2008 World Series: Cantu can still do

July 14, 2008

The cream of the crop in poker tournaments has a tendency of rising to the top, sinking, rising, curdling, rising and sinking again, in no particular order. With so many exceptionally skillful players in every major tournament (especially towards the business end) it takes a spectacular talent to stick around near the summit of a leaderboard for any length of time.

Lucky then that PokerStars player Brandon Cantu is a spectacular talent. All the day end chip leaders have now departed from the main event — Mark Garner (Day 1A); Ben Sarnoff (1B); Henning Granstad (1C); Steve Austin (1D); Brian Schaedlich (2A); Peter Biebel (2B); Jeremy Joseph (3&4) and Mark Ketteringham (5) — but Cantu, who has been there or there abouts throughout these past two days, battles on. He was one of the first players past 10 million in chips earlier this afternoon, and now he has the right side of 11 million. That, folks, is the chip lead.

Chip leader Brandon Cantu

Cantu has been on and off the secondary feature table during his hours of dominance, and is presently ruling that particular area of the Amazon Room. His table also includes the PokerStars players David Rheem, Jamal Kunbuz and Ylon Schwartz, as well as a guy who calls himself The Mouth, but Cantu is uncowed by anything that has come his way, including the chip lead that seems to have been the kiss of death on other players.

Hardly surprising. Cantu has previously earned a World Series bracelet and a WPT title so is wholly accustomed to this kind of atmosphere. It may be the “secondary” feature table, but it’s really where all the best work is going on.

Also still well chipped up as the field thins to 34 is PokerStars qualifier Darus Suharto, our accountant friend from Toronto, Canada. He spoke to our video blog team earlier on day six, when he was looking forward to the monster payday that is now just round the corner.

Watch WSOP 08: Darus Suharto Qualifier Goes Deep on PokerStars.tv

PokerStars qualifier and Supernova Greg Byard went out shortly after the dinner break, pushing his final 470,000 all in pre-flop from the button but finding his J-6 dominated by K-J. He takes $193,000 for 34th place, another huge PokerStars winner.


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