SCOOP 2015: Bobrovaflya brings it home in Event #28-L ($27 Stud Hi/Lo)

May 19, 2015

Bobrovaflya had a few lows in event #28-L but ended up higher than anyone after taking the title and $5,194.08.

This is Bobrovaflya’s second SCOOP title since the Russian player took down Event #02-L last SCOOP. That event was in NLHE but now Bobrovaflya’s been branching out.

Today’s event drew 1,368 players and created a $33,535.30 prize pool. Bobroflavya got the biggest chunk of it, but a total of 176 players got a slice.

The slices kept getting bigger the higher we got.

The final table


Seat 1: Sovijatichar – 1,549,972
Seat 2: BryanMika – 185,056
Seat 3: TheMiner4444 – 16,168
Seat 4: Kroko-dill – 241,972
Seat 5: ozenc -2,167,892
Seat 6: JosephA – 1,226,548
Seat 7: Bobrovaflya – 338,018
Seat 8: cardiaftw – 1,104,384

On the third hand of the final table, BryanMika brought it in with a 2♦ and Kroko-dill raised with a 3♣. Bobrovaflya called with a 4♥, cardiaftw called with a 3♥ and Sovijatichar did the same with a 9♠.

Kroko-dill: (XX)/3♣9♥10♠5♦/(X)
Bobroflavya: (6♣3♦)/4♥6♦A♦J♥/5♥
cardiaftw: (XX)/3♥8♠6♥5♠/(X)
Sovijatichar: (XX)/9♠10♥Q♠Q♥/(X)

Kroko-dill bet on fourth street and everyone called. Players then checked on fifth street and cardiaftw bet on sixth.

The remaining players called and Kroko-dill called all-in.

Bobrovaflya showed 6♣3♦5♥ for 6-5-4-3-A lo and fives and sixes for the hi while everyone else mucked. Bobrovaflya chipped up to 895,822 while Kroko-dill won $335.35 for finishing 8th.

Two in two

A bit after that, we lost two players in back-to-back hands.

Bobrofaflya brought it in with a 4♠ and BryanMika raised with a K♦. JosephA raised with a 9♣ and BryanMika moved all-in. JosephA called and we had another showdown.

JosephA: (9♦3♣)/9♣9♠9♥2♠/(3♥)
BryanMika: (A♦Q♥)/K♦K♥2♣6♥/(5♠)

JosephA chipped up to 1.53 milllion while BryanMika won $670.70 for finishing 7th.

The next hand, Sovijatichar brought it in with a 3♥ the following hand and TheMiner4444 raised with a 5♠. ozenc re-raised with a J♠ and TheMiner4444 four-bet. ozenc called and TheMiner4444 moved all-in the following street.

TheMIner4444: (A♦2♣)/5♠9♦10♠9♠/(9♣)
ozenc: (K♣J♣)/J♠7♠9♥4♣/(J♦)

ozenc’s lead grew to 2.43 million while TheMiner4444 earned $1,006.05 for finishing 6th.

Two for cardiaftw

JosephA brought it in with a 2♥ and cardiaftw raised with a 7♣.

JosephA called and then raised on fourth street after cardiaftw bet. cardiaftw bet again on fifth street and JosephA moved all-in. cardiaftw called and we had another showdown.

cardiaftw: (A♣7♦)/7♣5♦A♦Q♦/(A♠)
JosephA: (8♥K♦)/2♥8♦Q♣5♣/(K♣)

JosephA won $1,676.76 for finishing 5th while cardiaftw was up to 1.80 million.

Bobrovaflya then chipped away at ozenc and cardiaftw dealt the final blow.

ozenc brought it in with a 6♦ and cardiaftw raised with a J♦. ozenc re-raised and cardiaftw four bet. ozenc moved all-in and cardiaftw called.

cardiaftw: (5♠A♠)/J♦5♥8♥Q♥/(J♠)
ozenc: (8♠7♠)/6♦7♥6♥A♥/(9♦)

cardiaftw scored another elimination and ozenc won $2,347.47 for becoming our 4th place finisher.


Players struck a deal the following hand. At the time, the counts were:

Bobrovaflya – 3,171,608
Sovijatichar – 2,308,512
cardiaftw – 1,349,880

This guaranteed players the following amount:

cardiaftw – $3,847.97
Sovijatichar – $4,238.84
Bobrovaflya – $4,694.08

$500 for 1st.

After the deal was struck, Sovijactichar fell to cardiaftw.

cardiaftw brought it in with a 7♦ and Sovijatichar raised with an A♣. cardiaftw called and then called another bet on fourth street. Sovijatichar bet again on fifth street and cardiaftw raised. Sovijatichar moved all-in and cardiaftw called.

cardiaftw: (K♣7♣)/7♦8♣9♦4♠/(6♥)
Sovijatichar: (10♣J♠)/A♣K♦2♠8♦/(6♠)

Sovijatichar won the agreed-upon $4,238.84 while cardiaftw took the lead.

Heads up

cardiaftw – 5,454,272
Bobrovaflya – 1,375,728

cardiaftw was in the lead but Bobrovaflya came from behind and took down the tournament. In the final hand, Bobrofavya brought it in with a 9♠ and cardiaftw raised with a J♦. Players kept raising until cardiaftw was all-in and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

Bobroflavya: (8♦8♠)/9♠J♣10♣10♦/(4♣)
cardiaftw: (A♠J♠/J♦8♥Q♠K♣/(6♠)

cardiaftw won $3,847 for the runner-up finish while Bobrovaflya took down the title and $5,194.08.

SCOOP-28-L: $27 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: 1,366
Prize pool: $33,535.30
Places paid: 176

1. Bobrovaflya (Russia) *$5,194.08
2. cardiaftw (Brazil) *$3,847.97
3. Sovijatichar (Serbia) *$4,328.84
4. ozenc (Austria) $2,347.47
5. JosephA (Canada) $1,676.76
6. TheMiner4444 (Canada) $1,006.05
7. BryanMika (Brazil) $670.70
8. Kroko-dill (Russia) $335.35

* Denotes a three-way deal.

That’s it for event #28-L but there’s still plenty of SCOOP action to go. For all the SCOOP information out there –including a full schedule and satellites to each event– check out the SCOOP homepage.


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