2008 World Series: The morgue

July 13, 2008

There is an interesting phenomenon that happens around this time at the World Series. The air conditioning meant for 3,000 people starts to override the central nervous systems of the few hundred now in the room. It begins to feel a bit like…well, we’ll just say it. It feels like a morgue.

It’s not very difficult to carry the simile foward. In just the first level of play today, we’ve seen 22 people eliminated form the 2008 World Series. The pace is frightening and the body-cooler-like qualities of the Amazon Room cannot be ignored.

Day 6 began with 79 runners, among them more than 20 PokerStars players. At the end of the first level of play, only 57 remain. While it could be worse for the PokerStars, but it certainly could be better as well. Here are the five PokerStars players who are on the rail today.

62.Geert Jans — $115,800
63. Brian Tatum — $115,800
64. Victor Ramdin — $96,500
65. Larry Wright — $95,500
72. Daniel Buzgon — $95,500


Daniel Buzgon reacts to his opponent’s rivered straight

For the bulk of this World Series, Victor Ramdin has looked like there was no way he could lose this event. Today, circumtances proved otherwise. A sad downward spiral that began last night continuned today and Ramdin exited in 64th place for $96,500.


After learning so much about Brian Tatum last night from our special correspondent in this report, it was sad to see him go today. Good run, Brian.

We are now entering Level 25 with 57 players. Play will continue tonight until 27 players remain.


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