The MicroMillions Series comes to a conclusion this weekend with its incredible Main Event. When was the last time you played a tourney with a $22 buy-in but $1 million guaranteed in the prize pool? That’s the size of it in this spectacular event, which gets started at 1.05pm ET on Sunday and plays to a conclusion on Monday.

Satellites to the tournament are available now and will be running all the way until registration closes. It means you you could get a seat for as little as $1.10 and be in for a slice of that seven-figure prize pool.


The Main Event is only one of 33 MicroMillions tournaments playing out between now and its conclusion. There’s also a $200,000 guarantee on the $5.50 Half-Price Sunday Storm, which starts at 2pm ET on Sunday. Before that, Saturday’s “Daily Highlight” is the $11 NLHE 8-Max, which has a $100,000 guarantee.

The full schedule for the remaining MicroMillions events, including dates and times, can be found on the announcement page.


Of course, the other tournament with a $1 million guaranteed prize pool this weekend is the Sunday Million, which fills its usual slot at 1pm ET on Sunday. This has a $109 buy-in, so we’re talking five times the price of the MicroMillions Main Event, but the field size should be about five times smaller too.

(It’ll still have about 10,000 entries, so don’t get celebrating too soon.)

Last week, the Malta-based “kn0wlEdge911” beat Canada’s “Koltonb02” heads-up to pick up the $109,018 first prize, a neat 1,000 times his buy-in.

The Sunday regulars schedule:

11.05am ET – Sunday Warm-Up
Buy-in: $215 | Guarantee: $100,000

1pm ET – Sunday Million
Buy-in: $109 | Guarantee: $1 million

5pm ET – Sunday Cooldown
Buy-in: $109 | Guarantee: $225,000


It’s not as if the High Roller Club ever really closes its doors, but the weekend action is always the best to follow.

On Friday night, there’s the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, followed by the $1,050 Fast Friday, the $1,050 Daily Cooldown and the $530 Daily Supersonic. It all rounds off with the $530 Late Edition, which starts at 7.30pm ET, or the small hours in Europe. The tournaments guarantee prize pools of at least $18K, and the Bounty Builder has $100,000 guaranteed.

The Saturday schedule is very similar to Friday’s, but it all gets even bigger on Sunday. There’s the Sunday Marathon, the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up, the $530 Bounty Builder (with $500K guaranteed), the Sunday High Roller, the $530 Omania High Roller, the $215 Fat Sunday, the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown, the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic and the $530 Late Edition. This would look better in a list:

Sunday High Roller club tournaments:

9.30am ET: Sunday Marathon
Buy-in: $1,050 | Guarantee: $20,000

11.05am ET: Sunday Warm-Up
Buy-in: $1,050 | Guarantee: $40,000

12.30pm ET: Sunday Bounty Builder
Buy-in: $530 | Guarantee: $500,000

2.05pm ET: Sunday High Roller
Buy-in: $1,050 | Guarantee: $300,000

2.30pm ET: $530 Omania HR (PLO)
Buy-in: $530 | Guarantee: $15,000

3.30pm ET: Fat Sunday Turbo
Buy-in: $215 | Guarantee: $60,000

5pm ET: Sunday Cooldown
Buy-in: $1,050 | Guarantee: $70,000

6pm ET: Sunday Supersonic
Buy-in: $1,050 | Guarantee: $80,000

7.30pm ET: Bounty Builder Late Edition
Buy-in: $530 | Guarantee: $25,000


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