WSOP 2017: Good news and bad news as Team Pro soars and sinks

We've got good news and we've got bad news. Which would you like first?

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Andre Akkari, Felipe Ramos, Aditya Agarwal, Jason Mercier, Fatima Moreira De Melo, Jake Cody and Daniel Negreanu are all still grinding away smoothly as the dinner break approaches on Day 2C of the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Having spent their first day under the studio lights of the ESPN feature table, Negreanu and Mercier have been banished today to the Miranda Room, which is the most far removed outpost of the Main Event this year.

The Miranda is the smallest room in use and feels at times as though it's a separate tournament, but it's still very much the Main Event. It has suited Mercier even better too. He has increased his overnight stack of 28,500 to around 135,00 at this stage. Mercier may yet make one last significant tilt at a bracelet in 2017, the biggest of them all.


Jason Mercier: 135,000-yard stare

Negreanu, meanwhile, is up to 68,000, which is a tournament high for him too. At last visit, he was watching a video on his phone and showing it to his table-mates too. It just so happens to be his own latest v-log, posted about an hour ago to YouTube. You should check it out too.


Daniel Negreanu: Trying to build

(Gah! Word reaches that Negreanu just lost a big pot. He's down to 37,000 now after losing with A-Q to A-K. That's bad news, but it's too late to shift now!)

Felipe Ramos is the third Team Pro in the Miranda Room. Ramos prospered on Day 1C and built his stack to 112,000. It's now up to about 162,000 and he's also happily sitting watching videos on his phone, turning occasionally to chat to his neighbour.

Over in the Amazon Room, we find Cody (60,000), Moreira de Melo (92,000), Agarwal (160,000) and Akkari (195,000). Akkari was getting a massage; Moreira de Melo was betting Q♠2♣9♠ flop and getting a fold; Cody was (possibly) reading through the latest article about him and Agarwal was stacking a stack that has increades by about 60,000 this level.

We'll check in with him when it ends and find out how he got them.

It's also good news at the moment for the likes of Mike Krasienko (400,000), Alexander Yen (399,000) and Quoc Vu (375,000). They're heading the tournament at this stage. Remi Castaignon, a former winner of EPT Deauville, has also appeared in the top ten with 340,000.


Two sides to every coin and all that, but it's my solemn duty to announce that Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Jeff Gross and Kevin Martin are out.

We at least got a chance to write about all of them this tournament, ElkY and Martin today. (Here and here.) We also welcomed Jeff Gross to Team Pro this week.

Gross is now playing the Little One for One Drop, bracelet hunting to the last. We'll be seeing plenty more of him as tournaments go by.


Jeff Gross: Off to the Little One

That's roughly the dinner break, then. They'll take 90 minutes repast and then return for another two levels.

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