It had been a long day. Most people were up and milling about the Rio just after sunrise. The line to the Penn and Teller Theater formed at 8am. More than 1,000 people filled the seats while hundreds of others waited outside for their chance to watch history. By the time 6:15 rolled around, the hour folks had to eat was just enough to find a pile of BBQ brisket and shove it in their faces with all speed.

Fast eating, a long day, and the intense pressure of the final table could only mean one thing: food coma. Right?

Well it started off that way, For the first half hour after dinner, there wasn’t much action of which to speak. It was the poker equivalent of unbuckling one’s belt after a feast. Poker metabolisms working such as they do, though, there was little doubt the action would pick up.

With an opening raise usually being in the region of 1.2 million, the stacks are suddenly looking not quite as intimidating as they once did. Darus Suharto has about ten of those raises to play with and is wisely staying out the way. Scott Montgomery and Ivan Demidov, on the other hand, are mixing it up and the most notable pot in the past hour went to the Canadian, who raised 1.2 million pre-flop and then called Demidov’s 2.75 million re-raise. The turn brought the 9d and Montgomery bet 3 million, which finally got rid of the Russian.

Then, in a hand that seemed similar to start with, Dennis Phillips and Peter Eastgate got involved. Eastgate opened and Phillips re-raised to 2.6 million.


The flop was 2d-Kd-2s and Phillips checked. Eastgate bet 3 million and Phillips to 3 million and Phillips found out where he was by raising to 7 million. He got an emphatic answer – “You’re behind,” Eastgate said in poker speak, as he shoved all in. Phillips folded and Easgate took over the chip lead.

Then, in a battle of the blinds, Ylon Schwartz took a pot off Montgomery. Small-ish, but they all count.

Speaking of food comas and the cities that can serve as their catalyst, Dennis Phillps had this to say to us earlier about Sin City.

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