Phillips doubles, Chino stumbles

It took until the last hand before the break, but it was worth the wait. David Chino Rheem came in for a raise to 800,000 and Dennis Phillips moved all-in for 3.7 million more. Rheem struggled over his call, but eventually made the decision to put in the chips. It was Qd-Qs for Phillips and Jd-Jc for Rheem. As Phillips’ supporters went crazy in the stands, Phillips himself turned his back to the table, unable to watch. He had little reason to worry. The board ran out 3s-5d-Kc-9d-6h and Phillips recovered from could’ve been a penthouse to outhouse afternoon.


Depending on your bookie, the over/under line on the finish time for the night ranges from 1:50am to 4:30am. We currently have the over on 1:50am, and, at least three hours into the day, our bet looks good.

No matter how long it takes, the final table will play down to two players tonight. Early predictions had Peter Eastgate and Chino Rheem pushing the action while the other players take a more measured approach. It’s good we didn’t bet on those forecasts, because the action could not have played out any differently so far. Dennis Phillips, Ylon Schwartz, and Ivan Demidov have been the action players in the first couple levels of play. Though we have seen more than a couple all-in moves, every one of the November 9 remains at the table.


Ivan Demidov, action-pusher

While there is no accounting for moods and styles today, we know it’s different for everybody. Just check out part 2 of our interview with some former world champions.

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Despite the slow-down in action, the past hour did see some other chip movement with Ylon Schwartz’s surge up the leaderboard continuing in dramatic fashion. The Brooklyn man took decent pots from his fellow PokerStars Million Dollar Men Peter Eastgate and Ivan Demidov and is now the comfortable chip leader.

In the first of those hands, Eastgate made a standard pre-flop raise from early position and Schwartz re-raised to 2.75 million from two off the button. Eastgate called. The flop came 8c-9c-2s and Eastgate checked, encouraging Schwartz to bet 2 million. Eastgate called. There was the same check-bet pattern on the turn of Ah, but this time Eastgate couldn’t find the call of Schwartz’s 3 million bet.

But Schwartz wasn’t done. He had hardly started. Demidov made a pre-flop raise to 775,000, which was 475,000 more than Schwartz’s big blind. Schwartz called. The flop came 2d-Kh-10h and first to act, Schwartz bet 1,150,000. Demidov called. The 3d turned and Schwartz fired out 2.5 million, which Demidov also called, and they saw the 6h on the river, which filled any flush draws. Schwartz now slowed down and checked, but he was going nowhere when Demidov slid in 3.7 million. Schwartz called and showed Kc-10c for flopped two pair, which had outdrawn Demidov’s Ad-Kd.

Schwartz now has more than 40 million.

At the other end of the ladder, Kelly Kim finally got his micro-stack in the middle and earned the double up he was looking for. Demidov raised pre-flop from the small blind and Kim called all in for all of his 1 million chips from the big. He was in good shape with pocket kings, especially against Demidov’s Kd-10d. No diamonds on the board and none on the turn and although Demidov picked up an inside straight draw, he didn’t hit his three outer and Kim is still breathing.

In other time-passing news, we’ve seen a number of familiar faces in the crowd today. One-time EPT champion Tim Vance is here in support of Dennis Phillips. Hevad Khan and Barry Greenstein have been seen in the crowd. Greenstein wrote of the big Dennis Phillips vs Ivan Demidov earlier in his live blog, “It looks like two Queens folded to Aces or Kings, but we’ll see on TV later. Dennis wouldn’t tell me at the break, but he said he was dealt the first cooler.”

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