WSOP 2015: Sun shines after the Fukuburger Flood

When the rushing water started coming under the doors last night, anyone could've been forgiven for thinking the PokerStars Fukuburger dinner fun was going to be a washout. Flash flooding, innertubes in the streets, and floating trash cans marred what was supposed to be a fun night featuring Chris Moneymaker serving burgers to the masses.

But the PokerStars crew and Fukuburger folks are nothing if not resilient. Not only must the burger go on the griddle, but the show must go on. So it did this evening.


May I take your order?

Tonight, Moneymaker, ElkY, and many others from the red spade brigade headed out to a decidedly drier dinner break. Burgers of all sorts (including the featured Moneymaker burger) came off the griddle and made it all the way to hungry mouths without so much as a raindrop hitting them.


Looks like Fatima Moreira De Melo ordered a #1


Andre Akkari getting his meat fix


ElkY and Moneymaker doing work


Thanks again to the good people at Fukuburger for feeding us all this week. May your skies stay sunny and your trash cans not float away.

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