2009 PCA: Greenstein Rising

January 06, 2009

I caught the action on the flop. The board read Kh-Ks-8s. A very nervous looking player in Seat 1 fired out 4,500. Barry Greenstein had around 25,000 or so stacked up in two columns. He reached down and grabbed a column with each hand and announced that he was all in.

His opponent tanked. After a couple of seconds of constant chip shuffling and staring at the board, the young player called. He tabled Js-Jc and was ahead of Greenstein’s As-4s, but desperately needed to fade the flush draw. The turn was a blank but the river was the Ad. Greenstein missed his flush draw but caught the proverbial Ace on the river to double up to a shade under 50,000.

A couple of hands later, Greenstein made mince meat out of another young player. This one was in Seat 10. He called Greenstein’s pre-flop raise. On a flop of 7d-6s-5c, Greenstein fired out 4,000 on the flop and the young player called.

The 10s fell on the turn and Greenstein bet 8,000. His opponent quickly called. The river was the Ac. Greenstein bet two 5,000 chips. The young kid tanked for several minutes and counted down his stack a couple of times before he folded his hand. Greenstein dragged the pot worth and picked up another 15,000 to push his stack over 60,000.


* * *

A couple of Atlantic City rounders, Matt Glantz and Raj Patel, have big stacks. Glantz, a mixed cash game guru, is seated at Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson’s table and he has close to 150,000. Across the room, another Borgata regular, Raj Patel, was looking good with a solid 100,000.

As I wandered by Arnaud Mattern’s table, I noticed that the Frenchman was getting a massage and scribbled that down in my notes. He saw that and said, “Heya Pauly, I have 53,000… if that’s what you were writing down.”

I told him that I wasn’t actually recording a chipcount and was more interested in his massage. Mattern was moved to a tough table that included Bill Edler and Jon Little.


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