Looking at the list of entrants for the WCOOP’s $2,100 8-Game event was like reading a “Who’s Who” of online poker. MrSmokey1. Tmay420. PearlJammer. AJKHoosier1. THE__D__RY. Boosted J. Shaundeeb. High-stakes cash gamers and tournament specialists alike came out for this event, but in the end, it was a WSOP bracelet winner who would rule them all, David “RugDoctor” Williams taking down his first WCOOP title after a hard-fought heads-up battle with none other than 2008 Aussie Millions champ Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn.

245 players got their 8-Game on, creating a $490,000 prize pool. 36 places were paid with first place set to earn $107,800. Team PokerStars Pro had a strong contingent in the field including Jan Heitmann, Juan Maceiras, Greg Raymer, Andre Akkari, Gavin Griffin, George Danzer, Ivan Demidov, Jose Ignacio Barbero, Barry Greenstein, Noah Boeken, Chris Moneymaker, Katja Thater, Daniel Negreanu, and Ylon Schwartz. Making deep runs were Chad Brown, who finished 25th and Joe Hachem who was eliminated right behind him in 24th place.

This final table was loaded down with familiar screen names, even before some of our players revealed their true identities. For plattsburgh, this was his third final table of the 2009 WCOOP, and his second with grampabumkin in the lineup, as the two played together in the final of Event #2, $215 Razz where plattsburgh finished second and grampabumkin fourth. This marked the fourth WCOOP cash for joiso, the third for luetch1, and the second for RugDoctor.

Here’s a look at the chip counts for the final six as the action got underway:

Seat 1: luetch1 (342,575 in chips)
Seat 2: Matt “plattsburgh” Vengrin (595,283 in chips)
Seat 3: David “RugDoctor” Williams (279,184 in chips)
Seat 4: Van “Sirens” Marcus (549,447 in chips)
Seat 5: Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn (372,938 in chips)
Seat 6: grampabumkin (310,573 in chips)

WCOOP 42 FT.jpg

Grampabumkin was the first player to depart the final table. Playing no-limit hold’em with 2,500-5,000/625 blinds, joiso opened for 12,000, grampabumkin three-bet to 25,000 and joiso called. Joiso led out for 28,800 on the 10♦7♦5♦ flop and grampabumkin called. The turn came the 6♠, joinso firing again for 72,200. Grampabumkin moved all in for 236,948 and joiso made the call, turning over 7♥7♣ for a set, snapping off grampabumkin’s A♣A♥. The 5♣ on the river made joiso sevens full and he raked in the nearly 593,000 pot, sending grampabumkin to the rail in sixth place for $19,600.

Only a few hands later, another huge no-limit hold’em pot developed after a pre-flop raising war broke out that ended with luetch1 all in with A♠K♥ against plattsburgh’s 3♣3♦. Luetch1 won the race, the board running out A♦10♣4♥8♦9♥ to double him up to 523,000. Plattsburgh’s stack sunk to 205,000.

Plattsburgh was unfortunately unable to recover from that hand, getting the rest of his chips in before the flop holding A♠K♠ against RugDoctor’s pocket fives. Plattsburgh couldn’t get any help on the Q♠10♥2♦10♣4♦ board and ended his run in fifth place for a $29,400 score.

As the game switched from no-limit hold’em to pot-limit Omaha, luetch1 decided to get in there and gamble. After joiso opened for 15,000, luetch1 three-bet to 45,000 and joiso made the call. Luetch1 checked the 10♣8♥7♥ flop over to joiso, who bet 54,000, then came in for a raise for the rest of his chips, 225,975 in all. Joiso made the call, turning over A♠9♥8♦6♦ for a ten-high straight while luetch1 had an overpair with K♥Q♥Q♣6♣. Though the Q♦ on the turn made luetch1 a set, he couldn’t pair the board on the river, the J♦ falling to make joiso a queen-high straight. Luetch1 exited in fourth place, collecting $39,200.

Following luetch1’s eliminations, our three remaining players finally figured out each others’ identities:

RugDoctor said, “joio are you AC?”
joiso said, “whats that”
RugDoctor said, “AK i mean”
RugDoctor said, “alex”
joiso said, “y”
joiso said, “who are u”
RugDoctor said, “hi”
RugDoctor said, “david”
RugDoctor said, “williams”
joiso said, “oh sirrr”
joiso said, “hey”
Sirens said, “rug are u david williams lol”
joiso said, “u told it just to make me call u down?”
RugDoctor said, “plo 10k event”
Sirens said, “cool mate”
RugDoctor said, “me u and nenad”
Sirens said, “hahaahha”
Sirens said, “yeah”

Sirens had a disastrous round of 2-7 triple draw, losing more than two-thirds of his stack as he went from a high-water mark of over 600,000 to only 170,000. As the game switched over to limit hold’em, Sirens tried to make something happen in this hand against RugDoctor, but ended up losing half of his remaining chips:

Sirens was eliminated on the very next hand, after capping the betting against joiso. The flop came down K♣10♦5♣ and the rest of Sirens’ stack went in, joiso making the call. Sirens turned up 7♠7♦ while joiso was on an open-ended straight draw with Q♦J♣. The Q♥ hit the turn, making joiso a pair of queens and the river was the K♥, sending Sirens to the rail in third place. For a hard-fought day of poker he earned $56,350.

Joiso had a slight chip lead over RugDoctor as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 3: RugDoctor (1,097,084 in chips)
Seat 5: joiso (1,352,916 in chips)

The two chopped out small pots for the rest of the limit hold’em round, before the chips really started moving around in Omaha Hi/Lo. RugDoctor began pulling away after a successful stretch where he won nine out of ten pots, including three huge scoops in a row. First, he rivered a king-high straight on a board where there was no possible low to rake in a 384,000 pot, then hit an ace-high flush and a 8-7 low on the next hand to pick up another 224,000. Then, one hand after that, joiso was forced to fold on the river in this hand, after missing all his draws:

Joiso couldn’t help but bemoan his luck.

joiso said, “;) i have sirens syndrom”
joiso said, “wrap+FD+pair”
RugDoctor said, “he ran awful”
RugDoctor said, “in 2-7”

Joiso’s stack continued to shrink, falling as low as 314,000 to RugDoctor’s 2.13 million before he regained some momentum in the razz round. Joiso had chipped up to 506,000 before a monster pot unfolded, joiso bringing it in with the 7♣ and RugDoctor completing with the 5♠. Joiso raised, RugDoctor three-bet and joiso called.

joiso (X) (X) 7♣8♦5♥2♣ (X)
RugDoctor (X) (X) 5♠6♠8♣3♦ (X)

RugDoctor led out on fourth street and joiso called. RugDoctor led again on fifth, joiso raised, and RugDoctor called. Sixth street brough another bet from RugDoctor, a raise from joiso, and a call. RugDoctor check-called one more bet on seventh street before joiso showed down A♥4♠10♠ in the hole for a 7-5-4-2-A low to take down the 454,000 pot.

By the end of the razz round, joiso was back in this thing with over a million in chips, but RugDoctor would go on another run as the game switched over to seven-card stud, winning sixteen out of twenty hands, including eleven consecutive pots to take joiso back down to 356,000 in chips.

Joiso was crippled after this stud hand, which began with him bringing it in with the 4♣. RugDoctor completed, joiso raised and RugDoctor made the call.

joiso (K♥) (K♦) 4♣6♦4♥5♣ (2♠)
RugDoctor (8♦) (8♠) Q♥K♠8♣Q♠ (10♠)

RugDoctor lead out on fourth street with the high board and joiso called. Joiso took the lead and bet out after making an open pair of fours on fifth street. RugDoctor raised, joiso reraised and RugDoctor called. RugDoctor led out on both sixth and seventh streets, joiso calling him down. The eight on fifth made RugDoctor a set and the queen on sixth filled him up, running down joiso’s two pair kings and fours.

On the next hand, joiso got his remaining 122,000 in chips in the middle on fourth street and RugDoctor made the call.

joiso (8♥) (7♥) J♥10♣Q♦9♥ (6♦)
RugDoctor (3♠) (2♦) A♠5♠9♣10♠ (8♠)

Though joiso made a queen-high straight on sixth street, RugDoctor hit a flush on the river to take down the pot and claim his first WCOOP bracelet along with $107,800. For his runner-up finish, joiso earned $75,215.

WCOOP Event #42 ($2,100 8-Game) Results

1. David “RugDoctor” Williams $107,800.00
2. Alexander “joiso’ Kostritsyn $75,215.00
3. Van “Sirens” Marcus $56,350.00
4. luetch1 $39,200.00
5. Matt “plattsburgh” Vengrin $29,400.00
6. grampabumkin $19,600.00

Grampabumkin and plattsburgh aren’t the only players making it to multiple WCOOP final tables. Check out the WCOOP page to see how your favorite players are stacking up. If you missed any of the action in this event or any of the 41 before it, head over to PokerStars.tv for replays and highlights.


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