Weekend planner: Series, Speed, & Stupid

With Congressional hearings in the States, elections in the UK, and turmoil around the globe, it feels like a good time for some weekend distractions. We have a bunch for you.

Here are some good diversions for the next couple of days.


We've been keeping tabs on the World Series of Poker this week because...well, Team PokerStars Pro has been making news almost every day.

Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov won a bracelet together.

ElkY won more than $2 million in the $111,111 One Drop.

Daniel Negreanu nearly won his seventh bracelet.

Just last night, Aditya Agarwal made a super deep run in the $1,5000 NLHE event finishing ninth for $30,774. Not satisfied with that, he jumped in the six-max and finished with the fifth best stack out of the remaining 263 players. Keep an eye on him as the weekend plays out.

Meanwhile, Daniel Negrenau didn't bag in the $1,500 HORSE yesterday but he managed to run up a decent stack and stay alive in the $10,000 Dealer's Choice event. He'll be coming back today in 13th place out of the remaining 37.

Daniel Negreanu_2017WSOP_EV17_Day01_Abrego__AA00831.jpg

Daniel Negreanu

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Kid's daily vlog from the WSOP. It's good watching.


In case you missed it (and, what with the speed and all, you could be forgiven for having done so), Usain Bolt--yes, that one--announced yesterday that he was teaming up with PokerStars to help promote the game around the world. He also started a bit of a beef with PokerStars' favorite funnyman, Kevin Hart, calling him "Little Man" and such. Hart responded in kind.

We're not 100% sure where this is all going, but it feels like it's going to get there fast and be pretty fun along the way. Strap in.


And if the Series and Speed aren't exciting enough for you, how about a little Stupid in the form of...well, me? The boys at the Poker In The Ears podcast were kind enough to have me on as their guest this week. We discuss Vegas, stupid drunk Vegas shenanigans, and why I'm skipping the WSOP for the first time in 12 years.

You can listen to the whole show (which has actual value outside of my appearance), right here.

That should be enough to hold you through the weekend.

is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Follow him on Twitter: @BradWillis. WSOP photos courtesy PokerPhotoArchive.com