WSOP Main Event: Cody leads lucky 13 red spades looking for cash

In another year, this would just be another day at the World Series of Poker. Day 3 was usually much like Day 2, a painful slog through 12 hours of play without making the money.

This is year is different.

Thanks to a payout structure that pays 1,000 people there is a near certainty that we're going to make the money before the end of play today.

At the start of play, 1,796 people of the 6,420 starters still had chips. Among them are 12 popular PokerStars players, including Team Pros, Team Onliners, SportStars, and Twitchers. Here's how they all stack up.

Jake Cody 340,100
Jan Heitmann 202,700
Victor Ramdin 187,600
George Danzer 164,500
Fatima Moreiro de Melo 160,400
Andre Akkari 156,200
Aditya Agarwal 151,300
Daniel Negreanu 123,600
Marc-Andre Ladouceur 112,100
Jennifer Shahade 75,700
Marcin Horecki 56,900
Jaime Staples 51,400
Matti De Meulder 39,500

Jake Cody_2015 World Series of Poker_EV68_Day3_FUR_8542.jpg

Jake Cody

Marc-Andre Ladouceur_2015 World Series of Poker_EV68_Day3_FUR_8562.jpg

Marc-Andre Ladouceur

Jan Heitmann_2015 World Series of Poker_EV68_Day3_FUR_8534.jpg

Jan Heitmann

Jaime Staples_2015 World Series of Poker_EV68_Day3_FUR_8551.jpg

Jaime Staples

Daniel Negreanu_2015 World Series of Poker_EV68_Day3_FUR_8573.jpg

Daniel Negreanu

Most of the smart people here believe we'll hit the money somewhere around level 14 after the dinner break tonight. We'll be here to cover it and see which of the 12 PokerStars-faithful make it to the cash.

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Brad Willis
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