WCOOP 2009 logo.jpgThe $320 buy-in Event #29 combined the two flop games — hold’em and Omaha — with the pot-limit betting format ensuring many flops would be seen. A total of 1,407 entrants came out for this one. That meant a total prize pool of $422,100 (thus beating the $400K guarantee), with the top 216 spots paying and $69,245.51 due to the winner.

After four hours and 20 minutes, 400 players remained, and jacksup enjoyed the lead with 78,559, followed by Danfra and TIJO. At the six-and-a-half hour mark, the cash bubble had burst and just 200 were alive, with alfito775 out front with 160,634, larrytur in second and kisgali in third. At that point Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden had built a stack and was closing in on the top ten.

As play continued, a couple of other Team PokerStars Pros would depart — William Thorson (in 163rd) and Marcin “Goral” Horecki (in 158th). Lodden continued to thrive, however, and would still have chips with 100 players left, sitting in 37th. Meanwhile Lodden’s fellow Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari had pushed past him into 26th. At that point we saw a familiar name atop the leaderboard — g0lfa, winner of 2009 WCOOP Event #18 ($320 8-game mix), was in front with 172,000, with pocket22s and RonaldKosh close behind.

Lodden would soon see his stack start to dwindle, and finally the Norwegian would commit all of his chips in a hold’em hand with pocket queens only to run into Mazinho1977’s pocket kings. The kings held up, and Lodden was out in 70th place. That hand started a rush that pushed Mazinho1977 into first place with nearly half a million chips.

Meanwhile Akkari’s stack would start to slide below 100,000. Then came a PLO hand (blinds 2,000/4,000) in which Comandr_Cool opened with a raise to 10,000 from under the gun, then Akkari reraised to 36,000. The table folded around and Comandr_Cool reraised the pot, and Akkari called with his remaining 41,312. Comandr_Cool showed K♦K♥J♠4♦ and Akkari A♥A♣10♦7♦. A king flopped, the turn paired the board giving Comandr_Cool a boat, and no ace came to save Akkari who went out in 46th place.

As the tourney crossed the nine-hour mark, 40 players remained, with Mazinho1977 still near the chip lead with over 500,000, trailing DarthFisumus and Comandr_Cool. It would take another three hours for the field to be trimmed to eleven, during which time g0lfa would move back out in front with more than 1.5 million. Mazinho1977’s tourney finally ended in 11th place, and when g0lfa next took out SpaceyFCB in 10th the final table was set:

Seat 1: spassewr — 254,631
Seat 2: alfito775 — 1,113,761
Seat 3: Guldgraveren — 606,233
Seat 4: Comandr_Cool — 1,026,200
Seat 5: groengras — 575,027
Seat 6: g0lfa — 1,936,388
Seat 7: MrCoco — 759,265
Seat 8: Monam1 — 310,868
Seat 9: DarthFisumus — 452,627


g0lfa’s good run continued as the final table began. Players had only made it through one orbit of pot-limit hold’em when a hand arose in which Guldgraveren and g0lfa commenced a preflop raising war that ended with all of Guldgraveren’s chips in the middle. Guldgraveren had picked up a big hand — Q♦Q♥ — but g0lfa’s was bigger — A♦A♣. The flop came 3♦A♥2♦, giving g0lfa a set, and the 2♣ on the turn meant Guldgraveren was drawing dead. g0lfa claimed the 1.14 million-chip pot, and Guldgraveren hit the rail in ninth.

The game switched to PLO, and soon after a short-stacked spassewr opened by raising pot to 87,500 from the hijack seat, only to see Comandr_Cool reraise pot behind in the cutoff. It folded back around and spassewr pushed in the 92,131 remaining, turning over A♣Q♥J♠3♦ to Comandr_Cool’s A♥K♠10♠5♥. The board came A♠2♠2♥2♦Q♣, meaning Comandr_Cool’s hand was best (his king kicker played), and spassewr was out in eighth.

The players then took their next scheduled break, and soon after returning alfito775 opened a PLO hand with a pot-sized raise to 105,000 from the cutoff, then Comandr_Cool reraised to 285,000 from the button. The blinds got out, and alfito775 pushed all in for 647,164 total and Comandr_Cool called. alfito775 showed A♦K♠K♥2♠ and Comandr_Cool A♣Q♥J♣J♠. alfito775 was okay through the flop and turn — 10♣9♦6♥6♣ — but the 7♣ on the river gave Comandr_Cool the flush and the hand, knocking out alftio775 in seventh.

With six remaining, g0lfa and Comandr_Cool had begun to take control of the table, together owning about two-thirds of the chips in play. g0lfa led with over 2.7 million, Comandr_Cool had 1.96 million, and their nearest foe, groengras, was best among the other four with 712,527.

The blinds increased to 25,000/50,000, and g0lfa had pushed out past 3 million when opening a PLH hand with a preflop raise to 121,500 from the button. It folded to Monam1 who called from the big blind, leaving just 102,974 behind. The flop came 3♠K♣10♣, and Monam1 bet 100,000. g0lfa quickly raised, and Monam1 called with what was left, showing 9♣Q♠ for a gutshot draw. g0lfa tabled 10♥8♠ for tens. The turn was the 9♥, giving Monam1 a pair, but the river was the 4♠ and Monam1 was gone in sixth.

The game was still PLH when groengras opened from the cutoff with a raise to 125,000. MrCoco then reraised to 400,000 from the button. DarthFisumus folded in the small blind, then Comandr_Cool reraised again to 1.35 million from the big blind. groengras decided to skedaddle, and MrCoco called all in for 338,433. Comandr_Cool showed J♦J♣, well ahead of MrCoco’s 7♦7♥. The board went 6♦4♠A♠4♥3♠, and MrCoco was gone in fifth.

With four left, g0lfa stepped up the pressure even further, building a stack of 4.9 million while the other three all were south of a million. g0lfa raised to 135,600 from UTG and Comandr_Cool reraised almost all in for 466,800 from the small blind. g0lfa reraised again and Comandr_Cool put the rest in, showing A♠7♥. g0lfa turned over 10♥10♦. The board came 5♥6♣5♣2♣4♥, and Comandr_Cool was gone in fourth.

The next scheduled break arrived, but after 14-plus hours of play all three players were ready to push on through.

g0lfa: can we skip break?
groengras: skippppp
GavinGriffin (TeamPro): if everyone agrees
groengras: i do i do i do
DarthFisumus: ok
DarthFisumus: let’s rock 🙂
GavinGriffin (TeamPro): k, skipping
GavinGriffin (TeamPro): gl
DarthFisumus: gimme aces
DarthFisumus: gavin??
GavinGriffin (TeamPro): that I can’t do

On the very first hand after play resumed, DarthFisumus raised the pot from the button. groengras reraised pot from the small blind, and DarthFisumus called with his remaining chips. groengras showed A♥8♥. DarthFisumus didn’t have the aces, but his J♠10♣ meant his cards were live. But the board came 3♣4♣9♣5♥9♥, and they were down to two.

When heads-up play began, g0lfa had 5,703,914 and groengras 1,331,086. A few gestures were made toward possibly making a deal, but nothing was settled by the time groengras had opened with a raise in a PLO hand, g0lfa reraised to 450,000, groengras came back over the top all in, and g0lfa called. g0lfa showed A♣Q♠10♦2♥ and groengras A♥K♥10♠7♥. The community cards came 4♦4♥5♣2♥Q♣, giving g0lfa two pair and a second WCOOP bracelet!

WCOOP Event #29 ($320 PLH/PLO) Results
1. g0lfa (United States) — $69,245.51
2. groengras (Netherlands) — $50,652.01
3. DarthFisumus (Finland) — $37,989.01
4. Comandr_Cool (United States) — $28,280.71
5. MrCoco (United Kingdom) — $20,049.76
6. Monam1 (Norway) — $15,828.76
7. alfito775 (Spain) — $11.607.76
8. spassewr (Sweden) — $7,386.76
9. Guldgraveren (Denmark) — $4,221.01

If you’re looking for more coverage of the largest online poker tournament series ever, go check out the WCOOP site for all of the latest results as well as records dating back to the series 2002 debut. You can also find information there about entering remaining events. Many winners have also been profiled in interviews on the PokerStars blog — check them out, too. And also be sure to look in on the 2009 WCOOP on PokerStars TV, too.


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