Warning: Lisbon VIP Club Live party about to sell out

This is your fair warning, party people. The VIP Club Live party in Lisbon, Portugal is about to sell out.

This is not some silly marketing ploy. This is not hyperbole. This is straight-shootin', real talk from a guy who--ahem--likes a good party.

In chatting with Dylan C. (the Party Master de PokerStars), there are only ten spots left at the upcoming June 7 party at the Portas do Sol. Having seen the view, it's not surprising that tickets are selling fast.

Portas do Sol.jpg

I'm not messing around here. There is going to be a pig on a spit at this thing. There will be a contortionist, a fire breather on stilts, a Mad Hatter spreading mischief throughout the party, and various games to test yourself against your fellow VIPs.

Wait...a fire breather on stilts? Maybe you shouldn't go. That sounds dangerous.

No...no...you should. Fire is cool. Fire on stilts? That's gotta be more cool, right?

Need more info? You can find it on the VIP Club Live page.

Oh, and if you want a look at how one of these things rolls...here are the shenanigans that happened in Stockholm recently.

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