VIP Club Live: Montreal

Being on the live circuit for a few years, I've been accustomed to the world class parties PokerStars throws. Whether they're kicking off the EPT festivals or celebrating the end of PCA, their parties are always grandiose and full of surprises. When the VIP Club announced earlier this year they would be throwing parties in seven different cities around the world and that Montreal was one of them, I knew we were in for a legendary night.


Traveling to an EPT event is an amazing experience but not something everybody can afford. This time however, SilverStar VIPs and higher could purchase a ticket and live the full PokerStars party experience in their hometown for 1500 FPPs or less.

VIP Club Live: Montreal was set for July 19th and was hosted at Blvd44, a well known venue which happened to be walking distance from my place. That night, some friends met up at my place for some pre-drinks and we headed over right at 8pm when doors opened. A lot of poker players are notorious for showing up late, so I expected players to be slowly trickling in. To my surprise there were 60+ people lined up at the door when we got there! It's crazy what a premium alcohol open bar and free food will do.


Upon their red carpet arrival, all the guests got a glass of champagne and the option to commemorate their night in the live photobooth. It became quickly obvious we had a great mix of seasoned pros but also a lot of aspiring and recreational players who all had the desire to improve and learn some more.

It was very interesting to get the chance to interact with so many people coming from such different backgrounds but with the same passion for poker. Myself and fellow Team PokerStars member Jonathan Duhamel were both overwhelmed with the amount of players who played casually but had so much passion for the game and wanted to talk poker all night.


After a quick word by Lee Jones and an introduction of the PokerStars staff in attendance, entertainment started with an opera singer, a piano-playing contortionist, followed by an amazing live drummer performance and a DJ.



There was also some slot-car racing and an artist drawing caricatures of guests.



Basically, there was a lot going on. Hors d'oeuvres and specialized cocktails were also offered by waitresses roaming around the outdoor terrace.

With more than 300 players in attendance, the night was a lot of fun and it gave a chance for everyone in the poker community to meet and mingle with local players as well as those who came from across Canada.

With the next stop in Hamburg already sold out, VIP Club Live is destined to become a fan favorite. Check out the schedule and jump on the occasion to attend if there`s one coming near you. You're likely to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Marc-Andre "frenchdawg" Ladouceur is a member of PokerStars Team Online

Marc-Andre Ladouceur
@PokerStars in VIP Club Live