WSOP 2015: George Denzer, 155,000 chips, from Norway.

George Danzer_WSOP_d4.jpg

The dealer, Joe, was trying to guess where George Danzer was born. He'd remembered his name ("It's something like D-E-N...") and now he was playing "guess the country" to fill in the time before play started.

"I got it... it's the one near Switzerland... what's it called... NORWAY!"

"Brazil," replied Danzer. Cue laughter.

The Team Pro appeared slightly cautious, rather than in the same good spirits as he was yesterday at the bubble. Back then he was a safe stack, and had plenty of reason to be cheerful - except for the inevitable delays.

"Everyone is stalling my ass off," he said.

It's hardly uncommon for this phenomenon to begin a few places off the money. In fact it was probably happening everywhere. But it was particularly acute at Danzer's table. But, he couldn't bring himself to blame them.

"I don't do it," said Danzer. "Because I'm stupid. But 30 seconds equals something like $100."

It was a rough guess but it sounded convincing. At the time play was two tables away from hand-for-hand. With more than a thousand players in action the short stack could easily assume that some other guy will take the hit and not them.

All this presented problems to the medium stacks like Danzer, but he was not going to be the guy who complained, which at the Main Event bubble would be like complaining about the price of egg nog on Christmas Eve.

But did that spell hurt him yesterday, leaving him with 155,000 at the start of Day 4. That'll be for Danzer to find out today, and he has opposition in the form of EPT Russian commentator Mikhail Semin and Max Greenwood, whose hair, now shorter than that on his passport photo, just gave Joe the dealer another excuse to make fun.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.