.1 million.

Like I said, he was going places.

Now that place is here. He wears the same outfit and he has chips, which recent history suggests are all he really needs to meet with success. He already has a first World Series cash finish, not in some everyday hold'em thing but a pot-limit Omaha hi-Low Split-8 or better event. Now he has his sights on Main Event money.

Which is why we sent one our photographers over to him to get a picture. Carrel grinned and looked over at me. He might not remember me from Malta but he at least now recognised me as the guy hanging around his table. I was happy to accept that.

"I hate having my picture taken," he said, grinning, having tried to hide behind a hood, sunglasses, and his shock of hair. I told him not to worry as his clothes would probably blur the picture anyhow. He said that had been the plan.

Fourth wall broken, Carrel went back to bossing his table, playing the role of the floppy-haired kid with colourful tastes who keeps making jokes and raises.

So it doesn't matter whether he recognises me. But sooner or later we're all going to recognise him.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.