10 poker strategy ideas all beginners should know

January 27, 2021inPoker

As exhilarating as learning poker can be, it can also get pretty darn confusing.

High stakes crusher Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira once told us that while he didn’t believe he was the best No Limit Hold’em player in the world, he felt he was able to succeed because he simplifies everything.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do to help you kick off your poker journey, so forget complex equity equations and range charts for a moment.

Let’s simplify with 10 basic ideas you should know if you’re just starting out.


  • 10 poker strategy ideas all beginners should know
  • Cash hands for beginners
  • Gamification of the Poker Journey with GJReggie
  • Grand Tour – How to Win a $25 Sprint

10 poker strategy ideas all beginners should know

“Poker training content can be intimidating when you are new to studying the game,” writes PokerStars School’s Pete Clarke. In his new article, he’s putting aside his usual detail and precision in favour of some basic strategic principles that will help beginners win at poker.

“Here are 10 simple nuggets of strategic wisdom in the clearest, most utilisable form possible.”

Check out 10 poker strategy ideas all beginners should know.

Cash hands for beginners

Cash games are Clarke’s bread and butter and he’s been hard at work putting together a new series of videos designed for beginners.

The first part takes a look at spots in which you start off bluffing but end up value betting, while the second part focuses on multi-way three-bet pots.


Gamification of the Poker Journey with GJReggie

Georgina “GJReggie” James

PokerStars Ambassador and Twitch streamer Georgina James, a.k.a. GJReggie, and her team have developed an exciting new poker playing challenge with a particular focus on bankroll management, combining poker with the mechanics of levelling up through experience (XP) in role-playing games, like that of the Final Fantasy or Persona series.

“I often get questions on stream about where to start in poker, how to move up the stakes, etc. and I think bankroll management is a really important part of that for new players wanting to get better at the game and build a bankroll,” says James.

“I know it can be hard to play and grind the smallest of stakes; sometimes efforts can seem futile to play for hours to only win enough money for a cup of coffee. I’m hoping this challenge is something people can not only learn a bit from but also realise they can have fun with it too. After all, what’s the point in playing if you’re not going to enjoy it?”

Want to get involved? Head here for all the info and a full interview with GJReggie.

Grand Tour – How to Win a $25 Sprint

Clarke is back on the Grand Tour grind and this time he’s moved up the stakes to show us how you can win a $25 sprint.

Start crushing action-packed Grand Tour games today.

Find out how to win $25 sprints here.

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