The nightcap of the WCOOP’s tournaments today was its most expensive as the $500,000 Event #33 $1,000 + $50 NLHE overshot its guarantee by the size of small town as tonight 1,240 ponied up the entry fee. With the $1,240,000 prize pool there would be three six figures prizes on the board for tonight’s lucky few to reach the final table and $207,142 of that going to tonight’s champion.

Team PokerStars Pros did not whiff the big money at the end but Humberto Brenes (144th place), Johannes Steindl (139th place) managed to sneak a few dollars out of the prize pool. Friend of PokerStars Gaulter “stockcar99” Sallas out lasted all the pros finishing in 71st place good for $2,852.00

Here’s how the remaining Team PokerStars Pros finished this evening morning:

Andre Akkari 719th
Alexandre Gomes 1025th
Angel Guillen 423rd
Eric Assadourian 952nd
Barry Greenstein 1137th
Bill Chen 1141st
Dennis Phillips 1060th
Bertrand Grospellier 956th
Greg Raymer 221st
Gavin Griffin 213rd
George Danzer 657th
Ivan Demidov 1127th
Jan Heitmann 243rd
Jason Mercier 793rd
Joe Hachem 1139th
Johnny Lodden 1026th
Katja Thater 241st
Daniel Negreanu 315th
Vanessa Rousso 940th
Marcel Luske 876th
Maria Mayrinck 577th
Chris Moneymaker 961st
Jose Ignacio 737th
Veronica Dabul 250th
Hevad Khan 865th
Steve Paul-Ambrose 736th
Victor Ramdin 782nd
William Thorson 790th
Ylon Schwartz 1138th

In pre-final table action this hand between shengy and 13th place ($8,246.00) psuNYY51 is a reminder that poker can be a cruel cruel game sometimes, watch the carnage come out on the turn and river after psuNYY51 rightfully thinks there’s 1.2 million in chips coming his way:

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With that runner-runner straight and now down to twelve players remaining and blinds at 8K/16K ante 2K, dudeoflife21 attempted a 3-bet shove with 8♦9♣ in the big blind after it was folded around to the small blind and raised by redsxfan3300. But, redsxfan3300 wasn’t raising light and insta-called with pocket kings K♠K♥ which held up on the 8♥ 2♠ 2♦ 3♦ 3♣ board to knock out dudeoflife21 in 12th place ($10,540.00) and slide the 1.2 million chip pot over to redsxfan3300.

After the near back-to-back eliminations, play slowed down as the final table bubble loomed closer and right before the 15 minute breakfast (in the US) break MUSTAFABET took a shot by three-bet shoving while holding pocket eights 8♥8♠ and near 700K stack into the middle over the top of chip leader shengy’s UTG raise to 75,000. shengy had the goods this time and called with pocket kings K♣K♦ creating a 1.4 million chip pot. Both players would end up with full houses on the 7♠ K♠ 7♣ Q♦ 8♦, but shengy’s proved to be the stronger as MUSTAFABET was eliminated in 11th place ($10.540.00) setting up hand-for-hand play.

The hand after shengy relinquished the chip lead in a 3.2 million chip pot where scarface_79 slowplayed a flopped set of fours against the pocket aces of shengy, there was redemption and a final table laid out as H@££INGGOL pushed from the small blind holding 518,225 chips and A♥10♥. shengy was waiting in the big blind with suited aces as well but one pip higher A♠J♠. Despite a scare on the flop, shengy’s preflop advantage would hold on the 4♥ J♣ Q♥ 7♠ Q♦ as the flush and straight outs did not materialize for H@££INGGOL as well-known high stakes player finished as the bubble boy in 10th place ($10,540.00).

With slow blinds and 10,000 starting chips and 20 minute blinds it took over 12 hours to reach the final table shown below:


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Seat 1: REDDYBABY902 (581233 in chips)
Seat 2: nicelife (1627985 in chips)
Seat 3: shengy (1759378 in chips)
Seat 4: BrynKenney (802863 in chips)
Seat 5: 011PokerDr (672710 in chips)
Seat 6: df1986 (948831 in chips)
Seat 7: scarface_79 (3268082 in chips)
Seat 8: redsxfan3300 (1422678 in chips)
Seat 9: Believer82 (1316240 in chips)

With the big hand against shengy, scarface_79 assumed the starting final table chip lead with the blinds starting off at 15K/30K ante 3,750. shengy got involved in the first million chip pot of the final table when redsxfan3300 called a three bet from shengy to see an all-diamond flop of 9♦ Q♦ 5♦. shengy would follow-through with a 270,000 chip bet and a quick call by redsxfan3300, as both would slow down and check the 6♦ turn. 6♥ on the river and a shengy check got redsxfan3300 to bet 32,400 as shengy took the bait and raised to 450,000, redsxfan3300 made the flat call having flopped the second nut flush holding 10♦K♦, shengy had neither the nut flush nor the boat and conceded the pot showing only pocket deuces 2♠2♥.

At the break all nine players still remained with blinds at 17.5K/35K ante 4,375 as the average still topped at over 40 big blinds leaving a lot of play on the table:

Seat 1: REDDYBABY902 (768058 in chips)
Seat 2: nicelife (1074610 in chips)
Seat 3: shengy (737327 in chips)
Seat 4: BrynKenney (1007586 in chips)
Seat 5: 011PokerDr (728041 in chips)
Seat 6: df1986 (904356 in chips)
Seat 7: scarface_79 (3358731 in chips)
Seat 8: redsxfan3300 (2440665 in chips)
Seat 9: Believer82 (1380626 in chips)

Falling behind with only 330,259 chips left and blinds at 20K/40K ante 5K, BrynKenney made a move by open shoving with 10♣ 6♣ in the cutoff as the button and small blind folded scarface_79 looked down at 4♣ K♠ decided to gamble and made the call. Neither player would improve their hands on the 2♦ A♠ Q♠ 2♣ 9♥ board as scarface_79 would gun down BrynKenney in ninth place earning $12,896.00, capping a fairly successful night as BrynKenney also made a deep run in WCOOP Event #31 earlier finishing in 14th place earning an additional $5,950.00

BrynKenney’s exit from the tournament set of an explosion of players taking their chances preflop. 011PokerDr was holding pocket nines 9♥9♦ on the button facing a raise from REDDYBABY902 for all but 97K of the remaining chip stack. 011PokerDr. stepped on the gas and made the call only to see REDDYBABY902’s pocket jacks J♠J♥ waiting at the stop sign. The 6♦ K♦ Q♥ 2♣ 3♣ board helped neither player as REDDYBABY902 took in the 858,640 chip pot and 011PokerDr was running out of tournament road. Two hands later redsxfan3300 would end 011PokerDr’s tournament as pocket fours 4♦4♣ would hold up over 011PokerDr’s two over cards and 011PokerDr took home $23,560.00 in eighth place.

Then there were six, as shengy’s starting final table chip lead evaporated slowly and ended in seventh place. shengy final hand started with his UTG raise to 150K folded around to Believer82 on the button who made a three-bet to 440K. shengy would make the call with pocket fours 4♠4♥ to see the flop of 3♣ J♠ J♦. In a stop and go move shengy would push all-in for the remaining 448,229 chips as Believer82 didn’t believe in shengy’s bet and called with pocket tens 10♦10♣. The board would blank out with a 2♥ on the turn and K♥ on the river ending shengy’s tourney in seventh place ($35,960.00).

Five hands later nicelife, df1986, and REDDYBABY902 would see a flop of J♠ 4♣ 5♣. Only nicelife and REDDYBABY902 liked it enough to play for their stacks, watch the results below:

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The nasty Q♠ on the turn after all the chip were in the middle and no resuck on the river gave nicelife the advantage and the win holding Q♦J♦ as REDDYBABY902’s J♥A♥ went down to the suckout and earned no bracelet but sixth place money ($48,360.00).

Staying with the suckout theme… the very next hand redsxfan3300 found pocket queens Q♣Q♠ UTG +1 and raised to 112,800 as it folded around to df1986 who pushed 3.1 million in the middle to set redsxfan3300 all-in. redsxfan3300 made the call for his remaining 889,036 and was happy to see df1986’s Q♥A♠. That happiness lasted about .3 seconds for the virtual flop to come out 10♥ 7♦ A♦ and put df1986 in the driver seat knocking redsxfan3300 down to one out, which missed on the K♣ turn and A♥ river. Thanks to the fifth place finish, redsxfan3300 will have an extra $60,760.00 to take the Fenway this fall for potential playoff tickets.

After nearly an hour of chip shuffling between players with no elimations, we were down to the final three just six hands after redsxfan3300 headed back to the house that Ted Williams built. nicelife continued to live the high life after knocking out REDDYBABY902 and found a couple of aces A♣A♠ with the blinds still at 25K/50K ante 6,250 and raised UTG to 123,000. The bet snared scarface_79’s pocket fours 4♠4♦ as the aggressive scarface_79 shoved for 1.3 million. nicelife would make the easy call and watch the 5♣ 6♣ 3♦ flop give scarface_79 eight more outs with an open-ended straight draw. But, the ten outs twice failed to hit on the 5♦ turn and 8♥ river and scarface_79’s tournament life ended in fourth place ($84,320.00) with a hail of aces.

Team PokerStars Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier showing the remaining three how to stay awake

Shortly after three-handed play began, the remaining three wanted to lock in their solid six figure scores and with the help of Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier they notched the following deal leaving $10,000 aside for the newest WCOOP bracelet winner:

Believer82: $134,892.57
nicelife: $177,084.33
df1986: $150,525.11

Three handed play would last into the 30K/60K ante 7,500 level as we neared the 14 hour mark of the tourney the remaining player expressed a need for a nap and ElkY was quick to note the prestige of becoming a WCOOP champion (not to mention an extra ten grand which I’ve heard can buy a few things around the house).

df1986 decided to take a gamble against the aggression coming from Believer82 in the following hand after several hands of light light sparring preflop, watch below if the call with two live cards was rewarded:

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df1986 Flopping middle pair with 8♠6♠ was enough to take down the A♣10♥ held by Believer82 as the slight preflop advantage was taken down and Believer82 would not get the extra ten grand but did secure $134,892.57 in the chop agreement finishing in third place.

Heads-up play was fixing to be a long fought battle with both players holding nearly identical chip stacks and relatively small blinds (still at 30K/60K ante 7,500).

Seat 2: nicelife (6327817 in chips)
Seat 6: df1986 (6072183 in chips)

df1986 wasted no time taking control, winning five out of six of the first hands of heads-up play. After the quick start by df1986 the two would trade small pots, none over 600K finishing with a flurry of action and their chip stacks hitting the middle after a 4♠ 2♣ 5♠ flop. Watch the bracelet winning hand below:

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nicelife caught two pair on the flop with 4♥2♥ as the chips were shoved into the pot, but the turned Q♠ gave df1986 the nut flush while holding 2♠A♠. No boat on the river 8♣ meant df1986 captured the 11.9 million chip pot and secured the Event #33 $1,050 NLHE WCOOP bracelet (and that extra ten grand that still buys a few things)!

Whew, over fourteen hours of play and this author is ready for a nap as well. Congrats to the newest WCOOP bracelet holder df1986 on the victory and $160,525.11 in prize money. Be sure to tune into PokerStars.TV and the WCOOP home page for recaps of all the events and leaderboards heading into this weekend’s $5,200 NLHE Main Event with a $10,000,000 guarantee.

WCOOP Event #33 $500,000 Guarantee $1,050 No Limit Hold Em’
(*denotes 3-way deal)
1. df1986 (Las Vegas) *$160,525.11
2. nicelife (kasarnei) *$177,084.33
3. Believer82 (murfreesboro) *$134,892.57
4. scarface_79 (Tool) $84,320.00
5. redsxfan3300 (brandon) $60,760.00
6. REDDYBABY902 (Grande Prairie) $48,360.00
7. shengy (San Francisco) $35,960.00
8. 011PokerDr (Irvine) $23,560.00
9. BrynKenney (New York) $12,896.00

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