WSOP 2017: Think you know the Day 5 field? Try our fiendish quiz

Two hundred and ninety-seven players came back to play Day 5 of the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event. They included many, many players who have made their mark in one way or another on the world of poker over the past decade and beyond.

But how well do you know them? Why not try our 12 fiendish questions to test your knowledge of the WSOP's remaining field. All the answers are the names of players in the Day 5 starting field. (Scroll down the page for answers)

1. Nine players returning today made the final table of the WSOP Main Event during the November Nine era. Name them. (8 points)

2. Which player won an EPT Main Event title and a WPT Main Event title six weeks later? (1 point)

3. Today's starting field included four other former champions on the European Poker Tour (EPT). Who are they? (4 points)

4. Two players in today's field won Main Event titles on the Italian Poker Tour (IPT). Name them. (2 points)

5. Today's field contains one former LAPT champion and one former APPT champion. Who are they? (2 points)

6. Which two players in today's field have made seven final tables on the UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) between them? (2 points)

7. Which player in today's Day 5 WSOP field was once the subject of a photograph nominated for a European Poker Award (HINT: After losing a titanic heads-up battle for an EPT title)? (1 point)

8. On the subject of titanic heads up EPT battles, which other player in today's field once lost heads up for an EPT crown? (1 point)

9. Which player goes by the nickname "Juicy"? (1 point)

10. Which player in today's field is a five-time North American Bridge champion? (1 point)

11. Which player would need to finish ninth or better to beat his or her best cash from this year's World Series? (1 point)

12. Match the players to their PokerStars screen-names: (12 points)

b) hitthehole
c) raconteur
d) nanonoko
e) pampa27
f) JP 5-time
g) SpaceyFCB
h) 0Piggybank
i) benba
j) Epiphany77
k) philivey2694
j) blanconegro

There are 36 points on offer. Scroll below the chips to see how you fared.



1. Antoine Saout, Kenny Hallaert, Michael Ruane, Ben Lamb, Eoghan O'Dea, Chino Rheem, Tom Cannuli, Jake Balsiger, Matt Giannetti.


Eoghan O'Dea: Former November Niner

2. Andrey Pateychuk. He triumphed at EPT Sanremo in Season 8 in late October and won WPT Prague in early December. He would complete the Triple Crown with a WSOP Main Event title.

3. Davidi Kitai, Tom Middleton, Aliaksei Boika, Martin Finger.

4. Georgios Zisimopoulos, Sergio Castellucio

5. Dominik Nitsche, Randy Lew

6. Max Silver (1st - UKIPT Dublin Season 1; 2nd - UKIPT Dublin Season 4; 4th - UKIPT Dublin Season 2; 6th - UKIPT Edinburgh Season 1) & Tom Ward (UKIPT London Season 3; 4th - UKIPT Edinburgh Season 2; 7th - UKIPT Isle of Man Season 4)

7. The PokerStars photographer Neil Stoddart captured this image of Valentin Messina being comforted by his opponent Jean Montury at the end of a titanic heads-up duel at EPT Malta.


Valentin Messina, in Neil Stoddart's award-nominated picture

8. Samuel Phillips lost to Andre Lettau in Barcelona on EPT Season 11. ("Seven!")

9. Sixiao Li


Sixiao "Juicy" Li

10. The remarkable Harold Lilie. If you don't believe it, read this.

11. Johannes Becker. He came second in the $50,000 Players Championship for $862,649.

12. a) Ryan Franklin, b) Tom Middleton, c) Richard Gryko, d) Randy Lew, e) Damian Salas, f) JP Kelly, g) Kenny Hallaert, h) Martin Finger, i) Ben Lamb, j) Charlie Carrel, k) Isaac Haxton, j) Connor Drinan.


Richard "raconteur" Gryko

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