WSOP 2015: Victor Ramdin on rye

It's never been particularly easy to keep up with Victor Ramdin. He never sat still. Not only had he become a poker champion and secured an enviable spot on Team PokerStars Pro, he had a thriving chain of discount stores. Oh, and he also regularly traveled to his native Guyana to provide medical care for the underprivileged. He was a busy guy, and you needed a pair of good shoes to keep pace with him.

Even if you have been successfully keeping up to this point, you might need to grab a bottle of Gatorade and tighten your laces, because Ramdin is on the move again.

Victor Ramdin_2015 WSOP_EV68_Day 2C_Giron_8JG2055.jpg

If you're looking for Ramdin after the World Series of Poker, you will find him back home in New York, but he won't be working on his longtime dollar store businesses.

"I'm getting out of that," he said. "Business has become very bad right now. The big stores just beat us up."

What's more, Ramdin has stumbled into a whole new line of might say, a whole wheat line of work (sorry about that...).

At some point recently, Ramdin got into the Italian deli game in New York. The entire thing has fascinated him to the point that he has no need nor interest for dollar stores. He's even paying less attention to poker.

"Now, I don't want to do anything else. Just delis. I love it."

Prior to opening his first shop, it never occurred to him that it was something he wanted to do, but the opportunity presented itself, and Ramdin didn't let it go by.

"I grabbed it," he said. "I just got lucky."

He's done so well, he's already planning to open a second deli when he returns from the WSOP. Before that point, however, he has reason to keep his seat.

Today, Ramdin is playing a big stack on Day 2C of the Main Event. If the trend continues, he seems in good shape to make the money. When it's suggested that winning this whole shebang could let him open as many delis as he wants, Ramdin shakes off the idea.

That may be Ramdin's greatest secret of all. It seems like he's moving all the time, but each one of his runs begins with a first step.

"Let's min-cash first," he said.

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