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Double chance? It really is just that. It’s not a freezeout, it’s not a rebuy, it’s not even a single rebuy. Event #30 of the 2009 WCOOP gave players a one-hour window where if they happened to get felted, they had one shot to rebuy back into the event. 293 of the 2,488 players that bought in to the tournament ended up using that second chance, creating an $834,300 prize pool that easily surpassed the $600,000 guarantee. 360 places were paid with first place set to earn $131,819.41

Team PokerStars Pro was out en masse for this event with Angel Guillen, Greg Raymer, George Danzer, Chris Moneymaker, Katja Thater, Andre Akkari, Gavin Griffin, Alexandre Gomes, JC Alvarado, Jan Heitmann, Barry Greenstein, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Rousso, Victor Ramdin, Marcin Horecki, Hevad Khan, Nuno Coelho, Juan Maceiras, William Thorson, Emad Tahtouh, Johnny Lodden, Marcel Luske and Luis Medina all taking to the felt. Notching cashes were Humberto Brenes (322nd), Ivan Demidov (205th), and Gualter “stockcar99” Salles, who locked up the Team Pro last-longer in 54th place.

Here’s how the chip counts looked as the final table action got underway:

Seat 1: spencerman3 (1,716,986 in chips)
Seat 2: buckguy2200 (2,696,185 in chips)
Seat 3: Akaperion (772,247 in chips)
Seat 4: DiverKRD (854,916 in chips)
Seat 5: grpoker2 (2,054,689 in chips)
Seat 6: BobbyDick66 (739,663 in chips)
Seat 7: Evilduke11 (1,290,717 in chips)
Seat 8: acehole60 (1,262,135 in chips)
Seat 9: Ginobili1988 (2,517,462 in chips)


As the cards went in the air, host Jason Mercier popped in to the chat box to congratulate the final nine and wish them well. Malte “Akaperion” Strothmann and Mercier enjoyed a reunion of sorts at the final table, the two remembering each other from last year’s EPT Barcelona where Strothmann enjoyed a deep run and Mercier made the final table.

The second orbit saw the elimination of the first player, after DiverKRD made it 200,000 to go before the flop and spencerman3 made the call from the big blind. The flop came down Q♥10♣5♣, spencerman3 checking over to DiverKRD, who moved all in for his remaining 629,916. Spencerman3 insta-called, turning over A♦Q♠, while DiverKRD’s once-dominating A♠K♥ now needed some help on the turn or the river. The 5♦ and the 8♠ fell, however, and spencerman3 raked in the pot, eliminating DiverKRD in ninth place. He collected $7,091.56 for his finish.

That hand kicked off quite the rush for spencerman3. First, he raked in a nearly 1.1 million pot from grpoker2 when he picked up pocket queens, taking his stack up to 3.27 million. Then, he picked up the lucky ladies again and scored a double-KO, taking acehole60 and Evilduke11 out in one fell swoop. With the blinds at 30,000-60,000 with a 7,500 ante, Evilduke11 open-shoved for 859,467 from UTG+1, acehole60 moved all in for 960,885 behind him and with the action on spencerman3, he made the call. The rest of the table folded and the cards went on their backs, revealing A♣K♣ for acehole60 and A♦Q♦ for Evilduke11 against spencerman3’s Q♥Q♣. There was no help for our all-in players as the board ran out J♥8♠6♥4♥8♣ and spencerman3 took down the massive 2.9 million pot. Evilduke11 took home $12,097.36 for eighth place while acehole60 earned $20,446.36 for seventh.

Akaperion made his move a short time later, open-shoving for 816,697 from the cutoff and Ginobili1988 making the call from the big blind, showing A♥Q♣. Akaperion’s A♦7♠ was dominated, and he couldn’t catch up on the A♣Q♦2♥8♦10♣ board, Ginobili1988 flopping top two pair to eliminate him in sixth place for a $28,783.36 score.

“gg malte…6th place my man not bad” offered Mercier by way of consolation.

BobbyDick66 was the next victim of spencerman3’s rush, moving all in over the top of spencerman3’s opening raise to 160,000. Spencerman3 called the additional 334,000 only to discover his A♣4♠ was dominated by BobbyDick66’s A♦5♣. The flop reversed everything, however, coming down 10♣7♦4♣ to pair spencerman3’s kicker. The turn was the 9♠, the river was the 6♥ and spencerman3 scored yet another knockout, his fourth of this final table, sending BobbyDick66 to the rail in fifth place for $37,126.36.

Though at this point, it appeared that spencerman3 was running away with this thing, Ginobili1988 put himself in contention by taking down this 4.9 million chip pot from buckguy2200.

The final four went on a five-minute break immediately following that hand and once they returned, it only took one more to eliminate buckguy2200. Buckguy2200 opened for 160,000, grpoker2 moved all in for 1,439,689 right behind him and buckguy2200 made the call, turning over 7♦7♥ to grpoker2’s A♦K♠. Though buckguy2200 retained his lead on the 4♥4♦3♠ flop, the K♦ spiked on the turn to make grpoker2 top pair. The river was the Q♣ and buckguy2200 exited in fourth place, earning $48,806.56 for his troubles.

One might think that play would finally slow down at this point, right? Wrong. Grpoker2 got the rest of his chips in the middle only two hands later, four-betting all in for over 2.8 million before the flop against Ginobili1988. Ginobili1988 made the call and once again our final table players were off to the races, grpoker2’s tournament life hinging on a pair of fives against Ginobili1988’s A♠K♥. A king hit the flop and an ace fell on the river, Ginobili1988 making aces up to end grpoker2’s tournament in third place for a $70,915.91 score.

Only fifty minutes after the final table began, our final two were heads-up. Here’s a look at their chip counts as they got started:

Seat 1: spencerman3 (5,743,167 in chips)
Seat 9: Ginobili1988 (8,161,833 in chips)

With the blinds still at 30,000-60,000/7,500, these two were extremely deep-stacked to start off, spencerman3 with 161 big blinds while Ginobili1988 held nearly 96 big blinds.

Spencerman3 pulled out to over 10 million in chips after this hand where he made trips and his value raise on the river earned a call from Ginobili1988:

Ginobili1988, however, was able to pick many of those chips back up only three hands later, when he three-bet all in on a flop of 10♠9♥9♦ and got spencerman3 to give up his hand. That was one of eight consecutive hands he won on his way to taking the chip lead with 7.7 million to spencerman3’s 6.2 million.

That lead would be short-lived, as moments later, spencerman3 reclaimed the top spot. With the blinds up to 50,000-100,000/12,500, spencerman3 opened for 300,000 from the button, Ginobili1988 three-bet to 800,000 and spencerman3 made the call. Ginobili1988 led out for 925,000 on the Q♣7♣6♦ flop and spencerman3 smooth-called. The turn came the 5♣and Ginobili1988 fired again, making it 1.5 million to go. Spencerman3 moved all in for 4.33 million and Ginobili1988 folded, his stack down to 4.6 million while spencerman3 climbed to 9.3 million.

Five minutes later, it was all over. After both players limped in and saw a 9♠4♦2♠ flop, Ginobili1988 bet 200,000 and spencerman3 called. Ginobili1988 check-called a 500,000 bet from spencerman3 when the Q♣ hit the turn, then checked again when the river fell the A♥. Spencerman3 bet 800,000, Ginobili1988 raised all in for 3.32 million and spencerman3 made the call, turning over A♣2♣ for aces up, rivering two pair on Ginobili1988, who had been betting his pair of nines with 9♦5♣. Spencerman3 raked in the pot and claimed his WCOOP title, along with $131,819.41 in earnings. For his runner-up finish, Ginobili1988 collected $99,006.39.

WCOOP Event #30 ($320 NLHE 2x Chance) Results

1. spencerman3 $131,819.41
2. Ginobili1988 $99,006.39
3. grpoker2 $70,915.51
4. buckguy2200 $48,806.56
5. BobbyDick66 $37,126.36
6. Malte “Akaperion” Strothmann $28,783.36
7. acehole60 $20,440,36
8. Evilduke11 $12,097.36
9. DriverKRD $7,091.56

The WCOOP Main Event kicks off this weekend. Have you won your seat yet? Head over to the WCOOP page for information on satellites for every bankroll. If you’re hungry for more WCOOP coverage, hit up PokerStars.tv for highlights and interviews.


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