WSOP 2015: Get your free Fukuburger from Chef Moneymaker

This is not a sentence I ever thought I would type at the World Series of Poker. Check that. This is not a sentence expected to type at any point in my career. But here goes.

2003 WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker has designed a signature hamburger with the help of Fukuburger's famed burger chef Colin Fukunaga. This is a thing that is happening. What's more, you can get Moneymaker's creation or any other Fukuburger for free in Vegas on Monday and Tuesday nights.

"I'm still in the process of designing it," Moneymaker said today. "Its base is mushroom and swiss."

Now, if you are at all familiar with Fukuburger, you know the food truck didn't make its name on American style meat sandwiches. It's Asian fusion to the nth degree. Obviously, the mushroom and swiss thing might need some tweaking.

"It's gotta be a Japanese-like theme," Moneymaker said. "It's going to start with like a thousand island, but be a little bit different sauce."

Again, I repeat, this is something that is happening. The food truck is even getting patched up like a Team Pro.


Moneymaker and his fellow Team PokerStars Pros will be serving burgers July 6 and 7 beginning at 6:30pm at Kuma Snow Cream just up the street from the Rio at 3735 Spring Mountain Rd. Your food is free if you pick up a special burger token from the PokerStars Playhouse at the Palms. It's on the 27th floor of the Fantasy Tower in room 27-201. While you're there, you can hang out with Team Pros, shoot some pool, and grub on some snacks.

Need a ride to the Fukuburger truck? PokerStars will have free shuttle busses in front of the Rio's main entrance beginning at 6:30pm to get you to and from your dinner.

Free ride, free food, and free chance to have a Moneymaker burger. Sounds like some tasty value to me, poker players.

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