2008 World Series: Third year’s a charm

July 14, 2008

Chris “SLOPPYKLOD” Klodnicki may just be a good poker player.

At only 23 years old, he is already a pro. Six years ago, his brother taught him the game, introduced him to home games, and watched him step into Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal—still underage—and start beating the game.

But, hey, what poker player worth his salt hasn’t done that, right? Sure.

Yep. Chris Klodnicki may just be a good poker player. Why? Well, this is Klodnicki’s third World Series.

“My first year I only played a few events and had no cashes,” he said. “Last year I played about ten with only one small cash. I had a very big stack in the main event after Day 1 but lost aces to kings to bust on Day 2.”

That sounds like a lot of players’ stories, eh?

Well, this year everything changed, and that’s why we’re pretty sure Chris Klodnicki may just be a good poker player.

Chris Klodnicki.jpg

Klodnicki played the $1,500 Razz event here this year and nearly won a bracelet. The only thing that stopped him was Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein. Still, runner up to one of the best in the world isn’t too shabby.

Klodnicki is not content to rest on that accomplishment however. The Lehigh University finance graduate is deep in Day 6 of the World Series Main Event and looks good to make Day 7.

While he’s not counting his chickens yet, he can see himself making the final table and winning some big money.

“I would invest most of it in real estate and definitely buy a new car,” he said. “I’’d get something nice for my family, too.”


As we head to dinner break tonight, there are 35 players remaining. For a complete list of PokerStars results, click HERE. For the most recent chip counts, see our World Series Chip Counts page.


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