SCOOP 2016: Another Brazilian champ, renatomaiag captures Event #9-L ($7.50 NLH/PLO 6-Max)

May 11, 2016

Event 9 brought a lot of action to the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule, short-handed tables with a mix of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Things moved along at a nice, brisk pace despite the deep stacks and slow structure. Players switched up between the two games every 15 minutes with level changes from start to finish. When all was complete, it was renatomaiag lifting another Brazilian flag as SCOOP champion.

The low version of the event had a big $25,000 guaranteed prize pool for only a $7.50 buy-in. The tournament drew a huge crowd of 5,543 players to create a prize pool worth $37,803 with 720 getting paid and $5,768 set aside for the next SCOOP champion.

The tournament quickly played down into the money and action was paused for the first day after Level 36. Only 16 players remained from the huge starting field with nzz666 leading the way but there was plenty of time for others to catch him with the average stack hovering around 50 big blinds.

2016 SCOOP-9L Chips.jpg

While no Team PokerStars members were able to make Day 2, or even into the money, there was one player still around with success in the large-field tournament success. Kaitz20 cruised through into the second day but getting past 5,500 other players is a bit smaller than his biggest accomplishment in the biggest online tournament in history. In 2011, the Estonian grinder outlasted 199,998 players during the PokerStars 10th Anniversary World Record Tournament, finishing in second place to turn $1 into $34,000. A fine result but he was unable to duplicate it here, dropping out early on Day 2.

The tournament hit the final table during the NLH portion of play when desszebelle moved all-in with 2♦2♣. ladelidi came along with A♥K♥ and popped the A♦J♦9♥ flop to move the last six players to the final table. 6Thor6 was the most accomplished player among them, picking up two big scores with a runner-up finish in the huge 2014 SCOOP 1-M event and a Sunday Warmup third place cash.

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2016 SCOOP-9L Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: nzz666 (2,846,013 in chips)
Seat 2: aantuness (1,898,778 in chips)
Seat 3: renatomaiag (17,555,530 in chips)
Seat 4: kenyer8 (17,831,127 in chips)
Seat 5: ladelidi (11,753,846 in chips)
Seat 6: 6Thor6 (3,544,706 in chips)

Blinds: 120K/240K with 30K Ante

Full boat no good for aantuness, eliminated in 6th

aantuness rolled into the final table with the shortest stack but found a quick double up at the start. That made the Brazilian a little more comfortable before cashing out with a full house.

It began with kenyer8 calling a min-raise from aantuness to see the Q♠9♦5♥ flop then calling another 699,999 before the Q♦ turn. Both players checked and the board completed with a third queen Q♥ on the river. aantuness led out for 999,999 and kenyer8 moved all-in with the bigger stack to put aantuness to a decision.

The time bank was almost used up when aantuness called with the full house A♠9♣ but it was no good against the mortal quad nuts Q♣10♣ of kenyer8. A tough way to fall from the big final table, but aantuness earned $567 for sixth place in the $7.50 buy-in event.

nzz666 rivered out, eliminated in 5th

Day 2 started with nzz666 holding the lead and he was able to ride that stack to the final table, but he lost the majority of those chips along the way and needed to catch up. nzz666 found a good spot but bad river to prevent his double.

He moved all-in from the button with A♦8♦ and kenyer8 looked him up in the big blind with 6♠5♠. nzz666 had to dodge two live cards and managed to stay alive on the J♠10♠10♣ flop and 4♦ turn. The bad news came on the 6♥ river to send him out in 5th place for $1,071.

kenyer8 tripped up, eliminated in 4th

kenyer8 took out the first two players at the final table and sat in the second position with four players remaining. The worst thing that could happen to him would be catching the second best hand against the leader.

The trouble began when kenyer8 three-bet after renatomaiag opened under the gun and picked up a call to the K♣K♦4♦ flop. Both checked to see the 5♦ turn and renatomaiag check/called a 1,885,500 before the board finished with the 7♠ river.

renatomaiag checked one last time then quickly called with a queen-high flush holding Q♦7♦. kenyer8 flopped trip kings with A♦K♥ but it was no good against the turned flush to send him out in 4th place for $1,795.

ladelidi can’t beat a monster, eliminated in 3rd

renatomaiag and 6Thor6 were holding the vast majority of the chips in play and ladelidi needed to make a move to even things up. He watched nine hands go by when he found a big ace to mix it up.

ladelidi three-bet shoved from the small blind with A♦Q♠ after renatomaiag opened from the button. 6Thor6 moved out of the way and renatomaiag quickly and easily called with A♣A♠.

ladelidi was a long shot to stay in the game and the 9♦9♥3♠ flop left the Russian with a 0.3% chance of coming back. No running miracle cards appeared and ladelidi was drawing dead to third place after the 8♣ turn.

renatomaiag raises another Brazilian flat in Event #9-L

Seat 3: renatomaiag (33,954,376 in chips)
Seat 6: 6Thor6 (21,475,624 in chips)

Blinds: 160K/320K with 40K Ante

The heads-up match began with renatomaiag sporting a nice chip lead and he quickly extended that lead with a 9 million chip pot. 6Thor6 check/called big turn and river bets until the board read Q♥6♠5♠9♥3♥ and then mucked his hand after renatomaiag showed top pair/bottom kicker Q♣2♣.

Six hands later and it was the only PLO elimination hand of the final table. renatomaiag called a three-bet from 6Thor6 to see the Q♥5♦4♥ flop. 6Thor6 bet out for 3,360,000 and renatomaiag bet the pot, enough to put 6Thor6 all-in.

6Thor6: K♠K♦Q♦3♥
renatomaiag: K♣10♣9♥7♥

6Thor6 was ahead with the big pair and stayed that way after the 4♠ turn. renatomaiag had seven outs to earn the title and hit his flush on the 6♥ river. The hand finished off a quick final table with 6Thor6 earning runner-up money and renatomaiag earning his first major title along with another championship for the Brazilians.

SCOOP-09-L ($7.50 NL Hold’em/PL Omaha 6-Max) results
Entrants: 5,543
Total prize pool: $37,803.26
Places paid: 720

1. renatomaiag (Brazil) $5,768.53
2. 6Thor6 (United Kingdom) $4,063.85
3. ladelidi (Russia) $2,929.75
4. kenyer8 (Hungary) $1,795.65
5. nzz666 (Colombia) $1,071.72
6. anntuness (Brazil) $567.04

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