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5:50am–WCOOP Main Event Day 1 ends

Day 1 of the World Championship of Online Poker main event has just come to a close. After nearly 13 hours of play, 178 of the starting 2,144 players remain. We’ll have a wrap up in just a bit, but for now, here are some of the biggest stacks.

Also, be sure to join us back here in in eleven hours for Day 2 live blog coverage.

Level 23
Blinds 2,500/5,000, antes 625
Players remaining: 178 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 240,898
First prize: $1,715,200

1. TheMasterJ33 — 925921
2. pakd650 — 776413
3. 5902838181 — 734682
4. SexSeen — 696659
5. HEMIpowerSWT — 695540
6. GIVE_IT2 — 654843
7. Jovial Gent — 632010
8. reddeevil — 611559
9. GtRealGtOut — 580712
10. djk123 — 555410

5:46am–Boosted J eliminated in 184th place

Only a few hands after losing half his stack to Supa4real, Justin “Boosted J” Smith limp-reraised all in pre-flop with 6♣6♦ and got a call from Tonimonntana with A♦K♠. Smith kept his lead on the Q♥J♥8♥ flop as well as on the J♣ turn, but Tonimonntana hit a Broadway straight on the river when the 10♥ fell, sending Smith to the rail only minutes before the end of Day 1.

5:39am–Three-barrel bluff, one new chip leader

SkaiWalkurrr came in for a raise with Q♣ A♦ and when he got called by TheMasterJ33, things got sticky. SkaiWalkurrr fired on each of the three streets on a 9♦ 5♠ 2♣ 4♦ 2♠ board and each time TheMasterJ33 called him down with 6♥ 6♦. The resulting pot was worth more than 350,000 and pushed TheMasterJ33 to the chip lead with 821,000.

5:38am–Boosted J’s stack halved

Sitting on over 311,000 in chips, Justin “Boosted J” Smith opened for 10,200 from UTG+1 and was met with a three-bet to 32,000 from Supa4real. Smith called and they saw a 10♦8♦4♠ flop. Smith checked, Supa4real moved all in for 145,885 and Smith made the call. It was overpairs for both, Smith’s J♦J♠ trailing Supa4real’s Q♥Q♦. The 9♦ on the turn gave both players straight draws, and the J♣ on the river not only made Smith a set of jacks but filled Supa4real’s queen-high straight, sending Smith’s stack tumbling all the way down to 132,000.

5:34pm–New chip leader crosses 800,000 mark

Budapest’s pakd650 just cracked QTgirlE3’s pocket kings with ace-queen for a 408,000 pot. That pot puts him over the 800,000 mark and gives him the chip lead.

5:32am–Tmay420 smoked in 208th place

After opening for 9,785 from the cutoff, Tim “Tmay420” West was put to a decision for his entire stack after Natemower moved all in for 171,859 from the small blind. West made the call, only to find his A♠J♥ dominated by A♣K♣. No help for West on the board and he hit the rail in 208th place while Natemower moved up to 234,000 in chips.

5:27am–Orel Hershiser eliminated

Orel Hershiser had been running well over the last couple of levels, chipping up from the 30,000 range to over 75,000 during his stint on Table 59. With the blinds up to 2,000-4,000, Hershiser opened for 12,000 from the button, onlyto have Rabbiej shove for 65,000 from the big blind. Perhaps sensing weakness, Hershiser made the call, turning over K♠Q♦ to Rabbiej’s A♦6♣. Hershiser, however, couldn’t improve on the J♥10♠2♦8♥6♦ board and came off the mound in 217th place for a $10,184 score.

5:17am–djk123 double-dips with ease

With five players remaining in the $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. event, Daniel “djk123” is fourth in chips, all while continuing to play in the Main Event, where he is presently 15th of 221 players remaining. His feat has not gone unnoticed by his opponents in the H.O.R.S.E.
Hoss_TBF said, ” dj, maybe you should sit this one out, focus on the 5k main event”
djk123 said, “hah”
Hoss_TBF said, “gl there :-)”
djk123 said, “ty”
djk123 said, “can we make this one nl too”

5:13am–RaSZi no more

Lex “RaSZi” Veldhuis hadn’t been able to get much going over the last few levels, his stack hovering between 40,000 and 60,000. With the blinds up to 1,500-3,000/375, Veldhuis looked down at pocket jacks and was probably more than happy to shove for his remaining 43,235… only sam2price woke up with pocket queens. No love for Lex on the board and he exited in 258th place.

5:12pm–Heitmann building back

After a bad hour or so that saw Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann going the wrong way he’s managed to build his stack back to around 350,000, a lot of those chips coming when his ace-king held up against ace-queen just moments ago.

5:02am–PiKappRaider gets caught

After Mudvaynes opened for 7,669, Steven “PiKappRaider” Burkholder decided to three-bet light, holding Q♣10♦. Mudvaynes called and PiKappRaider hit top pair on the 10♥4♣3♥ flop. Mudvaynes checked, PiKappRaider bet 23,600 and Mudvaynes called. The turn came the 5♠ and Mudvaynes checked again, allowing PiKappRaider to bet 23,600. Mudyvanes flat-called again, and checked when the 8♦ hit the river. PiKappRaider bet 28,800 and Mudvaynes called, showing J♥J♣ to take down the pot, leaving PiKappRaider on 165,000 in chips. After the hand, Mudvaynes was up to 472,000, good for eighth in chips.

5:00am–Last Day 1 break

Level 21
Blinds 1,500/3,000, antes 375
Players remaining: 256 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 167,500
First prize: $1,715,200

1. TheMasterJ33 — 594993
2. SkaiWalkurrr — 594871
3. iggymcfly — 585085
4. HEMIpowerSWT — 541327
5. bet2win — 535693
6. SexSeen — 488165
7. bcans — 476153
8. Mudvaynes — 470913
9. Lateski — 465355
10. troyones — 444323

4:45am–Katja Thater makes money, goes bust

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater made it past the bubble in the main event, but then quickly ran pocket tens into pocket queens and went broke. She finished 305th place.

4:39am–Ouch. Just ouch. Bubble bursts

GoMukYaSelf had something to say before he acted.

“Don’t call,” he said and then pushed in his 19,000 chips.

PeachyMer didn’t listen and…well, he called with A♣ J♦.. a good but behind the short-stack’s pocket kings.

Of course, you know what happened. It waited until the turn, and then the ace popped up. PeachyMer could only say…””omg im SO SO SORRY.”

My guess is GoMukYaSelf was thinking something along the lines of…”you can stuff your sorries in a sack.”

We are now sickly in the money.

4:28am–Pure bubble

We are now hand for hand on the pure bubble. Only one more person will exit with no cash.

4:14am–Tran gives bubble kick in the ribs

In the continuing tales of bubble abuse, former WCOOP champion J.C. Tran is showing off his abusive side. MaxErosAmore came in for a raise and Tran called. Both players check a 7♥ 6♦ 8♦ flop. On the K♠ turn, Tran bet 7,500 and MaxErosAmore min-raised him. Tran didn’t think long before putting MaxErosAmore all-in. Tran got the fold he was looking for and then showed 4♣ 4♠.

MaxErosAmore then…well, he called Tran a bad name. It was the kind of name that usually invovles a letter ‘f’ but in this case used the letters ‘ph.’

Tran simply replies, “It was good, right?”

We’re gonna guess…no.


4:06am–Justin “Boosted J” Smith slapping bubble around

Now 12 players off the money, Justin Smith is using his experience to pick up some chips. He’s chipped up by nearly 100,000 chips in just the last few hands with some pretty impressive bubble abuse. If it were illegal, he’d get already be convicted and sentenced.

4:00am–11th hour break

Level 19
Blinds 1,000/2,000, antes 250
Players remaining: 323 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 132,775
First prize: $1,715,200

1. TheMasterJ33 — 492647
2. iggymcfly — 487700
3. SexSeen — 453598
4. bgr9292 — 442207
5, bet2win — 393268
6. slammedfire — 389250
7. Jan Heitmann — 387277
8. Lateski — 386235
9. dw2006 — 371148
10. Percussion — 354800

3:50am–Time for bubble abuse

Those players who know how to abuse the bubble (and we’ll assume most of the people in this tournament know what they’re doing in this regard) are now working their game to its full effect. With 328 players remaining, we’re just 22 players from the money.

Go get those blinds and antes, folks!

3:47am–Dorinvandy picks up aces at the perfect time

Scott “dorinvandy” Dorin just scored a massive double-up, eliminating chicken&boot and putting himself amongst the top 25 in chips. After chicken&boot opened for 4,000 and Underoath57 flat-called, dorinvandy made it 14,400 to go. Chicken&boot four-bet to 30,400, Underoath57 got out of the way, and dorinvandy moved all in for 139,415. Chicken&boot called, his A♥Q♥ in dire shape against dorinvandy’s A♠A♦. The board ran out J♠5♦2♠6♣8♦ and dorinvandy scored a double-up to over 286,000 in chips.

3:41am–Leo Fernandez, Alexandre Gomes Eliminated

They call them “ace magnets” and right now, Leo Fernandez could tell you why. On a flop ofA♠8♣3♦, SJMags checked to Fernandez, who bet 3,200. SJMags raised to 9,600, Fernandez moved all in for 23,107, and SJMags called, turning up A♦3♠ to Fernandez’s K♦K♠. No miracle for Fernandez on the 4♣ turn or the 9♣ river and he exited in 365th place.

Moments later, Alexandre Gomes’ tournament life was on the line after getting all 84,000 of his chips in the middle before the flop holding A♦Q♣ against Empire2000’s A♣K♦. Though both players flopped an ace, Gomes couldn’t pair his kicker and ended his run in 351st place.

3:28am–Momentum on djk123’s side

Daniel “djk123” Kelly already has a WCOOP bracelet, having won the $215 Razz event. He’s currently fifth in chips with ten players remaining in the $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. event, and only moments ago, doubled up in the Main Event in dramatic fashion. After M@d@M@d@D@ne opened for 4,000, Kelly three-bet to 9,800 only to be met with a shove, M@d@M@d@D@ne having him covered. Kelly made the call for his remaining 48,000 turning over Q♥Q♦ to M@d@M@d@D@ne’s J♦9♦. The flop was an unbelievable Q♠J♥9♣, Kelly hitting top set while M@d@M@d@D@ne flopped bottom two pair. The turn was the 7♦, the river was the 3♣ and Kelly took down the monster pot, his stack soaring to 174,135.

3:26am–Elsewhere in WCOOP

There are two other WCOOP events trying to finish up tonight. The $10,300 HORSE event has ten players remaining, including Noah “Exclusive” Boeken and Chad Brown.

Meanwhile, the $215 NLHE contest is down to 24 players, among them ElkY and Victor Ramdin.

3:19am–So long, Ylon

As we near the bubble, we must bid goodbye to Ylon Schwartz. His pocket nines couldn’t outrun pocket queens, all-in pre-flop. He’s out in 370th place.

3:11am–The S.S. “Princesa” Sinks

Veronica “Princesa” Dabul opened for 4,200 from early position and got a call from buck21. Dabul check-called a 6,700 bet on the Q♦J♣10♥ flop, then checked again when the J♥ hit the turn. Buck21 bet 11,980, Dabul moved all in for 37,250 and buck21 called. Though Dabul had turned trip jacks with A♥J♦, buck21 hit a full house with Q♠J♠. The river was the 10♠, making Dabul an inferior boat and she ended her evening in 428th place.

3:08am–Salles crashes

Team PokerStars Pro from Brazil Gualter Salles had a chance to triple up with pocket nines all-in against A-K and A-Q. Both the queen and ace fell and Salles was eliminated ini 396th place.

3:00am–Break leaders and numbers

Level 18
Blinds 800/1,600, antes 200
Players remaining: 395 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 108,556
First prize: $1,715,200

1. iggymcfly — 507174
2. Jan Heitmann — 456687
3. slammedfire — 406130
4. Lateski — 337148
5. TheMasterJ33 — 312422
6. bet2win — 299145
7. petteytheft — 291410
8. Udon Wannit — 282757
9. bgr9292 — 282080
10. cumicon — 273310

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

2. Jan Heitman — 456,687
63. Ylon Schwartz — 178,603

2:55am–Orel Hershiser doubles

Entering short-stack territory with 26,323 in chips, Orel Hershiser called Sussie Smith’s opening raise to 3,025 along with DTA4, and all three players checked the 7♣7♦3♣ flop. The turn came the K♠ and Hershiser and Sussie Smith checked to DTA4, who bet 7,000. Both Hershiser and Sussie Smith called. When the 9♣ hit the river, Hershiser moved in for his remaining 16,123 in chips. After a long tank, Sussie Smith folded, and Hershiser collected the pot, taking his stack up to 48,473.

2:51am–New chip leader breaks 500,000

We have a new chip leader and he’s the first person to break the half-million mark. Sitting over at Table 18, iggymcfly has 507,000, a 50,000 lead on second place Jan Heitmann.

2:50am–Dani “supernova9” Stern eliminated

High-stakes cash gamer and budding reality TV star Dani “supernova9” Stern was probably looking to take this pot down before the flop, but instead ran into a monster in the big blind. With the action folded to him on the button, Stern shoved for 19,498 holding K♦8♠, but ran into 00’s’ J♠J♥ in the big blind. Stern couldn’t improve on the 7♥7♠2♠9♣10♦ board and ended his WCOOP run in 424th place.

2:42am–Vanessa Rousso eliminated

Vanessa Rousso was being patient and waiting on a hand with which to double up. She got it all in with pocket jacks versus pocket kings.

And she was drawing dead on the flop.

Her opponent, alexos888 flopped quads and Rousso was out in 421st place.


2:27am–Chad Brown eliminated

Chad Brown’s hopes for a WCOOP title now hinge on the $10,300 H.O.R.S.E., as he was just eliminated from the Main Event. After Justin “Boosted J” Smith opened for 3,200 from early position, Brown moved all in for 30,526 and his old nemesis reddeevil called. Smith got out of the way and the cards went on their backs, Q♦K♠ for Brown and A♦K♥ for reddeevil. Though both players caught top pair on the turn, Brown was in kicker trouble and exited in 492nd place. In the H.O.R.S.E. event, however, he’s in ninth place with 15 players remaining.

2:24am–Heitmann continues to run good, re-takes chip lead

Jan Heitmann is proving he can win in just about any way. He can win with monsters, win on coinflips, and win when he is behind. The most recent example came when he won a pot worth more than 130,000 with pocket queens all-in pre-flop against pocket kings. He flopped his queen and ended up with queens full by the river. He now has 430,000 and has been joined by Katja Thater at his table. She is sitting on 80,000.

2:21am–shaundeeb, joiso eliminated

Perpetual TLB topper Shaun Deeb was just eliminated after an attempt to move his opponent off a pot on the turn. Deeb checked the Q♣Q♥4♥ flop over to mysterio6044, who bet 4,250. Deeb raised to 11,424 and mysterio6044 made the call. When the 7♠ hit the turn, Deeb moved all in for his remaining 28,565 and mysterio6044 snap-called, turning over Q♦J♦ for trip queens. Deeb had a flush draw with A♥J♥, but couldnt fill it on the river, the 10♠ falling to send him to the rail in 537th place.

Also meeting his tournament end in the last few minutes was Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn, who got his money in with 9♦9♠ against Veronica “Princesa” Dabul’s A♠3♠. Dabul flopped the nut flush, however and Kostritsyn’s tournament came to an end in 527th place

2:17am–Dankes all around

Word of Jan Heitmann’s early performance is spreading. People are showing up in the chat bar with as many well-wishes as he can handle. Each one of them is getting a “Danke” in response.

2:08pm–New chip leader firing at 400,000

The WCOOP main event has a new chip leader. Over at table 132, slammedfire is sitting on 394,000. He happens to be sitting across the table from Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso who is trying to work with 23,000 stack and Team PokerStars Pro Brazil Gualter Salles on 40,000.

2:02am–Brown’s down (but not out)

Chad Brown may be happy to chat with his pal Orel Hershiser now that he’s taken a seat over at Table 2, but he wasn’t too pleased with what happened in this hand, where he lost more than half his chips. Hobbes200 was the initial raiser, opening for 3,000, both Brown and reddeevil making the call. Hobbes200 led out for 6,600 on the J♦10♠8♦ flop and both opponents called. When the 2♦ hit the turn, both Hobbes200 and Brown checked to reddeevil, who bet 20,000. Hobbes200 folded, but Brown made the call. Borwn checked the 4♠ on the river, reddeevil bet another 20,000 and Brown called, only to see reddeevil’s king-high flush with K♦10♦. Brown mucked, his stack down to 39,000 while reddeevil climber to over 154,000.

2:00am–Heitmann continues to lead at break

Level 16
Blinds 600/1,200, antes 150
Players remaining: 536 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 80,000
First prize: $1,715,200

1. Jan Heitmann — 377934
2. slammedfire — 327300
3. SkaiWalkurrr — 308430
4. Sumpas — 300727
5. Percussion — 273283
6. 5902838181 — 247707
7. iggymcfly — 246100
8. Udon Wannit — 236879
9. Empire2000 — 232228
10. xmrstyle — 228127

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

1. Jan Heitman –377934

Team PokerStars Pros Eliminated:

Maria Mayrinck — 657th
Steve Paul-Ambrose — 760th
Dennis Phillips — 800th
Hevad Khan — 864th
Boris Becker — 982nd
ElkY — 1007nd
Humberto Brenes — 1,012nd
Vicky Coren– 1,107th
Ivan Demidov — 1152nd
Grant Levy — 1206th
Noah “Exclusive” Boeken — 1284th
Gavin Griffin — 1323rd
Jason Mercier — 1519th
Tom McEvoy — 1609th
Andre Akkari — 1635th
Victor Ramdin — 1676th

1:50am–Kostristyn crumbles

Once up to nearly 100,000, Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn just saw most of his stack evaporate on a single hand. Holding 55,800 in chips, he opened to 2,300 and bluffdeez503 three-bet to 6,275. Joiso came back with a reraise to 13,400 only to have bluffdeez503 move all in for 39,786. Joiso made the call, his A♣Q♣ up against K♠K♣. The board ran out J♥8♦9♦4♣J♣, bluffdeez503 raking in the nearly 82,000 pot, leaving Kostritsyn on the short stack with 15,900 in chips.

1:41am–Turner squeezes, Heitmann gets the juice

It really did seem like a good time to squeeze. There’s no questioning Jon “PearlJammer” Turner’s move. After seeing a raise and chip leader Jan Heitmann call, Turner pushed from the small blind all-in for 22,472. The original raiser folded, but Heitmann called for an additional 20,000.

Turner held 8♦ 7♦ and Heitmann turned over A♣J♣. Turner was fortunate. He turned a straight on a 2♣ 6♣ 9♦ 10♥ board. Then the squeeze went wrong when the 10♣ came on the river to give Heitmann the flush.

Heitmann now has 375,000.

1:39am–Thater triples

Within the space of two hands, Katja Thater has managed to triple her stack. After a raise from rondalf, a three-bet from eirivi and a four-bet from PokerNoob999, Thater shoved for her remaining 19,752. The first two raisers folded and PokerNoob999 called an additional 3,200, his hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar with 6♦9♦. Thater’s A♦K♣ held up and she more than doubled to 47,900. On the next hand she added another 14,000 to her stack after three-betting all in on the turn, the board reading A♣8♥3♦Q♣. Her opponent, rondalf, folded and Thater took her stack up to 61,000.

1:27am–Deeb slips, gboro780 down

Down to 15,606 in chips, Steve “gboro780” Gross moved all in over the top of petteytheft’s opening raise and earned a call. Though gboro780 had the dominating hand with A♠K♦ against A♥Q♠, a queen flopped, ending gboro780’s WCOOP hopes.

Meanwhile, Shaun Deeb’s chip count took a huge hit tumbling from 135,000 to 53,000 after this cooler of a hand against skier_5.

1:20am–Heitmann has an acute case of Run Good

In just the past few minutes, Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann has moved up over the 330,000 chip mark. First he made a pair of jacks stand up against a pair of fives (and got paid). Then he stacked another player after turning fours full of nines against a player who made a flush on the river.

1:00am–Break time numbers

Level 14
Blinds 500/1,000, antes 150
Players remaining: 693 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 61,875
First prize: $1,715,200

1. Jan Heitmann — 286957
2. slammedfire — 257734
3. Percussion — 236161
4. eirivi — 230663
5. xmrstyle — 230009
6. aquaregia67 — 205414
7. gbecks — 201652
8. T1ckT0ck — 193512
9. TheMasterJ33 — 193480
10. wobbly_au — 188605

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

1. Jan Heitman –267,776
58. Bill Chen — 127,375

Team PokerStars Pros Eliminated:

Steve Paul-Ambrose — 760th
Dennis Phillips — 800th
Hevad Khan — 864th
Boris Becker — 982nd
ElkY — 1007nd
Humberto Brenes — 1,012nd
Vicky Coren– 1,107th
Ivan Demidov — 1152nd
Grant Levy — 1206th
Noah “Exclusive” Boeken — 1284th
Gavin Griffin — 1323rd
Jason Mercier — 1519th
Tom McEvoy — 1609th
Andre Akkari — 1635th
Victor Ramdin — 1676th

12:56am–Terrence Chan runs into rivered two-outer…and is out

Recent WCOOP bracelet winner Terrence Chan came in for a raise to 2,000 and Belebacsi re-raised to 5,250 from the button. Chan called and they saw a flop of 5♣ 4♦ A♦. Both players checked. On a turn of the 5♥, Chan bet out 6,400 and got a call. The river was the K♦. Chan bet 14,400, Belabacsi moved all in for 58,643 total. Chan snap-called with 5♠ A♠ for fives full of aces. Unfortunately for Chan, Belabacsi had K♥K♣ and Chan is gone.

12:53am–No one believes shaundeeb

Shaun Deeb’s reputation as a hyper-agressive player just paid off big time for him. After deamon10 opened for 1,850 from middle position, Deeb put in a reraise to 5,353 from the button. Perhaps not concvinced of the strength of Deeb’s hand, deamon10 moved all in for 28,891 and Deeb insta-called, turning over A♠K♣ to deamon10’s 6♠7♠. The flop gave both players a sweat, coming down K♠Q♥3♠, Deeb hitting top pair while deamon10 had a flush draw. He couldn’t fill it on the turn or river, however, the A♣ and the 9♥ falling to send him to the rail. Deeb raked in the pot and is now on a very comfortable 97,458 in chips.

Watching from the rail, two-time WCOOP bracelet winner Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo offered this bit of analysis.

g0lfa said, “no one ever believes”

12:39am–Magician Jan Heitmann = New chip leader

If you’ve never seen Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann perform an impromptu magic show, we highly recommend it. We watched one at a bar late night in Monte Carlo a couple of years back and are still pretty amazed. Perhaps more amazing is what we just witnessed in the WCOOP main event. He just managed to pull three rabbits out of a hat on one hand. Jack rabbbits, to be precise.

When hoodini10 came in for a raise, Heitmann bumped it again to 4,500. His opponent called and they saw a flop of J♣ J♦ 3♥. Heitmann led at it for 9,300, hoodini10 raised to 23,500, Heitmann made it 58,000 and hoodini10 pusked all in for another astounding 100,000. Heitmann made the call and turned over J♥ A♠. Hoodini10 held an unfortunate 9♠9♥. With a king on the turn and the case jack on the river, Heitmann won a monster and moved into the chip lead with 286,000.


12:38am–Dennis Phillips eliminated

So often in this game, we live by the river and die by the river. Unfortunately, the latter just happened to everyone’s favorite St. Louis Cardinals fan, Dennis Phillips. Phillips got the rest of his chips in on the turn holding A♣K♣ with the board reading K♠Q♣4♠8♣ and got a call from JBT449 with K♥10♥. The 10♦, however cruelly spiked on the river, to end Phillips’ WCOOP Main Event run in 800th place.

12:34am– Tran claims another big name

J.C. Tran has his sights set on another big finish. He just put another big name in the elimination column. His flopped set of fours just beat Nenad Medic’s pocket eights. They got it all in on a jack-high flop. Tran is up above 160,000 chips and currently sits in 14th place.

12:22am– Dwan down, former champion Tran up

Superstar Tom Dwan has an exceptionally active past two hours, and it’s ended in his demise. Starting with nearly 35,000 in chips, he called a raise from former WCOOP champion J.C. Tran. The flop came down K♣10♥6♥. Tran bet out 3,000 and Dwan raised to 9,160. Tran moved all-in and Dwan called for his last 23,000. Tran held 10♦ K♠ to Dwan’s…gulp…A♠ A♣. Tran rivered an unnecessary ten for the full house. Dwan went out 873rd. Tran, meanwhile, is in 20th place with 48,000.

12:20am–Barry Greenstein bites the dust

We’re unsure if he had his laptop on a food tray while multitabling in a live cash game, but Barry Greenstein just played his last hand in the WCOOP Main Event. Greenstein opened for 1,600 from earnly position and reloadthis called from the big blind. The flop came down K♠4♠3♠ and reloadthis check-called a 2.400 bet from Greenstein. The turn came the A♦ and reloadthis checked over to Greenstein, who bet 4,800. Reloadthis raised to 17,400 and Greenstein called all in, turning up K♣K♥ for a set of kings while reloadthis showed A♠10♥ for top pair and the nut flush draw. The 5♠ on the river was a disaster for Greenstein, reloadthis hitting his flush to take down the pot and end Barry’s WCOOP run.

12:11am–Schwartz ahead, behind

Team PokerStars Pro Ylon Schwartz just managed to get J♦ J♣ all-in pre-flop versus cantbeat’s J♥ A♠. The board ran out 5♦ A♣ 10♦ 5♠ 4♣ and Schwartz fell below 80,000 in chips. Meanwhile, cantbeat got himself back up over 35,000.


12:08am–Recent eliminations

Here’s a quick look at some notable eliminations from the last hour:

Boris Becker — 982nd
ElkY — 1007nd
Humberto Brenes — 1,012nd
Vicky Coren– 1,107th


12:00am–Break by the numbers

Level 12
Blinds 300/600, antes 70
Players remaining: 919 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 46,659
First prize: $1,715,200

1. SkaiWalkurrr — 197600
2. wobbly_au — 197321
3. T1ckT0ck –183175
4. alottabluff –182508
5. baloo1962 –166266
6. xmrstyle — 165570
7. odiggitydog –156435
8. Jan Heitmann –149638
9. Sumpas –148547
10. Amke — 147849

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

8. Jan Heitman –149.565
69. Chad Brown — 95,400
71. Ylon Schwartz — 94,308

Team PokerStars Pros Eliminated:

Boris Becker — 982nd
ElkY — 1007nd
Humberto Brenes — 1,012nd
Vicky Coren– 1,107th
Ivan Demidov — 1152nd
Grant Levy — 1206th
Noah “Exclusive” Boeken — 1284th
Gavin Griffin — 1323rd
Jason Mercier — 1519th
Tom McEvoy — 1609th
Andre Akkari — 1635th
Victor Ramdin — 1676th

11:50pm–joiso nabs 48k pot with river shove

Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn had quite the late night last night on his way to his runner-up finish in WCOOP Event #42, $2,100 8-Game. Now, after only a precious few hours sleep, he’s sitting on a robust 80,000 stack in the Main Event, a good portion of it acquired on this hand.

With the action folded to him on the button, joiso made a standard raise to 1,800. MrTile three-bet to 5,000 from the small blind and joiso called. MrTile led out for 6,500 on the 10♣5♥3♣ flop and joiso smooth-called. The turn camed the Q♣ and MrTile fired out again, this time for 12,000. Again, joiso called and they went to the river, which fell the 3♦. MrTile checked, joiso moved all in for 33,212 on the river and after a lengthy think, MrTile folded, conceding the pot to joiso, who increased his stack to 81,442.

11:38pm–Vicky Coren heads to bed

From her fingers, to your eyes, the Victoria Coren Twitter feed tells of her demise.

She says, “CURSES. I flop a set for the first time in 147 years, against someone who can’t pass a flush draw. Grr. WCOOP over for another year.”

11:30pm– dorinvandy puts the pressure on

Last year’s WCOOP $10K High Roller champion Scott “dorinvandy” Dorin just scored himself a near-double up after putting his opponent to a decision for more than half his stack on the river. Baletta opened for a min-raise before the flop, dorinvandy flat-called from the small blind and toniQ78 made a small raise to 3,000 from the big blind. Both baletta and dorinvandy called. The flop came down J♣8♥2♠, dorinvandy checking over the toniQ78, who bet 5,000. Baletta got out of the way and dorinvandy called. Dorinvandy checked against when the 5♦ hit the turn and toniQ78 fired again for 9,000. Dorinvandy min-raised to 18,000 and earned a call. The river was the Q♦. No checking this time, as dorinvandy moved all in for his remaining 17,821, sending toniQ78 into the tank. After letting nearly two minutes tick off his time bank, toniQ78 folded and dorinvandy raked in the pot, taking his stack up to 73,361.

11:25pm–Dwan sinking

Tom Dwan is one the way down and now has just over his starting stack. This tough hand was what started the downslide.

11:20pm– AJKHoosier1 eliminated

Sitting on 18,954 in chips and facing an opening raise from FeiteFrank and a reraise from floes, AJKHoosier1 went for the four-bet shove, most likely hoping to pick up the pot right there. Though FeiteFrank gave up his hand, floes made the call, his A♣K♦ dominating AJKHoosier1’s K♥J♦. No help on the board for AJKHoosier1 and he hit the rail while floes doubled up to 40,578.

10:58pm–Break time numbers

Level 11
Blinds 250/500, antes 60
Players remaining: 1,145 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 37,449
First prize: $1,715,200

1. GIVE_IT2 — 155978
2. T1ckT0ck — 153711
3. xmrstyle — 146416
4. MKKMOO — 141030
5. baloo1962 — 135788
6. alottabluff — 134198
7. Nicole_Katz — 125358
8. wobbly_au — 122748
9. odiggitydog — 117737
10. bcans — 115639

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

49. Chad Brown — 88,615
52. Ylon Schwartz — 87,862

Team PokerStars Pros Eliminated:
Ivan Demidov — 1152nd
Grant Levy — 1206th
Noah “Exclusive” Boeken — 1284th
Gavin Griffin — 1323rd
Jason Mercier — 1519th
Tom McEvoy — 1609th
Andre Akkari — 1635th
Victor Ramdin — 1676th

10:54pm–Dennis Phillips doubles through Brian “tsarrast” Rast

Dennis Phillips has been short-stacked on a tough table for some time now, having to contend with ComeOnPhish seated to his right and Brian “tsarrast” Rast on his left. Down to 6,605 in chips, he mada a move, shoving from UTG+1 after gibralter11 limped in for 500. Tsarrast moved all in for nearly 26,000 behind him and the rest of the table folded, leaving Phillips heads-up with Rast for all his chips. It was the A♥K♦ for Phillips against Rast’s A♠Q♠, the board running out J♣4♠2♥2♠3♥ to put Phillips in healthier territory with 14,490 in chips.

10:45– Notables in the Top 50

Now more than five hours into the tournament, we’re starting to see some notable names in the top 50.

8. Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo
11. Sumpas
14. xmrstyle
17. Tom “Hold_emNL” Dwan
25. tsoprano
38. Ylon Schwartz

10:40pm–ZeeJustin vaults into the top ten

With the action folded to him on the button, ZeeJustin made it 1,050 to go and was met wiht a three-bet to 2,400 from pleasepick in the small blind. ZeeJustin called and they saw a K♣J♥3♥ flop. Pleasepick checked to ZeeJustin, who bet 2,000, then raised all in for the 6,493 he had behind. ZeeJustin made the call, his K♦J♠ having outflopped pleasepick’s K♥Q♥. Pleasepick was looking for a queen or a heart on the turn or river to survive, but missed his outs, the 2♣ and the A♦ falling to send him to the rail. ZeeJustin raked in the pot, taking his stack up to over 109,000, good for the top ten in chips.

10:22pm–RaSZi rising up the leaderboard

Team PokerStars pro Lex “RaSZi” Veldhuis is currently sitting on over $52K in chips, looking to improve on a solid run in the WSOP $40K NLHE Event this summer. Despite being eliminated by fellow Team PokerStars pro Greg Raymer in that event, Veldhuis banked $277,940 in the event and has been a welcome addition to the PokerStars family.

While typing this up, RaSZi snagged a 9,050-chip pot and is now up to 56,725.

Team PokerStars Pro Holland Lex “RaSZi” Veldhuis

10:17pm–Up and down for Unassigned

Moments after that hand with 10Gunman, Terrence “Unassigned” Chan was suddenly knocked back down to less than 14,000 after losing a preflop all-in race with booboobutt. In that hand, Chan’s pocket queens fell to booboobutt’s Big Slick when an ace fell on the turn.

Then, on the very next hand, Chan doubled back up to 28,334 in a hand versus Sumpas. Sumpas had raised preflop from the button with A♣5♠, and Chan called from the big blind holding 3♥5♥. Chan would manage to turn a heart flush, and when Sumpas rivered trip aces, he’d pay off Chan’s all-in bet.

10:10pm–Chan stares down 10Gunman, lives to tell tale

10Gunman raised to 900 from UTG, and Terrence “Unassigned” Chan called from the button. The flop came 7♠5♠J♣. 10Gunman bet 1,800, and Chan called. Both checked the 4♥ turn.

The river brought the 10♣. This time 10Gunman bet 3,300, and Chan raised to 12,000. 10Gunman thought a moment, then let it go.

Chan has chipped back up to 34,175.

10:00pm–Chip counts at five-hour mark

Level 9
Blinds 150/300, antes 40
Players remaining: 1,462 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 29,329
First prize: $1,715,200

1. T1ckT0ck — 162,536
2. diicman — 111,095
3. reddeevil — 102,487
4. danloulou — 101,854
5. MKKMOO — 94,536
6. TheMasterJ33 — 91,340
7. wobbly_au — 87,098
8. odiggitydog — 86,799
9. bbs99 — 86,694
10. baloo1962 — 86,684

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:
80. Chad Brown — 60,752

Team PokerStars Pros Eliminated:
Jason Mercier — 1519th
Tom McEvoy — 1609th
Andre Akkari — 1635th
Victor Ramdin — 1676th

9:49pm–Looking for chips down under

New Team PokerStars Pro Emad Tahtouh is currently sitting on 28,753 chips out on Table 71.

The Australian pro is no stranger to big events, having final tabled in the 2006 WSOP $5K PLH event for $71K, finished runner-up to fellow Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren in the 2006 3,500 British Pound NLHE EPT London event for $538,357, and earned a fifth-place finish in the 2007 APPT Macau High Roller event for $64K.

Emad’s bright smile here is just to retrieve your chips

9:45pm–Dang river cripples dangodokodang

Player dangdokodang just lost a race with pocket queens against !AAelTigre’s J♦A♣ when an ace fell on the river.

That hand leaves dangdokodang with just 8,675 chips as we approach the next break — a steep hill to climb for the winner of WCOOP Event #14 ($320 Mixed Hold’em) to get back into contention.

9:39pm–ElkY gets the shocker

ElkY just got his stack sliced in half by the shocker icon’d goodvibe1 after rivering a wheel to goodvibe1’s superior hand. Watch ElkY turn into the aggressor post-flop in the video below, but he was unable to catch up to goodvibe’s turned flush:

9:32pm–Looking for another big cash

Just seated at Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater’s Table 196 is scarface_79 who is fresh off final tabling WCOOP Event #33 $1,050 NLHE and looking to improve even further on the $84K pulled from that tourney earlier in the week.

For more on scarface_79’s run in Event #33 check out PokerStars.TV’s recap of the event below:

Watch WCOOP 2009: Event 33 – $1,050 NL Hold’em on PokerStars.tv

9:28pm–T1ckT0ck continues to rock

We were reporting earlier T1ckT0ck’s speculations about what could be done with that $1.7 million-plus first prize. Since then, T1ckT0ck has steadily built a sizable stack, making the prospects of actually having to make such a decision marginally more likely. Still a long, long way to go, though.

After taking three pots of more than 25,000 in quick succession just now, T1ckT0ck is now up to 157,349 — the only player with more than 100,000 at the moment.

9:17pm–Big slick does the trick for Bonomo

Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo raised to 750 (3x) from under the gun, and it folded around to nanonoko who reraised all in for 4,962 total. Others got out of the way, and Bonomo called, showing K♠A♣ to nanonoko’s 10♣10♦.

The flop came 2♥K♦8♦, putting Bonomo in front. The turn was the 9♣ and river the Q♥, and nanonoko said “gg” while hitting the virtual rail.

Bonomo is now up to 56,177.

9:12pm–Poker: The only place you’ll find an “I” in team

With the blinds 125/250 (ante 30), Team PokerStars pro Gavin Griffin led out by raising UTG to 625. It folded around to fellow Team PokerStars pro Chad Brown who called in the small blind, and both saw a J♥5♥8♦ flop. Griffin pushed out a 1,250 chip bet after Brown checked, and after a few blinking icons, Brown made the call.

The 8♣ came on the turn. Again Brown checked, and Gavin fired a 3,000 bullet into the pot. This time Brown wasted no time check-raising to 6,000 total. Griffin mucked quickly as Brown scooped up the 10K pot.

Brown is currently at 50,771 chips and Gavin Griffin holding at 23,340.

Gavin proudly displaying his PokerStars colors

9:03pm–Chip counts at four-hour mark

Level 7
Blinds 100/200, antes 25
Players remaining: 1,718 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 24,959
First prize: $1,715,200

1. T1ckT0ck — 116,448
2. TheMasterJ33 — 92,905
3. troyones — 85,685
4. gibralter11 — 82,920
5. vince vegas — 77,802
6. Dsavo — 77,388
7. MrKGBoreoman — 76,650
8. iCeVeNoM — 76,503
9. In8desyr — 74,928
10. route666 — 74,646

Team PokerStar Pros Eliminations:
John Duthie — 1847th place
J.C. Alvarado — 1856th place
Chris Moneymaker — 1881st place
Joe Hachem — 1992nd place
Daniel Negreanu — 2012nd place

8:49pm–vince vegas sends Str8$$$Homey straight home

Str8$$$Homey just tangled again with vince vegas, and it didn’t go so well for the WCOOP bracelet holder. With the board showing 4♠5♠9♥3♥Q♥ and 6,225 in the middle, Str8$$$Homey bet 4,000, leaving just 5,600 behind, then vince vegas raised to 10,000 — enough to put Str8$$$Homey all in.

Str8$$$Homey went into the tank. “Show?” he asked vince vegas, who offered no response. Finally Str8$$$Homey made the call with his 5♣5♦ for a set of fives. Alas, vince vegas had 2♥4♥ for the rivered flush, and Str8$$$Homey is out.

vince vegas now has more than 83,000 — good enough for fourth place at the moment.

8:37pm–Jacks really are okay for Coren

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren has fallen back to 9,000 chips but found a few laying on the table in a hand against foxdadou. After Coren raised to 600 with the blinds at 100/200 ante 25, Foxdadou took the small blind discount and called to see a 5♦ 5♥ 6♣ flop. Coren bet 800 after foxdadou checked, and the small blind made the call.

The 5♣ came on the turn and both players checked. The river brought the 7♣ which got foxdadou to lead out for 1,200. After a quick thought, Coren made the call with pocket jacks J♣J♥ on the draw heavy board. It was the right decision, as foxdadou only produced J♦7♣, sending the 5,625-chip pot to the Team PokerStars Pro.

Coren sitting with a few more chips at the WSOP

8:31pm–Don’t I know you from somewhere?

We were just checking over at Table 164, where TheMasterJ33 has taken the chip lead in the tourney with 86,767. The conversation there, however, wasn’t about TheMasterJ33’s progress thus far, but about another player — jcada99.

Player D.K.5 just asked “you’re the guy that made it to the main event final table??” “ya,” answered jcada99.

Indeed, that’s Joseph Cada, the 21-year-old from Michigan who will be in fifth place at the start of November’s final table at this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event. In other words, in better shape than Cada currently is in this tourney, where he’s short-stacked at the moment with less than 14,000.

8:22pm–Barry finds a stacked table

Team PokerStarsPro Barry “barryg1” Greenstein has a few new friends out on Table 20. Hikkespett has a Sunday Million final table to credit. Online pro Jason “JasonGray” Gray who is spotted regularly at EPT events, and Scarer who is currently in the top 25 in chips as we move into blinds of 100/200 with 25 antes (Level 7).

8:15pm–g0lfa sent to clubhouse

Two-time 2009 WCOOP bracelet winner Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo had a rough afternoon, and found himself down to just 6,230 near the end of Level 6 when the following hand took place.

Player erichuaongdu opened with a raise to 450 from middle position, and it folded to g0lfa who called from the big blind. The flop came 5♦A♦7♣. g0lfa bet 550, erichuongdu raised to 1,500, g0lfa reraised to 4,500, erichuongdu shoved all in, and g0lfa called with his remaining 1,260 chips.

g0lfa showed J♦10♦ for the flush draw, while erichuongdu turned over 6♦4♦ for a lesser flush draw plus an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 2♣ and g0lfa was still good. But the river brought the 3♥, giving erichuongdu the straight and prompting the following post-hand analysis from g0lfa:

g0lfa said, “efrapu9wdfio0[asdfgp”
g0lfa said, “[sdgop”
g0lfa said, “[dfjops”
g0lfa said, “dfgvjopv”
g0lfa said, “adsfv[adks[fads[fp[‘”

No third WCOOP bracelet for D’Angelo. Meanwhile, erichuongdu now has 24,778.

8:10pm–iCeVeNoM looking for more

The recent winner of WCOOP’s Event #17 Triple Shootout Saul “iCeVeNoM” Khalili was 8th in chips at the third break and looking to add on to the $90,000 he won at Event #17. Check out his winner’s interview here.

Saul “iCeVeNoM” Khalili

8:06pm–A long way to go

A little while ago over at Table 181, xoxol73 just asked the rest of the table “how many levels do we play today?”

The answer to that question is 22 one-half hour levels, with the survivors then returning tomorrow afternoon (Monday) at which point they’ll play until just one has all of the chips — all 42,880,000 of them!

8:00pm–Chip counts at three-hour mark

Level 6
Blinds 75/150, antes 20
Players remaining: 1,908 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 22,473
First prize: $1,715,200

1. T1ckT0ck — 76,382
2. MrKGBoreoman — 75,475
3. troyones — 74,049
4. Lucky69han — 73,347
5. MaxErosAmore — 73,125
6. dps813 — 71,282
7. TheMasterJ33 — 66,286
8. iCeVeNoM — 66,040
9. bbs99 — 65,542
10. retaaded — 61,074

25. Friend of Team PokerStars Orel Hershiser — 52,433

7:50pm–No limit to the fun

Terrence “Unassigned” Chan just took a couple of decent-sized pots in a row to bounce back to 17,665 after having taken that hit earlier when simmsux made quad jacks against him. Afterwards, Chan, who has two SCOOP titles and one WCOOP title — all three in limit hold’em events — expressed some confusion afterwards:

Unassigned said, “sorry, what’s going on here?”
Unassigned said, “i figured the main event had to be a lhe event. do ppl play other games?”

7:45pm–ElkY slowly chips up to 30K mark

Better known for his aggressive play and wild swinging chip stack, ElkY is finding the fold button once or twice tonight and has slowly crept up to a 30K chip stack with timely bets as the blinds are hovering at 75/150 with the introduction of 20 chip antes at the moment.

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier as Mr. Conservative checking out the table

7:38pm–Hearts in action

Thanks to our crack research department we’ve found the mysterious results of Team PokerStars Pro Holland Joep van den Bijgaart’s bust out hand. Apparently some hearts were broken as Bijgaart got involved in a three way all-in when all three players flopped a heart flush on this flop: A♥ 6♥ 5♥

Bijgaart: Q♥9♥
MaxErosAmor: K♥J♥
Unknown player: 8♥7♥

The 75K pot went to MaxErosAmor who is currently second in chips as the blinds hold steady at 60/120.

Bijgaart had this to say about the hand:

“I just can’t put the guy on a king-high flush. I was 100% sure he would reraise that on the turn or something because there are so many bad cards for him to come.”

7:31pm–LadyMaverick hits her draw

Team PokerStars pro Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso opened with a raise to 299 from middle position, and a short-stacked Shantaram called from the big blind.

The flop came K♥9♠6♥. Shantaram checked, Rousso bet 480, then Shantaram pushed all in for 3,487 total. Rousso made the call, showing 8♥7♥ for an open-ended straight draw plus a flush draw. Shantaram turned over K♦8♦ for a top pair of kings.

THe turn was the 10♠, giving Rousso her straight, and when the river came the Q♦, Shantaram was out. Rousso is now just over the 30,000-chip mark.


Yes, LadyMaverick was that happy to hit her draw

7:24pm–Str8$$$Homey looks for better spot

Str8$$$Homey, winner of 2009 WCOOP Event #23 ($320 NLHE, 10-min. levels), opened with a raise to 360 from early position, then vince vegas reraised to 960 behind. It folded back around to Str8$$$Homey who called.

The flop came 9♠8♦Q♦. Str8$$$Homey checked, vince vegas continued for 1,560, and Str8$$$Homey skedaddled. Str8$$$Homey now has 23,975, while vince vegas is hovering just below the top ten with 54,927.

7:18pm–New Main Event champ to be crowned

On ckingusc’s table Zak0707 raised to 300 with the blinds at 50/100 as ckingusc flat called as did both blinds xaroCjes and PureCash25 to see the 3♠ 8♠ K♦ flop. Both blinds checked their option as Zak0707 bet 1,000 chips and ckingusc pushed his depleted stack of 6,620 in the middle.

Zak0707 was then check-raised by xaroCjes all in for 14,080. Zak0707 didn’t like the hand much anymore and folded as xaroCjes exposes big slick K♠ A♣ and ckingusc had the nut flush draw A♠ Q♠. The defending champ had to watch the board brick out 8♣ on the turn and K♥ river and finished the event in 2031st place.

7:13pm–romashka55 rises, Danzer down… and out

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer kept mixing it up through the first four levels, and as Level 5 began found himself back down to 16,790 when the following hand took place.

zivziv raised to 300 from middle position, th9nip called, then romashka55 reraised to 1700 from the button. Danzer repopped it to 5,250 from the small blind, and it folded back around to romashka55 who shoved all in. Danzer called with his remaining chips.

GeorgeDanzer: Q♥A♥
romashka55: K♠K♦

The board came 5♣8♦9♦8♣4♣, and Danzer is an early casualty, out in 2,026th place. romashka55 now has 33,925.

7:08pm–Not something you see every day

Out on Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken’s Table #199 is something this author hasn’t seen at PokerStars before. bluffblocker is one of the few Supernova Elite which a player earns by acquiring one million VPPs in a calendar year which opens to prizes such as free entries into live events and… the WCOOP Main Event. bluffblocker is currently at 20,151 chips and winning $1.7 in a freeroll wouldn’t be half bad now would it?

7:01pm–Chip counts at two-hour mark

Level 5
Blinds 60/120, antes 15
Players remaining: 2,040 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 21,019
First prize: $1,715,200

1. MaxErosAmore — 67,455
2. bbs99 — 67,401
3. vince vegas — 65,020
4. dps813 — 64,248
5. troyones — 57,694
6. MrKGBoreoman — 55,060
7. hoops4me7 — 53,360
8. ramilpokerst — 52,683
9. irishcurve86 — 48,034
10. MONSTER_DONG — 47,833

26. Friend of Team PokerStars Orel Hershiser — 43,012
57. Team PokerStars pro Chad Brown — 38,252

6:57pm–Early innings strong for Hershiser

Friend of Team PokerStars Orel Hershiser has been building up nicely here in the early going, more than doubling his starting stack. Just now, with the blinds 40/80, he opened with a huge raise to 640 and got a caller in diablo17172 from the button and stessse from the big blind.

The flop came 2♠5♥A♣. It checked to Hershiser who bet 960, and only stesse called. Both checked the A♥ turn. The river then brought the 5♦. stessse checked, Hershiser again bet 960, and stessse called.

Hershiser showed K♥K♠ for kings and aces, and stessse mucked. A few hands after that one, the former Cy Young Award winner was up over 44,000.

6:48pm–Seed planted a cooler

Watch below as Supernova Seed85 take a huge pot of Zak0707 when both of them make a hand on the Q♦ 10♦ 4♠ flop:

RSS readers click through to see replay

And with the set over set Seed85 doubled up to over 47K as Zak0707 slid back to 33K in chips.

6:35pm–Chatting with Chan

Terrence “Unassigned” Chan, who followed up his stunning two-bracelets-in-one-day performance at last spring’s SCOOP event with yet another victory in the 2009 WCOOP Event #39 ($1,050 6-max. LHE), took a seat in this one late in Level 2. Soon after his arrival came this exhange with a tablemate:

TheMatadorCC said, “unassigned, thoughts on other chans?”
Unassigned said, “there are others?”
TheMatadorCC said, “how was being in rounders?”
Unassigned said, “it was good, except they cut out my love scene with famke janssen”
TheMatadorCC said, “ah unlucky”
TheMatadorCC said, “what did you have against mike, did you just think he was a stupid tourist?
Unassigned said, “actually it was just that i got paged by my relaxation therapist and had to go”
TheMatadorCC said, “oh i see”

A railbird tried to inform everyone at the table TheMatadorCC was thinking of Johnny, not Terrence, but it seemed clear everyone understood the joke.

The joking quickly ended, though, when Chan found himself was involved in this big hand versus simmsux which resulted in Chan — a.k.a. “Unassigned” — losing nearly half his stack. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to see replay

6:31pm–Defending champ takes a hit
Zak0707 opened for 240 with the blinds at 40/80 as ckingusc and ffplaya22 came along for the 9♠ 7♥ 4♠ flop. Zak0707 led out for 650 chips as ckingusc flat called while ffplaya22 took a phone call. On the 9♥ turn Zak0707 increased to a 2,000 chip bet as ckingusc covered and pushed Zak0707 all-in minus 50 chips. Zak0707 would call all-in exposing 7♠ 7♦ for the turned boat while ckingusc held 8♥ 6♥ for the turned open ended straight flush draw.

The two outs did not hit on the 8♠ river as Zak0707 doubled up with the 18,880 chip pot and the defending champ went down to 10,370 chips.

6:25pm–Bloggers = Coolers

All was fine until they broke down the table Joep van den Bijgaart (WSOP interview found here) was at, then looked up to see he finished in 2089th place. Maybe next year will be luckier for the new Holland pro.

6:16pm–Team Holland Represents, Bijgaart over the starting stack

Newly anointed Team PokerStars Pro Holland Joep van den Bijgaart also known as “Pappe_Ruk” is currently sitting on 22,560 as the first break hit. Shown below at the WSOP this summer is looking to improve on the final table he had at the $1,500 Limit Hold Em’ Shootout event and to get more people to be able to pronounce his name correctly.

Bijgaart still pondering why people can’t pronounce his name, but takes their chips the same

6:11pm–What would you do?

With the prize pool having been settled, players over at Table 19 are discussing that gawdy first prize of $1,715,200:

T1ckT0ck said, “what would you guys do with 1.7mill?”
Markush13 said, “lol”
WhatArunAA said, “put it with the rest”
Markush13 said, “+1”
Markush13 said, ” “
rsxpunk said, “buy a rocket car”
rsxpunk said, “and a golden house”
T1ckT0ck said, “i’d go buy me some gum”
T1ckT0ck said, “cause my breath smells like onions”
T1ckT0ck said, “just had a fajita”
T1ckT0ck said, “then donate the rest”
WhatArunAA said, “id donate it all to church”
T1ckT0ck said, “yeah”
WhatArunAA said, “for god gave me the opportunity”
T1ckT0ck said, “church and breast cancer”
Markush13 said, “ty”
WhatArunAA said, “so he deserves it all”
T1ckT0ck said, “my auntie is a breast cancer victim”
T1ckT0ck said, “so i wanna donate $ towards those charities”
T1ckT0ck said, “church”
T1ckT0ck said, “and rest to my families who are all in debt =”

6:08pm–The Numbers

With registration having closed with 2,144 entrants, the prize pool totals a new online poker tourney record of $10,720,000. The top 306 finishers will be making the money in this historic event.

Here’s how the payouts are scheduled to go at the final table:

1st — $1,715,200
2nd — $1,286,400
3rd — $933,712
4th — $643,200
5th — $482,400
6th — $375,200
7th — $268,000
8th — $182,240
9th — $96,480

6:00pm–Chip counts at one-hour mark (first break of Day 1)

Level 3
Blinds 40/80
Players remaining: 2,112 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 20,303

Our chip leaders are all hovering at around the 50,000-chip mark at the moment. We’ll get you top ten counts starting with the next break. Meanwhile, here are how some Team PokerStars people are faring in the early going:

37. Team PokerStars pro Angel Guillen — 35,885
42. Friend of Team PokerStars Orel Hershiser — 34,795
44. Team PokerStars pro Chad Brown — 34,522

5:55pm–Chad Brown putting on pressure, earns a decent pot

<" swam in a 180 raise from UTG as Chad Brown and Cruzecontrol called but jakoon1985 in the small blind three-bet to 1020 as both "<" and Chad Brown made the call to see the [5c] [4d] [3c] flop. jakoon1985 followed through with a 1,875 bet as "<" found other waters but Brown made the call. On the [As] turn jakoon1985 checked as Brown bet 3,120.

K♦ on the river and jakoon1985 checked again to Brown as he bet 4,080 which jakoon1985 gave up the 13,290 chip pot as Brown moved up to 28,117 in chips.

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown at the WSOP

5:52pm–T1ckT0ck’s timing off in hand with Eastgate

Player T1ckT0ck opened with a raise to 155 from the cutoff, and Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate called from the button. The flop came 2♦2♥9♥. T1ckT0ck bet 175, then Eastgate raised to 600. T1ckT0ck paused a beat, then reraised to 1,400. Eastgate then promptly raised again to 2,940 total. T1ckT0ck again paused, then put in yet another raise — this time to 4,800. Eastgate called.

The turn was the K♥. T1ckT0ck checked, and Eastgate quickly fired 4,000 into the middle, leaving himself about 6,000 behind. T1ckT0ck made the call.

The river was the 10♦. T1ckT0ck again checked, and this time Eastgate bet just 2,000. T1ckT0ck called, showing 9♦J♥ for nines and deuces. Eastgate showed 10♥7♥, and claimed the pot.

The defending WSOP Main Event champ now has 26,350, while T1ckT0ck slips to 12,490.

5:43pm–A tiny Danzer pot

Team PokerStars pro George Danzer, winner of Event #19 ($320+R PLO), has started out the day his usual aggressive self, open-raising several pots each orbit as he starts to build his stack.

Just now, after zivziv limped in for 60 from early position, Danzer raised once again to 180, and all folded but zivziv. The flop came J♠6♣A♣. zivziv checked, Danzer bet 300, and zivziv called. Both players then checked the 4♠ turn and 9♥ river.

zivziv showed 6♦6♠ for a set of sixes and Danzer mucked, having lost only a piddling amount on the hand. Danzer sits with just under 24,000 at the moment.

5:40pm–Easy as 1-2-3-4 ElkY chips up

ElkY snags an early pot after three-betting fumbo420 to 567 from the big blind as fumbo flat called behind. ElkY bet 678 on the 6♣ K♦ K♥ flop as fumbo420 raised to 1,380 as ElkY elected to call. Both checked the 6♥ on the turn, but fumbo420 took leave from the hand when ElkY bet 1,234 on the river 3♥ and raked in the 3,924 chip pot to move up to 21,640 in chips.

5:32pm–New and improved prize pool

And there it is, $10 million guarantee has been met as we stand at nearly 2,100 players with late registration still available to replace the 34 players we’ve already lost. Its almost certain that the 2,185 record will be broken, stay tuned.

5:29pm–g0lfa misses the green, loses one to Levy

Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo has earned himself two WCOOP bracelets this year, taking down both Event #18 ($320 8-game mix) and Event #29 ($320 PLH/PLO). Today D’Angelo finds himself at Team PokerStars Pro Grant Levy’s table, and just now was involved in a relatively big hand with the Australian.

The hand began with xoxol73 opening with a raise to 150 from UTG, then Levy reraising to 450 from the next seat. It folded around to g0lfa who reraised again to 1,150 from the cutoff. All got out of the way except for Levy who made the call.

The flop came 8♠5♦3♠. Levy checked, g0lfa bet 1,450, and Levy called. The turn brought the K♠. Levy checked again, g0lfa bet 2,840, and Levy called once more.

The river was the A♠, prompting a bet of 6,650 from Levy. “you prolly have the QQ with the spades,” typed g0lfa on seeing the fourth spade hit the board. “std” (standard), he added. g0lfa spent a solid 60 seconds of his time bank before letting the hand go.

Levy chips up to 27,515 after that one, while D’Angelo now has 13,856.

5:25pm– Beware of aces and defending champs

Defending WCOOP Main Event champion ckingusc is out on Table 28 after scoring his first of the 2009 WCOOP Main Event ckingusc got involved with ffplaya22 two hands later. ffplaya22 raised to 150 from UTG as it was folded around to ckingusc in the big blind who made the call. 3♣ 4♠ 10♠ on the flop got a check from ckingusc and 250 chip bet from ffplaya22. ckingusc made the call to see the 6♠ on the turn and both put on the breaks and checked for the K♣ on the river. ckingusc made a 500 chip bet which was called by ffplaya22 who turned up A♥A♦ blowing away the Q♠10♦ held by the champ for the small 1,825 chip pot.

5:19pm–Jovial Gent shows logikon the door

With the blinds 25/50, logikon opened with a preflop raise to 200 from middle position and was called by ghost crab on the button and Jovial Gent in the big blind. The flop came 2♣7♥10♦. Jovial Gent checked, logikon bet 250, and ghost crab folded. Jovial Gent then check-raised the minimum to 500, and logikon called. The turn was the A♥.

Jovial Gent again checked, and this time logikon bet 2,100. Jovial Gent again check-raised — to 6,300 this time — and logikon called.

The river brought the Q♠ and an all-in push from Jovial Gent. logikon made the call, turning over A♠K♣ for top pair-top kicker. But Jovial Gent had 7♦7♣ for a set of sevens, and logikon became another of our early exits.

5:15pm– Gavin Griffin and Chad Brown set to do battle
Two Team PokerStars Pros are out on Table 135, WCOOP bracelet holder (2006 HORSE) Chad Brown and poker’s “Triple Crown” winner Gavin Griffin displaying his VIP Supernova stars are out at Table 135 all set for the long haul with blinds starting at 25/50 and 20,000 chips. They are joined by a < but we'll reserve judgement on < 's play for later.

5:08pm–More than $1K per minute!

20,000 chips gone in a flash!

Louis Dubois opened with a raise to 180 from early position and got two callers, including purjo1. The flop came 9♥10♣5♠. Dubois continued with a bet of 400, purjo1 raised to 1,200, the third player got out, and Louis Dubois called.

The turn was the 4♣. This time Louis Dubois checked, purjo1 bet 4,150, Louis Dubois check-raised to 8,300, purjo1 pushed all in for 18,620 total, and Louis Dubois — whom was barely covered — made the call.

Louis Dubois showed 9♦9♠ for a set of nines, but purjo1 had 10♥10♦ for the better flopped set. The river was the 8♠, and Louis Dubois is quickly done.

5:05pm– Five minutes in 1,900 signed up
Hundred players away from the $10 million prize pool and 285 away from the eclipsing last year’s mark of 2,185 runners. Unfortunately for danylaroo2, BOLLPOKER, Louis Dubois, and gunning4you they will not be allowed to rebuy as they’ve already busted.

4:57pm–Newly minted WCOOP Bracelet Holders in the field

Two Team PokerStars Pros snagged bracelets from this year’s record breaking 45 event schedule. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (Event #38 champ, write up shown here) and George Danzer (Event #19, winner’s interview link here)

4:51pm–1,700 and counting

We’re keeping an eye on the total number of entrants for today’s $5,000 + $200 buy-in event. A total of 2,000 runners will be needed to match the $10 million guarantee. At the moment 1,700 have registered, but that number will surely climb as we approach the first hands, and registration will remain open for another hour after that.

Last year’s Main Event drew 2,185 entrants, creating what was at the time the largest-ever prize pool for an online tournament of $10,925,000. Stay tuned to see if this year’s WCOOP Main Event sets a new standard.

4:25pm–2009 WCOOP Main Event set to begin

The World Championship of Online Poker is ready to begin in just about half an hour. Stick with us for the most comprehensive coverage of the event from beginning to end.


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