SCOOP 2015: a.S.e High hones in on victory in Event #24 ($2,100 NLHE)

May 19, 2015

The final four players were discussing a deal that guaranteed them each nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

a.S.e High wanted a bit more though and claimed to have an advantage over the rest of the field. Two players relented, but the chip leader, Sheeeeep, refused.

The deal was axed and a.S.e High went on to defeat Sheeeeep heads up the win the tournament and the original prize of $395,640.00.

a.S.e High’s score was the largest of the $2,198,000 prize pool that took 1,099 players to create.

Out of those, 126 players cashed, but only nine could make the final table.

The final table


Seat 1: RunThisTable – 915,403
Seat 2: kissyingui – 638,585
Seat 3: a.S.e High – 1,088,566
Seat 4: woody1234321 – 2,669,894
Seat 5: tcblade – 979,646
Seat 6: pokerturo – 376,117
Seat 7: Sheeeeep – 2,352,204
Seat 8: FranjoReno – 864,527
Seat 9: fityfmi – 1,105,058

With 12,500/25,000 with a 3,125 ante, kissyingui raised to 75,000 from middle position and woody1234321 re-raised to 172,031 from the hijack.

Action folded back to kissyingui and the Chinese player moved all-in for 560,460. woody1234321 called and we had the first final table showdown.

kissyingui: K♣K♦
woody1234321: A♦K♠

There was no ace but the 8♠6♠Q♣J♠10♣ board gave woody1234321 a straight. woody1234321’s lead grew to 3.15 million while kissyingui won $26,376.00 for finishing 9th.

A few hands later, woody1234321 knocked out another player.

Set over set

woody1234321 raised to 63,000 from early position and RunThisTable called from the big blind. The flop came A♥7♥6♦ and both players checked.

The 2♣ came on the turn and woody1234321 bet 68,370. RunThisTable raised to 173,001 and woody1234321 called.

The Q♦ came on the river and RunThisTable moved all-in for 346,709. woody1234321 called and showed a set of queens to RunThisTable’s set of deuces.

RunThisTable won $43,960.00 for finishing 8th while woody1234321’s stacl grew to 3.26 million.

Ship it to Sheeeep

Sheeeeep raised to 70,000 from the cutoff and FranjoReno moved all-in for 462,502 from the button. Sheeeeep called and showed a dominating A♠J♥ to FranjoReno’s A♦3♦.

The 9♥6♥Q♥8♣Q♠ board kept Sheeeeep in the lead and FranjoReno won $65,940 for finishing 7th.

Back to woody1234321

After FranjoReno’s elimination, there was a series of double ups that left fityfmi with just a pair of big blinds.

fityfmi raised to 126,000 from the button and a.S.e High moved all-in for 928,935. fityfmi called and we had another showdown.

fityfmi: 10♠10♣
a.S.e High: J♣J♥

The board ran 8♥2♦K♠5♣3♦ and a.S.e High doubled up to 1.96 million while fityfmi dipped to just 111,467.

Two hands later, fityfmi moved all-in for 96,467 and a.S.e High re-raised to 132,934from the cutoff. woody1234321 made it 301,222. a.S.e High folded and fityfmi showed A♦2♦ to woody1234321’s A♠A♣.

woody1234321 hit a set on the 5♠3♣A♥K♠10♣ board and knocked out another player.

woody1234321’s lead increased to 3.18 million while fityfmi won $87,920.00 for finishing 7th.

Then woody1234321 axed tcblade.

woody1234321 moved all-in for 3.1 million the small blind and tcblade called all-in for 668,408.

woody1234321 showed Q♥J♦ and tcblade tabled 10♠10♦. tcblade was in the lead until the river of a A♣K♠8♠2♦Q♦ board paired woody1234321’s queen.

tcblade won $110,779.20 for finishing 5th and woody1234321’s stack rose to 3.81 million.

Top to bottom

woody1234321 had the lead when play got four-handed but was the next to fall.

With 40,000/80,000 blinds and a 10,000 ante, woody1234321 raised to 168,000 from the button. pokerturo three-bet to 416,000 from the small blind and woody1234321 shoved.

pokerturo called all-in and tabled K♥K♣ to woody1234321’s J♦J♣.

Kings held up on the 3♦Q♠6♥7♥5♣ board and pokerturo doubled up to 4.24 million while woody1234321 dipped to 636,203.

A few hands later, woody1234321 moved all-in for 796,203 and Sheeeeep called from the big blind.

Sheeeeep: 7♦7♥
woody1234321: A♥8♣

The 10♠4♦4♣Q♣7♣ board gave the flip to Sheeeeep and the tournament shrank to three players.

woody1234321 won $213,206.00 for finishing 4th and Sheeeeep chipped up to 3.74 million.

Down to two

Once again, the chip leader was the next to go.

pokerturo was in the lead with 4.89 million, Sheeeeep was in second with 3.74 million and a.S.e was in third with 2.37 million.

pokerturo’s lead grew a bit more before it vanished.

With 50,000/100,000 blinds and a 12,500 ante, pokerturo opened to 350,000. Sheeeeep re-raised to 711,500 from the small blind and pokerturo moved all-in for 5.74 million.

Sheeeeep called and turned over K♦K♥ to pokerturo’s 8♦8♠. The board ran 2♦Q♠A♣9♣7♣ and Sheeeep doubled up to 6.54 million while pokerturo dropped to 2.54 million.

Four hands later, pokerturo raised to 200,000 from under-the-gun and a.S.e High moved all-in from the big blind.

pokerturo called and showed 7♠7♣ to a.S.e High’s A♣10♥.

The 8♥Q♥J♦A♦2♦ board fell in a.S.e High’s favor and pokerturo won $213,206.00 for finishing third.

Heads up

a.S.e High – 6,320,294
Sheeeeep – 4,669,706

a.S.e High started the match with the lead but the two passed it around for a while before a.S.e High doubled up and took the last lead of the tournament.

With 70,000/140,000 blinds and a 17,500 ante, Sheeeeep raised to 280,000 and a.S.e High called.

The flop came 10♠3♠A♣ and Sheeeeep bet 225,500 when checked to. a.S.e High called and a 2♣ came on the turn.

a.S.e check-called a 584,500 bet and a 5♣ completed the board.

Sheeeeep bet 1.38 million when checked to and a.S.e High moved all-in. Sheeeeep thought for some time and then called with A♦2♥.

Sheeeeep hit two-pair on the turn but a.S.e High made a flush on the river with J♣3♣.

a.S.e High doubled up to 9.96 million while Sheeeeep dropped to 1.03 million.

Sheeeeep scored a pair of double ups but fell on the third.

a.S.e High raised to 301,000 and Sheeeeep moved all-in for 2.8 million. a.S.e High called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

Sheeeeep: 3♦3♣
a.S.e High: A♦6♥

The board ran 6♣10♣5♥2♦7♦ and the a.S.e High took the title. Sheeeeep won $285,740 for finishing 2nd while a.S.e High took the SCOOP title and $395,640.00.

SCOOP 24-H: $2,100 No-Limit Hold’em
Entrants: 1,099
Prize pool: $2,198,000
Places paid:126

1. a.S.e High (Romania) $395,640.00
2. Sheeeeep (Germany) $285,740.00
3. pokerturo (Austria) $213,206.00
4. woody1234321 (United Kingdom) $159,355.00
5. tcblade (Thailand) $110,779.20
6. fityfmi (Norway) $87,920.00
7. FranjoReno (Canada) $65,940.00
8. RunThisTable (Canada) $43,960.00
9. kissyingui (China) $26,376.00

That’s it for event #24-H but there’s still plenty of SCOOP action to go. For all the SCOOP information out there –including a full schedule and satellites to each event– check out the SCOOP homepage.


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