2009 WCOOP: Greenstein’s tips

August 10, 2009


Team PokerStars Pro is a vast and deep well of resources when it comes to all things poker. Whether it’s high stakes cash games or deep stacked tournaments, Team PokerStars Pro has somebody who can talk to you about it. When it comes to the World Championship of Online Poker, there are few people on the team who can even come close to the expertise of Barry Greenstein. With WCOOP just a few weeks away, we thought it would be good to get Greenstein to give us a few pieces of advice.

by Barry Greenstein

My advice to WCOOP competitors is: Go for it.

Don’t just play to last. A survival strategy may get you into the money but it will rarely get you to the final table. If your opponents show weakness, bluff them out of their shoes.

In order to win large field tournaments, you have to build up a big stack that you can intimidate people with. It’s not like cash games where people will call you for all their chips knowing they can buy in again. After every checked down hand that you lose, you should always decide if you could have won the pot by bluffing, and if so, you have to decide if the signs were there that you could have gotten away with that bluff.

If you have a WCOOP series with a several early bustouts and a few big finishes, you’ll do much better than having a majority of slightly above average finishes.

Barry Greenstein is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and is one of the top cash and tournament players in the world.



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