WSOP 2015: A numbers game


Sometime late yesterday the Main Event numbers were run through the computers and totalled. They were impressive and slightly ridiculous, just as we like them.

The Main Event attracted 6,420 entries, making it the eighth biggest field in WSOP history. Think about that for a second. Each of them found the $10,000 buy-in from somewhere. It's tempting after all these years to think of that as standard, what with the poker world routinely staging events with buy-ins upward of $100,000. But these are still numbers to baffle the uninitiated, even the loved ones and relatives of the players waiting for news back home.

Some 3,963 of those played yesterday and the survivors from then will return tomorrow. That leaves those players from Days 1A and 1B to return today, all 1,624 of them.

The Amazon, Pavilion and Brasilia Rooms are all in action, filled with men and woman of every conceivable background, wearing clothing and caps of every conceivable sports team. For another day at least, their day jobs are irrelevant and cards are everything, and that first prize of $7,680,021 is still, theoretically at least, a possibility.

The more modest goal might be to reach the money. That will happen for the last 1,000 players this year, with an adjusted pay out on previous years more forgiving on those who play for days but depart empty handed. Reach the last 1,000 and you're guaranteed $15,000. It's not $7.6 million but, you know, it's something.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.