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2:46am– Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko wins the 2009 WCOOP Main Event ($1,715,200), Udon Wannit eliminated in second place ($1,286,400)

After pausing the tournament to take a short break right after heads-up play began, it didn’t take long for Udon Wannit to get his stack in the middle against Jovial Gent. Unfortunately, Jovial Gent had flopped top two pair leaving Udon Wannit drawing extremely thin. Check out how the hand unfolded right here.

With that river card, Timoshenko had every last chip in front of him, 42.88 million in all, and earned the title of WCOOP Main Event Champion, along with $1,715,200 in cash. For his runner-up finish, Udon Wannit earned a (still mind-blowing )$1,286,400.

As Timoshenko clinched his victory, he was met with congratulations all around from a very active rail, as well as several members of Team PokerStars Pro

barryg1 said “nice work Yevgeny”
stevejpa said “great game Yevgeny”
Grant Levy said “sicko obv”

A WPT title, an APT title, and now a WCOOP Main Event bracelet. Our heartiest congratulations to Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko on a masterful performance!


Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko, 2009 WCOOP Main Event champion

2:33am–Chip counts at start of heads-up play

Jovial Gent — 33,194,866
Udon Wannit — 9,685,134

2:32am–reddeevil knocked out in third($933,712)

After Udon Wannit folded from the button, reddeevil raised to 360,000 from the small blind, and Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko called from the big blind. The flop came 2♠5♥K♥. reddeevil bet 360,000, and Timoshenko called.

The turn brought the 8♦. reddeevil checked, Timoshenko bet 840,000, then reddeevil check-raised all in for 8,359,291. Timoshenko paused for about 15 seconds, then made the call, turning over K♦8♣ for two pair. reddeevil showed 9♥6♥ for a flush draw.

The river would bring the flush — but also a full house to Timoshenko, as it came the 8♥. reddeevil is out in third place, earning $933,712. We’re down to two!

2:28am– Daniel “djk123” Kelly eliminated in fourth place ($643,200), wins WCOOP 2009 Player of the Series

After a stunning run that saw him win two bracelets, cash ten times and make three final tables, Daniel “djk123” Kelly’s magnificent run in the 2009 WCOOP is at an end.

Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko opened for 281,010 and Kelly three-bet to 844,444. Timoshenko came back over the top , four-betting the 1.8 million, only to have Kelly move all in for 10,276,231. Timoshenko quickly called, turning over K♦K♠. Kelly was in dire shape with 10♥10♦ and couldn’t improve on the K♥J♥4♠3♦Q♣ board.

For his fourth place finish, Kelly earned $643,200, bringing his total WCOOP haul to a staggering $956,956.69!

2:24am–Decision time

With just four players left, there is still a whopping $4,578,312 left in the prize pool yet to be awarded. Big decisions await all four of these players.

Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko just noticed that over the course of what has now become 33-plus hours of playing, he no longer has any timebank left.

Jovial Gent said, “does anyone have any timebank left?”
Udon Wannit said, “ya”
djk123 said, “no :9”
djk123 said, ” 🙁 “
Jovial Gent said, “mbn”
Jovial Gent said, “nows when you really need it”
Udon Wannit said, “ill give u my minute and a half for 3m chips”
Jovial Gent said, “make it 1.2 and you got a deal”

Too bad for both no such deal can be made. The four aren’t discussing other deals, either, incidentally, and so play continues.

2:05am– Xaston zapped in fifth place ($482,400)

After opening for 222,222 from UTG, Xaston got two callers in Jovial Gent and Udon Wannit. The flop came down 10♥9♣3♣ and the action was checked to Jovial Gent, who bet 357,000. Udon Wannit folded, but Xaston came over the top, moving all in for 3,266,430. Jovial Gent called, turning over K♣10♣ for top pair and a flush draw while Xaston showed A♦9♦ for second pair. Jovial Gent hit his flush on the turn when the 8♣ fell leaving Xaston drawing dead. The river was the meaningless 4♣ and Xaston hit the rail in fifth place, collecting nearly half a million dollars for his finish.

2:02am–Chong94 chopped down in sixth ($375,200)

In the second hand back from the break, Daniel “djk123” Kelly opened with a raise to 200,000 from the cutoff, and Chong94 reraised to 650,000 from the big blind. Kelly reshoved all in, and Chong94 called with his remaining 3,362,246.

Chong94 A♥J♣
djk123 7♣6♣

The flop came 5♣3♠4♦, giving Kelly a straight and nearly sealing the hand right there. The 6♦ on the turn gave Chong94 a shot at a chop, but the 10♥ on the river sent Chong94 out in sixth place, for which he earns $375,200.

Kelly is now back in front with over 17.8 million chips.

2:00am–Mudvaynes run aground in seventh ($268,000)

In the first hand back from the break, the table’s short stack Mudvaynes open-pushed all in for 518,472 from late position, and djk123 called from the small blind.

Mudvaynes showed 10♦9♦ and djk123 10♥Q♠. Neither would pair either hole card, as the community cards came 2♥K♦3♠7♠A♣, and Mudvaynes is out in seventh place, earning $268,000.

1:58am–Chip counts, ninth break, Day 2

Level 39
Blinds 50,000/100,000, antes 12,500
Players remaining: 7 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 6,125,714
First prize: $1,715,200

1. djk123 — 13,080,604
2. Jovial Gent — 12,094,890
3. Udon Wannit — 6,992,916
4. Chong94 — 4,037,246
5. Xaston — 3,201,152
6. reddeevil — 2,942,220
7. Mudvaynes — 530,972

1:55am– Supa4real eliminated in eighth place ($182,240)

After Chong94 opened for 220,000, Supa4real moved all in for 344,760 and Chong94 made the call. It was a bit of a cooler, Supa4real’s 10♦10♣ up against Chong94’s J♥J♦. Though he hit an open-ended straight draw on the 9♠8♣7♦ flop, Supa4real couldn’t find a jack or a six on the turn or river and exited the final table in eighth place, just as our seven remaining players went to break.

1:52am–PeachyMer crippled, then eliminated in ninth place ($96,480)

djk123 opened with a minimum-raise to 160,000 from early position and got three callers — Udon Wannit (middle position), PeachyMer (button), and reddeevil (big blind).

The flop came A♠3♥7♣. reddeevil checked, djk123 bet 366,000, Udon Wannit called, PeachyMer also called, and reddeevil folded.

The turn was the 5♥. This time djk123 checked, and Udon Wannit checked as well. PeachyMer then bet 1,000,010, prompting djk123 to fold. Udon Wannit went into the tank for a bit, then shoved all in for 2,702,458. PeachyMer thought for a while, then made the call, leaving herself just 99,498 behind.

Udon Wannit showed A♣K♣ and PeachyMer A♦Q♥. The river was the 5♣, and PeachyMer was in dire straits.

She’d double up with ace-ten versus Chong94’s pocket eights, spiking a ten on the river to do so. But then she was all in again with A♦7♠ against djk123’s A♠K♦. The board went K♥6♥7♣3♥9♦, and PeachyMer is out in 9th place, earning $96,480.

1:48 am– Xaston doubles though Jovial Gent

Holding about 1.5 million in chips, Xaston opened for 180,000 and Jovial Gent set him all in from the big blind, three-bettting to 1,760,000. Xaston called, his A♥K♥ ahead of Jovial Gent’s Q♣8♦. Xaston survived the 9♥9♠3♠8♥6♥ board, rivering an ace-high flush to double his stack to 3.21 million.

1:40am– Jovial Gent revealed

Mudvaynes said “i am really tired of stars putting yev and djk directly to my left”
PeachyMer said “hahaha”
PeachyMer said “poor thing”
Mudvaynes said “ALL DAY LONG”

The “Yev” Madvaynes speaks of? None other than WPT World Champion Yevgeniy Timoshenko, the man behind the name “Jovial Gent.”

Tough draw, man.

1:35am–Jovial Gent catches Kelly

After about 15 hands of the final table, Jovial Gent has pulled even with Daniel “djk123” Kelly, with both having right at 12 million chips. That’s over half the chips in play!

And they are sitting right next to one another, with djk123 enjoying the positional advantage of getting to act after Jovial Gent on most hands.

1:32am– Greenstein, Raymer host final table

barryg1 said “does anyone mind if we postpone the final table until november?”
PeachyMer said “har har!”
Xaston said “ZING@”
PeachyMer said “id cry”

Tonight’s final table has a couple of very distinguished hosts, Barry Greenstein, who is no doubt getting some witty one-liners ready, and Greg Raymer, who is soliciting deuce-to-seven action.

FossilMan said “seat open in 200-400 triple draw with Barry, myself, and some other nice guys”

1:26am– Final table starting chip counts

Here’s how our nine survivors stacked up as the final table action began:

Seat 1: reddeevil (4,222,220 in chips)
Seat 2: Mudvaynes (700,486 in chips)
Seat 3: Jovial Gent (10,616,564 in chips)
Seat 4: djk123 (12,160,610 in chips)
Seat 5: Udon Wannit (4,549,346 in chips)
Seat 6: Chong94 (3,857,482 in chips)
Seat 7: Xaston (2,150,576 in chips)
Seat 8: PeachyMer (3,617,956 in chips)
Seat 9: Supa4real (1,004,760 in chips)

1:25am–slammedfire extinguished in 10th

slammedfire opened with an all-in bet of 1,356,870 from middle position, and Jovial Gent made the call from the big blind.

slammedfire showed A♦10♠, but Jovial Gent had him crushed with A♠A♣. The board came 5♥Q♥J♥7♠A♥, and slammedfire goes out in 10th place, earning $75,040.

The WCOOP Main Event final table is set!


1:22am– Still bubbly in here

The short stacks have been winning all the races on this bubble, and we remain in hand-for-hand play with ten players left. Mudvaynes is the low man on the totem pole at the moment, with 700,000 while chip leader djk123 is up to 12.1 million.

12:59am–Chip counts, eighth break, Day 2

Level 37
Blinds 30,000/60,000, antes 7,500
Players remaining: 10 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 4,288,000
First prize: $1,715,200

1. djk123 — 13,567,708
2. Jovial Gent — 8,656,194
3. Chong94 — 4,595,537
4. reddeevil — 4,145,079
5. Udon Wannit — 3,317,727
6. PeachyMer — 3,174,097
7. slammedfire — 2,006,870
8. Supa4real — 1,479,260
9. Xaston — 1,261,035
10. Mudvaynes — 676,493

12:57am–vishnu24 out in 11th; tourney now hand-for-hand

Chong94 opened with a raise to 140,000, and it folded to vishnu24 in late position who reraised all in to 938,645. It folded back to Chong94 who made the call.

Chong94 showed K♦Q♦ and vishnu24 8♣8♦. The flop came 6♦2♦9♦, giving Chong94 a flush. The turn was the J♠ and river the 7♥, and vishnu24 was out in 11th place.

The last two five-handed tables are now being played hand-for-hand until the next elimination.

12:55am– TBomber discharged in 12th place

Down to less than ten big blinds, TBomber moved all in from the button holding K♣8♣, but reddeevil was waiting for him in the small blind with A♥K♠. The board ran out 3♦J♠5♠10♠Q♠, no help for TBomber, and he ended his WCOOP run in 12th place.

12:53am–Kelly claims another victim, as maxxmeister falls in 13th

Daniel “djk123” Kelly opened with a minimum-raise to 120,000, Chong94 called, then maxxmeister reraised to 360,000. It folded back to Kelly who reraised again to 729,000. Chong94 got out, then maxxmeister shoved all in for 2,362,663 and Kelly made the call.

maxxmeister 8♦8♣
djk123 K♦A♠

Looks like a race situation, Vince.

The flop came 5♠5♣K♥, putting Kelly in front. The turn was the 2♠ and the river the 9♣, and Kelly’s hand took it. maxxmeister is out in 13th, while Kelly now moves up to 12,847,708 — about five million ahead of second-place Jovial Gent.

12:46am– Jovial Gent up to 8.8 million after claiming fetonzio’s stack

After Jovial Gent opened for 118,000, fetonzio three-bet to 302,500. Jovial Gent came back with another reraise to 670,000 and fetonzio moved all in for his nearly 3 million stack. Jovial Gent made the call, turning over A♠K♣ to fetonzio’s A♦10♣. Jovial Gent flopped a king and rivered two pair, fetonzio’s Main Event at an abrupt and sudden end in 14th place.

With that hand, Jovial Gent was up to over 8.8 million in chips, right behind djk123 at the top of the leaderboard.

12:47am– buck21 shot down in 15th place

Buck21 got his reamining 449,000 in the pot with A♥K♦ after a raising war with Chong94, who held pocket sevens. Though the flop was a tantalizing J♥8♥3♥, the sevens holding, with buck21 picking up the nut flush draw, the turn came the 6♣ and the river the 4♦. Buck21 hit the rail in 15th place while Chong94 picked up the 2.1 million pot, his stack up to 3.86 million, good for third in chips.

12:45am–bcans bounced in 16th; djk123 continues climb

Not long after that rash of eliminations came another big hand over on Table 90. bcans opened with a raise from middle position to 123,999, then djk123 reraisd to 266,000 behind. It folded back around and bcans called.

The flop came 9♦7♠2♠. bcans checked, djk123 bet 244,000, bcans check-raised to 780,000, djk123 reraised again all in with his gawdy stack of 6.5 million, and bcans called with his lasat 957,195.

bcans showed Q♦Q♥ for the overpair, but djk123 had hit the flop hard with 9♥7♥. The turn was the 4♦ and the river the 3♠, and bcans was eliminated in 16th.

djk123, a.k.a. Daniel Kelly, is now closing in on 9 million, still way out in front.

12:34am–Boom, boom, boom: Three eliminations in four minutes, 16 remain

Jovial Gent raised to 118,500, and Rip_Cheese reraised to 350,000. It folded back to Jovial Gent who repopped it all in, and Rip_Cheese called with his remaining 1,412,732 chips.

Rip_Cheese had 7♥7♦, but Jovial Gent had him crushed with K♠K♥. The board went 2♥5♣J♥2♣3♦, and Rip_Cheese was eliminated in 19th.

Right after that hand, maxypaxy open-shoved all in for 670,610 over at Table 4, and PeachyMer called. maxypaxy had 10♥Q♥ and PeachyMer A♠9♠. The flop was A♦3♠J♦, giving PeachyMer a pair of aces. The turn was the 4♦ and river the 6♥, and maxypaxy was knocked out in 18th.

Then it was thepractice’s turn to shove all in preflop for 997,998, and Udon Wannit made the call. thepractice showed 6♦6♣, and Udon Wannit J♦J♠. No six came to save thepractice, as the board went 2♥9♣4♥4♠K♥, making thepractice our 17th place finisher.

12:31am–tommyboy83 tumbled in 20th

tommyboy83 opened with a raise to 400,000 from the small blind, leaving himself just 110,849 behind. Xaston reraised all in for 1,067,686 from the BB, and tommyboy83 called with his last chips.

tommyboy83 showed Q♣2♣ and Xaston A♣9♦. The flop came 5♠8♣K♣, putting the flush draw out there for tommyboy83. But the turn was the 4♦ and river the 7♥, and tommyboy83 is out in 20th.

Xaston is in the middle of the pack right now with just over 1.44 million.

12:29am– Hunter “HEMIpowerSWT” Frey eliminated in 21st place

Hunter “HEMIpowerSWT” Frey got his money in before the flop with a dominating hand, holding A♥K♣ to maxxmeister’s A♦J♦. The flop, however, gave both players a sweat, coming down K♦10♦8♣, Frey flopping top pair and maxxmeister hitting flush and straight draws. The Q♠ on the turn, however, filled maxxmeister’s straight, Frey unable to catch up on the 6♥ river. He exited in 21st place while maxxmeister moved up to 3.37 million in chips.

12:26am– PeachyMer back over 2 million

After making a huge call on the river for all her chips against reddeevil, PeachyMer is back up to 2 million in chips. Check out the action on our snazzy replayer.

12:17am–Excitement on Table 4

There’d been a relatively lengthy quiet stretch on the three tables, with most hands ending before the flop with either a raise or reraise being enough to do the job.

The tourney had just crossed into Level 36 (blinds 25,000/50,000, antes 6,250) when some action erupted over on Table 4. PeachyMer opened with a raise to 123,456 from UTG, and it folded around to vishnu24 who reraised all in for 1,029,875 from the small blind. PeachyMer quickly called, showing A♥A♣ to vishnu24’s 10♥10♠.

The three flop cards then arrived, a stunning 7♦7♠10♦, giving vishnu24 a full house and a huge lead. The turn was the 6♠, and Peachymer had already typed “nh” when the river brought the K♥.

A few hands later, PeachyMer doubled back up through vishnu24, leaving her with 839,016 and vishnu24 1,774,617.

12:05am– maxypaxy trips up against reddeevil

Maxypaxy opened for 95,000 and reddeevil made the call from the big blind. Both players checked the K♦J♦10♣ flop. When the 6♦ hit the turn, reddeevil checked, leaving maxypaxy to bet 160,000. Reddeevil called and they saw the 6♠ fall on the river. Reddeevil checked again, maxypaxy bet 240,000 and reddeevil called.

Though maxypaxy hit runner-runner trips with A♣6♣, reddeevil flopped the nuts with A♦10♦ and took down the million chip pot. Once near the top of the leaderboard, maxypaxy was left with 913,000.

Reddeevil is currently second in chips with over 3.7 million.

11:57pm–Chip counts, seventh break, Day 2

Level 35
Blinds 20,000/40,000, antes 5,000
Players remaining: 21 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 2,041,904
First prize: $1,715,200

1. djk123 — 6,904,710
2. fetonzio — 3,876,069
3. reddeevil — 3,352,286
4. Udon Wannit — 3,267,360
5. Jovial Gent — 2,528,100
6. Chong94 — 2,292,242
7. thepractice — 2,126,747
8. Supa4real — 2,071,760
9. Rip_Cheese — 2,011,482
10. TBomber — 1,674,536

11:51pm–xmrstyle no longer in vogue, out in 22nd

With the blinds 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante), Chong94 opened with a raise to 90,000 from the cutoff, then xmrstyle raised all in for 589,701 from the button. The blinds folded, and Chong94 called.

Chong94 10♥10♠
xmrstyle 7♦7♥

Not what xmrstyle wanted to see from his opponent, to be sure. The flop was even less pleasant for xmrstyle — 3♥A♦10♦ — giving Chong94 a set of tens. The turn was the J♣, meaning xmrstyle was drawing dead when the Q♦ arrived on the end.

xmrstyle goes out in 22nd place and like all of those going out 19th-27th picks up $35,376 for doing so. Meanwhile, Chong94 currently sits in sixth with a little more than 2.18 million chips.

11:45pm– GIVE_IT2 hands stack to djk123

A short-stacked GIVE_IT2 moved all in for his remaining 460,000 and djk123 moved all in behind him, chasing away the rest of the table. It was the A♠7♠ for GIVE_IT2 and A♣K♥ for djk123, the board running out K♣Q♣J♣8♣4♠ to send GIVE_IT2 home in 23rd place.

Meanwhile, djk123 continues his amazing run, his tournament-leading stack up to more than 7.3 million.

11:32pm–Big call by fetonzio pays off

The average stack is more than 46 big blinds at the moment, so we’ll see if players sit tight with their chips or gamble it up here as we enter the endgame.

Just saw a couple of players not sitting tight in an interesting hand on Table 114 — between a couple of the bigger stacks, actually, thepractice and fetonzio. thepractice opened with a raise to 82,500 from middle position, and fetonzio, sitting to thepractice’s left, made the call.

Both checked the 5♣5♦6♠ flop. The turn was the 4♥. thepractice checked, fetonzio bet 95,500, thepractice raised to 280,000, and fetonzio called.

The river brought the 9♣. thepractice fired 630,000 into the middle, and after some thought fetonzio called. thepractice showed 10♥J♣ for a lot of nothing, and fetonzio the mighty ducks — 2♦2♣. The pair was good, and fetonzio claimed the 2,068,125-chip pot.

fetonzio is in third at the moment with 3.17 million, while thepractice is in fifth with 2.53 million.

11:32pm– Millions on the table, NFL on the brain

As Monday Night Football ticked toward its conclusion, the chatter across our three remaining tables switched almost entirely from poker to football.

A few of our favorite comments:

“Miami is lol”

and for the sports bettors in the mix,


11:19pm–jclan5 out, 23 left

A short-stacked jclan5 pushed all in for 302,107 from late position and Chong94 called from the big blind. Chong94 had A♦J♥, while jclan5 was rolling the dice with 5♠7♠.

The flop was 8♠K♣9♣, giving jclan5 hopes for a straight. But the turn was the Q♦ and river the 4♦, and jclan5 was knocked out in 24th place.

With 23 left, djk123 still has a sizable chip lead with over 5.6 million, trailed by thepractice (3.73 million) and reddeevil (3.35 million).

11:16pm– mystie45 evaporates in 25th place

PeachyMer opened for 88,888 from early position and the action folded around to mystie45 in the small blind. Holding nearly as many chips as PeachyMer, mystie45 moved all in for 971,179, putting his opponent to a decision for nearly all her chips. PeachyMer, however, found a call, her 10♥10♦ in great shape against mystie45’s A♥8♣. No love for mystie45 on the board and PeachyMer’s stack rocketed past 2 million (much to the delight of her railbirds) while mystie45 collected $35,376 for 25th place.

11:11pm–Bambeklis bamboozled, sunk by Supa4real’s sixes

Supa4real opened for 79,775 from middle position, then Bambeklis reraised all in for 169,547 from the button. The blinds folded, and Supa4real called.

Supa4real showed 6♠6♣ and Bambeklis A♦8♦. The flop brought an eight for Bambeklis, but there was a six as well — 8♣3♠6♥. The turn was the 3♥, giving Supa4real a boat, and when the K♠ fell on the river, Bambelkis was out in 26th place.

Supa4real pushes up to 924,947 — below average, 19th place.

11:07pm–dawnkey954 rides off in 27th place

Dawnkey954 had already caught a miracle on the river once, getting all in with pocket threes against Q-9, and spiking a three after his opponent turned two pair. However, when dawnkey954 moved all in for over a half a million on a 10♣8♠3♠ flop holding J♦J♣ only a few hands later, he couldn’t outrun fetonzio’s pocket kings, the turn and river falling the 9♥ and the 8♥ to end his tournament.

10:59pm–Chip counts, sixth break, Day 2

Level 33
Blinds 15,000/30,000, antes 3,750
Players remaining: 27 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 1,588,148
First prize: $1,715,200

1. djk123 — 5,140,341
2. thepractice — 4,082,997
3. TBomber — 3,503,922
4. Udon Wannit — 3,045,417
5. reddeevil — 2,763,886
6. slammedfire — 1,929,966
7. Mudvaynes — 1,871,156
8. maxxmeister — 1,839,019
9. bcans — 1,733,460
10. HEMIpowerSWT — 1,632,083

10:54pm — bcans freezes CASINOICE in 28th

CASINOICE got his last 13 big blinds in the middle before the flop against bcans, but his A♣Q♠ couldn’t outrun pocket tens, ending his WCOOP run in 28th place.

10:53pm–BobCore busted in 29th

A below-average-stacked BobCore open-shoved all in from middle position for 379,784 and reddeevil called from the small blind.

reddeevil A♠Q♠
BobCore 10♣K♠

The flop came 8♣5♣8♦ and the turn J♣, giving BobCore a club draw to go with those hopes for a ten or king. But the river was the J♦, and BobCore is out in 29th place.

10:46pm–Natemower cut down in 30th

It started as an innocuous-seeming blind-vs.-blind battle, with Natemower making a minimum raise to 60,000 from the SB and buck21 calling from the BB. Then the flop came 6♦5♥2♥, and all hell broke loose as Natemower pushed all in for 394,901, and buck21 made the call.

Natemower shoed Q♣Q♠ for an overpair, while buck21 showed J♥6♥ for a pair and a flush draw. The turn was the 8♥, giving buck21 the flush and making the A♠ on the river inconsequential.

Natemower is out in 30th, while buck21 moves up over 1.13 million.

10:43pm– Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton exits in 31st place

Facing a 70,000 opening raise from TBomber, Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton shoved from the big blind for his remaining 478,982, probably hoping to get a fold. Unfortunately for Ike, TBomber snap-called, turning up pocket kings. Haxton was in dire shape with K♣J♦ and couldn’t catch a miracle on the 10♠5♠3♠Q♣7♣ board. He hit the rail in 31st place, while TBomber took his stack up to 3.2 million, good for second in chips.


Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton

10:42pm–reddeevil drums Percussion out

Percussion raised to 75,570 — a smidge over 2.5x — from middle position, and got one caller in redeevil in the small blind.

The flop came 10♦8♦9♣. reddeevil checked, Percussion pushed all in for 376,268, and reddeevil called. Percussion showed Q♦Q♣, but had run into reddeevil’s better pair, K♦K♣.

The turn was the 6♣ and river the 2♥, and Percussion is out in 32nd.

10:39pm–Two more gone, 32 left

Zack-AA just got in a preflop raising war with thepractice that resulted in Zack-AA being all in for just over a half million chips with 8♣8♥ versus thepractice’s Q♠Q♣. Two more queens would land on board by the time the hand concluded, giving thepractice quads and eliminating Zack-AA in 34th.

Just three hands later, jclan5 opened with a raise and Braisss pushed all in over the top for 539,852, soliciting a call from jclan5. Braisss showed Q♠J♣ and would need help against jclan5’s J♥A♦. The board came 3♦9♥8♣K♦7♣, though, and Braisss is out in 33rd.

10:29 pm– Derek “derek8” Lerner out in 35th place

Derek “derek8” Lerner had been short-stacked for several levels, but had managed to bob and weave masterfully, picking up several pots without a showdown. After Daniel Kelly opened for 50,000 from UTG, Lerner moved all in for 314,291, probably hoping to take the pot right there, but Mudvaynes shoved for over 560,000 behind him, leading Kelly to fold. Unfortunately for Lerner, his A♠K♣ couldn’t improve against Mudvaynes’ pocket jacks, ending his Main Event run.

10:27pm–djk123 = unstoppable?

Shortly after Dunkelb1 was eliminated in 37th, niccc was raising to 65,000 from UTG and the table folded around to Daniel “djk123” Kelly who reraised to 157,500 from the button. The blinds folded, and niccc called.

The flop came 10♣7♠10♥. niccc checked, djk123 bet 186,000, niccc check-raised to 480,000, and djk123 called.

The turn was the K♥, and both players checked. The river then brought the 3♣. niccc checked, and Kelly made a hefty bet of 1,775,000 — well more than the 1,037,833 niccc had left. After a bit of thought, niccc made the call, showing 9♠9♣ for nines and tens. But Kelly had A♣10♠ for trip tens, and niccc is out in 36th place.

Kelly is now up over 5.35 million — about twice what his nearest competitor, Udon Wannit, currently has.

10:16pm– Niccc sinks Dunkelb1 in 37th place


As the rail erupted in “OMGs,” niccc raked in the 1.6 million pot while a stunned Dunkelb1 was crippled.

Now severely short-stacked, Dunkelb1 open-shoved all in for 46,153, mystie45 reraised to 100,000 to isolate, and the rest of the table folded.

Dunkelb1 showed 5♠5♥ and was hoping the small pair would outlast mystie45’s A♠10♣. mystie45 would not pair either hole card, but the 7♠9♦7♥K♥K♠ made Dunkelb1’s fives no longer good versus mystie45’s better kicker. Dunkelb1 is out in 37th.

10:12pm–Alikmin all in, then all out in 38th

Shortly after sethsethseth’s elimination, chip leader Daniel “djk123” Kelly opened with a minimum raise to 50,000 from UTG over on Table 90, and Alikman responded by pushing all in for his last 176,803. It folded back to HEMIpowerSWT in the big blind who shoved over the top all in for 1.2 million-plus, forcing Kelly to skedaddle.

Alikmin 7♥A♥

The board came 9♦2♦9♣3♦8♥, and HEMIpowerSWT’s queen kicker meant Alikmin was out in 38th place. HEMIpowerSWT is now at 1,552,678 — just inside the top ten for now.

10:08pm– Nonono, sethsethseth!

Our hats go off to sethsethseth for making a gutsy pre-flop shove for 427,526 holding 2♥7♥ (aka “the suited hammer”), but unfortunately he ran headlong into Bambeklis’ A♠K♥. Still, there was hope for sethsethseth, who hit a flush draw on the 9♠8♥3♥ flop, but he couldn’t improve on the turn or river, which fell the J♠ and the K♠.

Sethsethseth exited in 39th place while Bambeklis moved up to 1.4 million in chips.

10:05pm–caicu blows up versus TBomber

With the blinds 12,500/25,000 (3,125 ante), TBomber raised to 58,800 from middle position, then caicu reraised to 125,000 from the small blind. TBomber called, and the flop came J♠{Qd]3♦. caicu checked, TBomber bet 150,000, and caicu called.

The turn was the 2♦, putting a third diamond on the board. caicu again checked, and TBomber again bet 150,000. caicu then check-raised all in for 404,456, and TBomber quickly called.

Bad timing for caicu, who had nothing but A♥6♠. Meanwhile, TBomber had K♦J♦ for the flush, meaning caicu was drawing dead. caicu is out in 40th place, while TBomber chips up close to 2.2 million.

9:55pm– Chip counts, fifth break, Day 2

Level 31
Blinds 10,000/20,000, antes 2,500
Players remaining: 40 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 1,072,000
First prize: $1,715,200

1. djk123 — 3,900,610
2. Udon Wannit — 2,523,997
3. maxxmeister — 2355,494
4. Xaston — 1,975,057
5. maxypaxy — 1,565,421
6. jclan5 — 1,543,864
7. PeachyMer — 1,522,173
8. thepractice — 1,478,855
9. TBomber — 1,473,919
10. slammedfire — 1,469,452

9:50pm–Kelly killing it, takes chip lead

HEMIpowerSWT raised to 49,600 from middle position, and Daniel “djk123” Kelly, sitting to HEMIpowerSWT’s left, called. Then bet2win reraised to 167,987, and it folded back around to HEMIpowerSWT who stepped aside.

djk123 then reraised to 388,888 total, prompting an all-in shove for 1,427,995 from bet2win. Kelly made the call, showing 10♥10♦ to bet2win’s A♥J♦.

Tens proved good for Kelly once again, as the board ran out 9♣3♣K♣8♥K♦, knocking bet2win out in 41st place.

With 40 players left, Kelly moves into the chip lead with more than 3.5 million. Click here to read more about the two-time WCOOP bracelet winner looking for yet another big score.


Daniel “djk123” Kelly

9:42pm– PeachyMer puts the pressure on

Mystie45 led off the betting, opening for 57,688 from under-the-gun. PeachyMer flat-called from middle position and the two saw a flop of Q♠J♣5♥. Mystie45 led out for 89,000 and PeachyMer raised to 231,093, mystie45 tanking for a bit before making the call. The turn paired the board with the J♠ and mystie45 checked over to PeachyMer, who moved all in for 992,111. After a long thing, mystie45 folded, PeachyMer picking up the 630,000 pot to take her stack up to 1.6 million, good for seventh in chips.

9:41pm–River sinks stefos

Stefos raised all in to 109,646 from middle position, and sethsethseth called from the cutoff. It folded to Jovial Gent in the big blind who then reraised to 700,000, pushing sethsethseth out of the hand.

Jovial Gent 9♣9♠
stefos Q♠Q♣

The flop was 8♥7♦J♣ and the turn 2♦, and stefos’ queens were still good. But the river brought the 10♣, giving Jovial Gent a straight and sending stefos out in 44th place. Jovial Gent now has a little over 1.32 million in chips, which puts him in 13th place currently.

9:32pm–Can Kelly make it a triple?

Last night, Daniel Kelly became the third player this year to win two WCOOP bracelets, adding a win in the $10,300 High Roller H.O.R.S.E. event to his $215 Razz title. The first player to score a double win this year, Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo, just stopped by to rail Kelly and offer his congratulations.

g0lfa said, “djk… wanted to congratulate you man… hell of a series”
g0lfa said, “well done”
g0lfa said, “you’re a very sick human”
djk123 said, “ty”
g0lfa said, “gl gettin to the FT”

Kelly is well on his way, currently sitting on 1.64 million, good for third in chips.

9:25pm–DrunkPPlaya down, Chong94 charges

slammedfire opened for 40,000 from UTG+1, then DrunkPPlaya called from middle position. We might as well call it a “smooth” call, giving away what’s to come.

Chong94 called as well from the button, as did dawnkey954 from the big blind. The flop came 5♦8♦3♠. dawnkey954 checked, slammedfire continued for 80,000, then DrunkPPlaya raised to 180,000. Next Chong94 repopped it to 440,000, prompting the others to fold back to DrunkPPlaya who reraised once again for just 40,105 more. Chong94 called.

DrunkPPlaya turned over A♦A♥ for the overpair, and Chong94 showed 6♦7♦ for a straight flush draw. The turn was the 4♥, giving Chong94 the straight and making the river Q♦ just a final bit of trivia.

DrunkPPlaya is out in 47th, while Chong94 now has 2,083,332 and the chip lead.

9:11pm– Sweden_Pound sinks on the river

So often in this game we live by the river and die by the river. All in with K♦Q♥ against buck21’s Q♦J♦, Sweden_Pound had to feel pretty good about his chances, and when the flop came down A♣7♣5♦, his confidence must have multiplied ten-fold. The turn had to give him pause, falling the 4♦ to give buck21 a flush draw, but the death blow came when the J♠ spiked on the river, pairing buck21’s kicker and sending Sweden_Pound to the virtual rail in 50th place. Ouch.

9:07pm–Tens hold for ten-time cashing Kelly

Daniel “djk123” Kelly — he of the 10 cashes and two WCOOP bracelets this year — has turned in yet another impressive showing, now inside the top 50 of the Main Event. Just now Kelly’s tourney life was on the line after he found himself all in with a pair of tens against pakd650’s K♦A♠. A ten would flop, but that still didn’t make the hand any easier for Kelly. Here’s how it played out:

9:00pm–Chip counts, fourth break, Day 2

Level 30
Blinds 8,000/16,000, antes 2,000
Players remaining: 50 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 857,600
First prize: $1,715,200

1. GIVE_IT2 — 1,837,176
2. tommyboy83 — 1,534,802
3. Xaston — 1,527,280
4. Natemower — 1,416,967
5. maxxmeister — 1,412,250
6. slammedfire — 1,399,084
7. Udon Wannit — 1,350,933
8. pakd650 — 1,254,522
9. maxypaxy — 1,240,423
10. HEMIpowerSWT — 1,232,870

8:54pm– Hunter “HEMIpowerSWT” KOs MikeTyson68

Mudvaynes led off the betting, opening for 36,669, Hunter “HEMIpowerSWT” Frey came in with a three-bet to 87,400 and MikeTyson68 moved all in for 131,182 from the small blind. Mudvaynes folded, but Frey called, only to find his A♣7♣ dominated by MikeTyson68’s A♦K♥. The flop was safe for MikeTyson68, coming down 5♦4♠3♠, but the 7♥ spiked on the turn to pair Frey’s kicker. The river was the 9♣ and Frey took down the pot, ending MikeTyson68’s WCOOP Main Event in 51st place.

8:49pm–Ilovepoker95 eliminated, tommyboy83 making good

With the blinds 7,000/14,000, slammedfire raised to 35,000 from middle position and it folded to Ilovepoker95 who reraised to 140,000 from the hijack seat. tommyboy83 then made it 252,000 from the cutoff, prompting the button, blinds, and slammedfire to fold. Ilovepoker95 thought a moment, then made the call, leaving himself 241,049 behind.

The flop came 4♠A♣4♥. tommyboy83 checked, and Ilovepoker95 pushed all in. tommyboy83 made the call, showing Q♣Q♦, well ahead of Ilovepoker95’s 9♥9♦.

The turn was the 8♣ and river 3♠, giving tommyboy83 the pot and eliminating Ilovepoker95 in 52nd place.

“j2ij2o2jo3if23fijoioj32fjiofiojf23ji23f” said slammedfire as the chips slid tommyboy83’s way. What do you suppose he had?

Holy schnike! tommy83 is up to 1.43 million now, in seventh place.

8:41pm–One bet, two bet, three bet, four

Zach-AA opened with a raise to 29,800 from early position, then BobCore reraised to 84,555. Then fetonzio repopped it to 201,000, forcing everyone to fold.

All three players are hovering right around the average stack (824,615 at the moment). fetonzio is up to 971,468 now, while Zach-AA has 606,180 and BobCore 759,496.

8:34pm– Layne “reloadthis” Flack eliminated

After opening for 36,700 from under-the-gun, Layne “reloadthis” Flack was faced with a three-bet to 82,500 from Jovial Gent. Flack decided to take a stand, moving all in for 180,994 and earned a call. His A♣Q♠, however was dominated by Jovial Gent’s A♦K♦, and with no help on the board for Flack, he hit the rail in 55th place, $21,440 his consolation prize.

8:24pm–iggymcfly busto, buck21 chips up

A short-stacked iggymcfly had just recently survived an all in versus GtRealGtOut, but still was left with less than 100,000. With blinds at 6,000/12,000 and 1,500 antes, iggymcfly hadn’t much time to wait to make another move.

Finally came a hand in which buck21 opened for 29,800, and iggymcfly reraised all in for 59,868. buck21 made the call, showing A♠5♠. iggymcfly would need some help with Q♣K♥.

No help came, as the board ran out J♦7♣4♠2♠9♦, sending iggymcfly out in 58th. buck21 is just inside the top 40 at the moment with 585,548.

8:17pm–Darwinism out, slammedfiresurges

slammedfire opened with a raise to 30,000 (2.5x) from middle position, and Darwinism — who had 426,476 to start the hand — reraised to 110,000 from the next seat over. The table folded back around and slammedfire repopped it all in for 786,246, well more than Darwinism’s stack. Darwinism made the call, showing A♥Q♥ to slammedfire’s J♦J♥. The race was on.

The board came 7♦9♥8♦2♥K♠, and Darwinism was out in 60th place. slammedfire won a couple more pots after that one and is now up to 1.315 million, currently good for third place behind GIVE_IT2 and sethsethseth.

8:15pm– “niccc” hand, sir

After DrunkPPlaya opened for 27,750 and weeminer moved all in for 252,966 behind him, niccc shoved for his entire 857,862 in chips. DrunkPPlaya got out of the way and the cards went on their backs, A♥Q♥ for weeminer and pocket queens for niccc. Niccc hit top set on the flop and rivered a full house, the board running out Q♠J♠8♠9♠8♣ to send weeminer to the rail in 59th place.

Niccc is currently on 1.2 million in chips, good for sixth place.

8:03pm–Scott “dorinvandy” Dorin eliminated

Like his fellow competitor Jason “TheMasterJ33” Dewitt, Scott “dorinvandy” Dorin was still alive and well in the WPT Borgata Poker Open today and faced a multi-tabling dilemma. Dorin, however, elected to remain up in his hotel room to concentrate on the WCOOP, but after going out in 61st place, can now head downstars and resume his live action.

Slammedfire opened for 30,000 from middle position and Dorin moved all in for 226,246 right behind him. The rest of the table folded and slammedfire called, his 8♥8♠ in a race situation against Dorin’s A♠Q♣. The 10♥7♣7♠ flop favored slammedfire, and Dorin couldn’t catch up on the 10♦ turn or the 4♠ river, his WCOOP Main Event run at an end. For 61st place, Dorin picked up $21,440.


Scott “dorinvandy” Dorin

7:59pm–Chip counts, third break, Day 2

Level 28
Blinds 6,000/12,000, antes 1,500
Players remaining: 61 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 702,950
First prize: $1,715,200

1. Udon Wannit — 1,950,144
2. GIVE_IT2 — 1,806,899
3. Rip_Cheese — 1,601,441
4. sethsethseth — 1,544,314
5. mystie45 — 1,283,428
6. HEMIpowerSWT — 1,273,023
7. bcans — 1,208,580
8. pakd650 — 1,196,520
9. Xaston — 1,093,530
10. Chong94 — 1,091,200

7:56pm–Sevens suit Sussie Smith

Sussie Smith opened with a raise to 26,500, and daPHUNNIEman reraised all in for 95,177. It folded back around and Sussie Smith made the call.

Sussie Smith showed 7♣7♥, while daPHUNNIEman turned over 6♦6♠. The flop came 9♦4♦K♣, and daPHUNNIEman was still looking for one of those sixes. But the turn and river came a decidedly unphunnie 7♦7♠, giving Sussie Smith quads and sending daPHUNNIEman out in 62nd place.

7:48pm–A marathon to the money

According to the tourney clock, players have been at it now for a total of 26 hours and 48 minutes, all told. And for the player who will eventually claim all 42,880,000 chips in play, there’s still a long, long way to go.

As we wind our way down to the final stages of this WCOOP Main Event, players currently being eliminated are being rewarded with some nice paydays. With 63 players remaining, the next nine to go out will all receive $21,440 for their efforts. Not bad, but not quite what awaits those who reach tonight’s final table:

1st — $1,715,200
2nd — $1,286,400
3rd — $933,712
4th — $643,200
5th — $482,400
6th — $375,200
7th — $268,000
8th — $182,240
9th — $96,480

Needless to say, while these current prizes are nice, everyone is eyeing the big money that awaits the final nine. Including the railbirds over at Table 4:

ZepHendrix (observer): if you all ran like me
ZepHendrix (observer): you’d be working at mcdonalds

7:44 pm– Daniel Kelly scores a KO

Daniel Kelly has seen his share of swings in this tournament, but just managed to take himself back over the 1 million mark after eliminating Markovits A.

Markovits A opened for 24,200 from early position and the action folded around to Kelly in the big blind. He three-bet to 62,400, prompting Markovits A to move all in for his remaining 412,193. Kelly made the call, turning over pocket tens while Markovits A showed pocket fives. Kelly’s hand held up on the 4♣4♥2♠K♦7♣ board and he took his stack up to 1.14 million.

7:31pm–The beat goes on for Percussion

Percussion has been enjoying a fantastic WCOOP this year, with a half dozen cashes including an eighth-place finish in Event #8, that $109 no-limit hold’em event that attracted a WCOOP-record 15,675 entrants.

A little while ago, Percussion pushed all in preflop with 10♠10♣ and was up against Str8upGay’s 9♠9♦. The flop came six-high, then a ten on the turn ensured Percussion would take the nearly half-million chip pot.

At the moment Percussion has chipped up further to 698,614, 28th place with 67 players remaining.

7:19pm–Try to read this hand without wincing

With the blinds 5,000/10,000, Jovial Gent opened with a raise to 24,250 from early position and the table folded back around to ilvdnfl who reraised all in for 184,396 from the button. The blinds folded, and Jovial Gent made the call.

Jovial Gent J♥J♣
ilvdnfl A♠A♣

A good spot, apparently, for ilvdnfl, until the flop came out a staggering 4♦J♦J♠, giving Jovial Gent quads. The 7♠ on the turn meant ilvdnfl was drawing dead, but that didn’t make the A♦ on the river any less painful to see.

ilvdnfl is out in 71st. Meanwhile, Jovial Gent happily skips up to 34th place with just over 600,000.

7:12pm–HEMIpowerSWT getting the job done

Just saw a tricky three-way hand involving Hunter “HEMIpowerSWT” Frey, DTA4, and bet2win. HEMIpowerSWT would come out ahead on this one, moving up to 1,345,623 and into fourth place overall (behind Udon Wannit, Xaston, and Rip_Cheese), while DTA4 would end up getting knocked out of the tourney in 77th.

See how it played out here:

7:09pm– Jason “TheMasterJ33” Dewitt eliminated

If there is any silver lining to Jason Dewitt’s elimination from the WCOOP Main Event, it’s that he can now concentrate on playing in that other tournament he’s in– the World Poker Tour Borgata Open Main Event.

Dewitt had been playing up in his hotel room in the early hours of Day 2, then brought his laptop down to the Borgata Poker room, where the staff graciously allowed him to set up in a room adjacent to the tournament area so he could play in both events.

Dewitt was crippled by his old nemesis philivey2694 after they went to war on a J♥2♥2♣ flop. Philivey2694 led out for 44,444, Dewitt raised to 120,000, philivey2694 three-bet shoved for his remaining 489,607 and Dewitt made the call, turning over Q♠J♠ while philivey2694 showed pocket kings. Dewitt couldn’t catch a queen or a jack on the turn or the river, and found his stack knocked all the way down to 52,669.

Dewitt moved those chips in before the flop three hands later holding A♣8♣, but ran into garage13’s pocket queens. Garage13 made a full house on the turn, the board running out 5♠9♠5♥Q♦K♦ to end Dewitt’s WCOOP Main Event in 87th place.

newitt wcoop.jpg

Jason “TheMasterJ33” Dewitt playing the WCOOP Main Event

(Photo courtesy of the World Poker Tour)

6:57pm–Chip counts, second break, Day 2

Level 26
Blinds 4,000/8,000, antes 1,000
Players remaining: 84 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 510,476
First prize: $1,715,200

1. Udon Wannit — 1,888,131
2. Xaston — 1,312,585
3. bcans — 1,083,940
4. HEMIpowerSWT — 1,067,779
5. Supa4real — 1,067,528
6. Rip_Cheese — 1,062,482
7. GIVE_IT2 — 999,382
8. philivey2694 — 993,638
9. 5902838181 — 955,377
10. bet2win — 927,828

6:48pm–Darwinism ensures BigRed0000 survives no more

After that “ul” hand decimated his stack earlier, BigRed0000 survived for a while, but its hard to last for long with a below average stack.

BigRed0000 just now had to push all in for his last 89,061 with 10♣A♠ and was called by Darwinism who held K♠K♣. The flop brought a ten — 7♠10♠9♥ — but the 8♦ turn and 5♠ couldn’t help BigRed0000 improve, and he’s out in 89th.

Darwinism has 729,630 right now, good for 21st place.

6:43pm–Xaston crosses out another

Xaston just knocked out another foe — AlusivPnkBny — pushing his stack up past 1.2 million in the process.

In this one, AlusivPnkBny opened with a raise to 21,000 from middle position, then Xaston reraised to 61,000 from the big blind. AlusivPnkBny pushed all in for 381,189 total, and Xaston called.

AlusivPnkBny showed 7♣7♥ and Xaston Q♥Q♠. The flop and turn made it interesting — 6♦6♠9♦8♠ — but the K♥ on the river meant AlusivPnkBny was out in 91st.

Xaston moves into second place with 1,222,587, still well behind leader Udon Wannit who is closing in on 2 million.

6:41pm–TheMasterJ33 doubles up philivey2694

Jason “TheMasterJ33” Dewitt just took a tumble from the top of the leaderboard, falling to 614,000 in chips after doubling up philivey2694.

Dewitt opened for 20,259 and philivey2694 made the call. Dewitt lead out for 33,000 on the K♥3♣2♦ flop, philivey2694 looking him up. The turn was the 9♥ and Dewitt set his opponent all-in with a 168,000 bet. Philivey2694 snap-called, having turned a set with 9♣9♠. Dewitt showed A♠K♦, his top pair up in flames as the 7♠ hit the river. Philivey2694 doubled to 558,000 while Dewitt was left with 614,000.

6:33pm–iggymcflyin’ up the leaderboard

iggymcfly just eliminated Terken89 after the latter got all 142,595 of his chips in with Q♣K♥ only to run up against iggymcfly’s J♠A♠. The board went 2♦10♦A♥4♦8♣, and Terken89 is out in 96th place, earning $16,616.

iggymcfly now has over 820,000, which puts him just outside the top 10 at the moment.

6:26 pm– Setback for Flack

Over the course of two hands, Layne “reloadthis” Flack saw his stack shrink by nearly half, going from 894,000 to 477,000.

First, Flack called Madvaynes’ all-in on a Q♥8♣7♣ flop holding A♣5♣ for the nut flush draw while Mudvaynes held top pair with A♥Q♠. Flack couldn’t catch a club and Madvaynes claimed the 564,000 pot. Three hands later, Flack called a pre-flop three-bet from TBomber, the pot swelling to over 170,000. Both players checked the J♦J♣6♣ flop. TBomber put out a small bet of 70,000 when the 4♦ hit the turn, Flack making the call. The river was the 3♥ and TBomber checked to Flack, who checked behind. Good thing he did, as TBomber rolled over A♥A♣ to take down the 313,000 pot.

6:22pm–100 remain

There are currently 100 players remaining in the WCOOP Main Event. Udon Wannit has had a late surge to move into the chip lead with 1,738,782, well clear of HEMIpowerSWT in second with 1,100,679. slammedfire and TheMasterJ33 are also still hovering right at the million-chip mark.

6:18pm–“P” stands for poker, not politeness

BigRed0000 just lost most of his stack in a preflop all-in confrontation versus Chong94. BigRed0000 had the advantage with A♠K♥ versus Chong94’s Q♠A♣, but a queen flopped and BigRed0000 couldn’t catch up. Chong94 moved up to 449,217, while BigRed0000 slipped to 85,561.

As they say, hilarity ensued…

aquaregia67 said, “ul”
BigRed0000 said, “really aqua?”
BigRed0000 said, “was that ul?”
BigRed0000 said, “thank.”
BigRed0000 said, “you”
BigRed0000 said, “I didn’t know”
tommyboy83 said, “ya he is village idiot of table”
aquaregia67 said, “is that so suckout boy”
aquaregia67 said, “thats what i get fo rbeign polite”
tommyboy83 said, “=)”

6:08pm–Xaston puts out hotstuff38’s fire

hotstuff38 opened with a raise from middle position to 14,200, and Xaston reraised to 38,200 behind. It folded back around to hotstuff38 who pushed all in for 221,633 total, and Xaston called.

hotstuff38 showed Q♣K♥ and Xaston 9♦9♠. The flop came 10♥3♦J♦, giving hotstuff38 the open-ender. The turn was the J♥, then the river came the 9♥, giving hotstuff38 that straight but Xaston the better hand with a full house.

hotstuff38 is out in 109th, while Xaston climbs into the top 10 with 816,133.

6:00pm–Chip counts, first hour break, Day 2

Level 24
Blinds 3,000/6,000, antes 750
Players remaining: 111 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 386,306
First prize: $1,715,200

1. TheMasterJ33 — 1,172,614
2. HEMIpowerSWT — 1,149,154
3. Udon Wannit — 1,107,166
4. pakd650 — 927,911
5. reloadthis — 924,515
6. slammedfire — 903,366
7. GIVE_IT2 — 872,938
8. djk123 — 790,863
9. maxxmeister — 790,544
10. 5902838181 — 771,867

Team PokerStars Pros eliminated:
Jan Heitmann — 141st

5:46pm–Up, down, then out for J.C. Tran

Well, that was an exciting 45 minutes of poker for J.C. “area23JC” Tran. After building his stack back up to above-average status early on, Tran had a table change followed by a crippling hand that knocked him way back down to less than 20,000.

With just 16,573, Tran pushed all in with J♣8♣ and found himself up against two opponents — cabbie182 with 7♦7♠ and HuGaDaS with A♦10♥. The flop came 9♥K♣7♣, giving cabbie182 a set though Tran the club flush draw. The turn was the 2♠, but the river brought the 5♣ and Tran survived that one with 54,219. Meanwhile, HuGaDaS was eliminated in 120th as cabbie182 claimed the side pot.

Tran’s luck didn’t last long, however, as two hands later he was reraising all in versus cabbie182 with A♣6♣ only to be called by cabbie182’s A♦Q♥. The community cards came 7♦3♠7♠K♣5♥, and Tran goes out in 117th place, earning $15,544 for his efforts.


J.C. “area23JC” Tran

5:41pm–The millionaires club

Jason “TheMasterJ33” Dewitt — chip leader heading into Day 2 — continues to maintain his advantage during the early going this afternoon, pushing out to more than 1.16 million.

But close on his heels is Daniel “djk123” Kelly, owner of not one but two WCOOP bracelets this year. Kelly right now is the only other player with more than a million, currently sitting with 1,043,836.

5:40pm– Don’t mess with the Flack

With the action folded to him in the small blind, Layne “reloadthis” Flack opened for 17,000 and tdomeski moved all in for 124,514 from the big blind. Flack quickly called, his A♠K♣ dominating tdomeski’s A♦10♠. Flack’s hand held up on the Q♥J♦7♠5♦6♥ board and tdomeski hit the rail while Flack chipped up to over 545,000.

5:32pm– Jason Dewitt movin’ on up

After Jvilchez13 opened for 12,500 from the cutoff, Jason “TheMasterJ33” put in a pre-flop three-bet to 45,000 from the button. Jvilchez13 responded with a shove for all 162,872 of his chips and Dewitt made the call, turning over 7♣7♦. Jvilchez13 was looking for some help with his J♣10♥, but couldn’t find it on the K♠9♦9♣2♦A♥ board and hit the rail in 149th place while Dewitt’s stack soared to over a million in chips.

5:30pm–Heitmann’s eight-trey cracked, out in 141st

Team PokerStars pro Jan Heitmann began Day 2 in 47th place, though met with difficulty early on and was down to 137,923 when the following hand went down.

troyones opened with a raise to 15,000 (3x) from the button, then Heitmann shoved all in from the big blind. troyones thought a beat, then called, showing 10♦A♦, well ahead of Heitmann’s humble 8♠3♠.

The board came 10♣A♠2♥Q♥2♦, and Heitmann typed “gg” as the last member of Team PokerStars hit the virtual rail in 141st place.


Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann

5:23pm–ilovepoker95 loves being on the right end of straight

ilovepoker95 just claimed a few more chips while knocking out a short-stacked THEDUTCH4141. A hand of J♣A♥ encouraged THEDUTCH4141 to get all of the chips in the middle preflop, and ilovepoker95 was there to compete with 6♥6♦.

The flop came 5♦4♥2♥ and the turn 3♦, giving both players straights but ilovepoker95 the better one. The river was the K♦, and THEDUTCH4141 is out in 147th place. Meanwhile, ilovepoker95 currently has 512,718, putting him in 23rd place.

5:06pm–Tran on the move early

J.C. “area23JC” Tran — winner of the WCOOP Main Event in 2006 — started Day 2 with a below-average stack and has started the day making an effort to change that situation, pronto.

With the blinds 2,500/5,000, Tran just now opened with a raise to 12,600 from under the gun, and dw2006 reraised to 29,855 behind him. It folded back around and Tran made the call.

The flop came J♠6♥7♠. Tran checked, dw2006 bet 36,755, Tran check-raised to 80,000, dw2006 pushed all in, and Tran called with his remaining 73,103.

Tran showed 7♣7♥ for the flopped set of sevens, while dw2006 showed 10♠A♠ for the nut flush draw. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 3♥, and Tran catapults up to 394,120 — good for the top 40 at the moment. dw2006 now has slipped to 120,999.

5:00pm– Cards are on the screen!

Our 178 remaining players are back in action.

4:50pm–WCOOP Main Event Day 2 set to begin

Day 2 of the World Championship of Online Poker main event is about to begin. Sunday, 2,144 people started. One hundred seventy-eight of those players made it through nearly 13 hours of play and will now sit down to fight for the $1.7 million first prize.

We will, of course, be keeping an eye on every one of those remaining players, with a little bit of focus being reserved for chip leader TheMasterJ33, Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann, and now-two-time bracelet winner djk123.


djk123, tenth in chips and gunning for third bracelet of 2009

Here’s how the numbers look as we prepare to resume play.

Level 23
Blinds 2,500/5,000, antes 625
Players remaining: 178 (of 2,144 entered)
Average chip count: 240,898
First prize: $1,715,200

1. TheMasterJ33 — 925921
2. pakd650 — 776413
3. 5902838181 — 734682
4. SexSeen — 696659
5. HEMIpowerSWT — 695540
6. GIVE_IT2 — 654843
7. Jovial Gent — 632010
8. reddeevil — 611559
9. GtRealGtOut — 580712
10. djk123 — 555410


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