We have never had the pleasure of trying to receive a $1.7 million wire. So, we’re not entirely sure what goes into something like that. We’re pretty sure it doesn’t involve someone bringing an envelope stuffed full of twenty dollar bills or Ed McMahon showing up at the front door with a big check (which, in light of recent McMahon events, is probably a good thing).

That is a long way of saying, we’re not sure if Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko has his $1.7 million WCOOP winnings yet, but he will soon. And then he will have enough money to buy billboards all over the world defending himself against claims that he is a “sicko” or, in one case, “not human.”

It’s hard to fault the people who think Timoshenko might be an alien. He now has a WPT win, an APPT title, and a WCOOP main event victory.


If you were sleeping while Timoshenko was winning, you might have missed the clinic he put on at the final table.

Fortunately, our friends at PokerStars.tv pressed the record button when the final table started.

Now you can look below to see how the man from outer space won WCOOP’s big event.


Watch WCOOP 2009: Event 45 – $5,200 MAIN EVENT on PokerStars.tv


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