2016 SCOOP: ‘me so fish’ swims to victory in Event #11-L: $11+R PL Omaha [6-Max], $25K

May 11, 2016

It’s no secret that Pot Limit Omaha is an action game and when you combine that action with $11 rebuys, you’re definitely going to see a massive field come together and the chips fly. Virtually of course, as 2,442 entrants came out for Event #11-L: $11+R PL Omaha [6-Max], $25K, adding 4,300 of those rebuys within the first hour of play and an additional 1,666 add-ons once late registration closed. When it was all said and done, this low SCOOP event had more than tripled it’s prize pool, with $84,080 up for grabs.

In total 330 players made their way into the money, including some of online poker’s best. Deeagle, from Thailand, wasn’t one of them though, falling on the bubble before the rest of the field played through a quick one-day structure. PokerStars Team Member Stavros Kalfas finished 300th, earning $58.85, and Kyle Julius finished 120th for a $113.50 score.SCOOP MERCIER.jpg The two biggest names, Shaun Deeb and Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier likely only measure their SCOOP successes in wins and they fell with a few tables remaining in 29th and 24th place, respectively. They’ll have to wait to add to their trophy cases but heading into the final two tables, it looked like a well stacked Dmitry ‘Colisea’ Urbanovich was in pole position to do just that.

The Polish professional was just named European Breakout Player of the Year and just over a year ago, he won four titles at EPT11 Malta. He seemed to be cruising to the final table before taking a few tough beats to bow out in 12th place for a $735 score. One player who did cruise to the final table though was the six-handed leader Dimoni. The UK-based player scored the last few knockouts to get to a half dozen players and then took 21,378,000 into the Event #11-L final table.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.47.52 PM.png Event #11-L – Final Table Chip Counts: 
Seat 1: Skjervoy – 2,510,820
Seat 2: Abbe77 – 6,674,561
Seat 3: gregor7878 – 2,190,000
Seat 4: Lystig – 2,435,756
Seat 5: Dimoni – 21,378,080
Seat 6: me so fish – 11,015,777

The final table came together in Level 38, with blinds at 125K/250K, meaning three players, Skjervoy, gregor7878 and Lystig were coming in near the ten big blind mark. Two of those short stacks have yet to taste COOP glory but gregor7878 was the exception to that rule, as his two WCOOP titles, from $215 NLHE events in 2011 and 2014 made him the most experienced tournament player at this Event #11-L final table.

While greggor7878 likely had the table covered in past tournament results, Andres ‘Skjervoy’ Torbergsen has been one of the online world’s biggest and best PLO players over the last few years. The Norwegian burst onto the scene in 2005 and quickly ascended to the nosebleed stakes and despite his short stack, he had to be considered a threat heading into the final table.

While there was a log jam at the bottom of the leaderboard, there was some serious separation at the top. Dimoni had the second biggest stack, me so fish, nearly doubled and it was the chip leaders who used that advantage to quickly send those short stacks to the rail.

SHORT AND SWEET: Experience can only take you so far, gregor7878 out in 6th place 

Despite being the only player at the Event #11-L final table with past COOP victories, gregor7878 was only able to last a few hands. Almost immediately after the final table came together, he and chip lead Dimoni got the chips in pre flop, with Dimoni opening the action with a raise to 500,000 from middle position. gregor7878 three-bet to 1,625,000 from the big blind and Dimoni quickly clicked raise again, with gregor7878 calling off his final half-million.

gregor7878 held the best of it when the cards were tabled, as his A♠Q♦J♠J♣ had Dimoni’s A♣Q♥7♦7♠ dominated. That was, until the 9♦7♥4♦ flop fell, giving the chip leader a set and leaving gregor7878 drawing to the turn and river. There wasn’t a re-suck out, as the K♥ and 5♦ completed the board and confirmed gregor7878’s early exit from the final table. He’d make $1,593.31 for his 6th place finish, while Dimoni increased his chip lead to just over 23,000,000.

BACK TO BACK: Dimoni not done yet, Skjervoy eliminated in 5th place

If this wasn’t online poker, Dimoni likely would have still been stacking his chips from the last pot when he and Skjervoy got involved on the very next hand. Thankfully, the pixels figured themselves out quickly enough to see the short stacked high stakes player open to 875,000 from the cutoff. Dimoni then three-bet to 2,750,000 from the big blind and the Norwegian called off for 1,095,000 more. Dimoni was again behind, showing A♣10♣9♦2♣ to Skjervoy’s A♠A♦K♦10♦.

The chip leader hit the entire 10♥9♠2♦ flop though, leaving his opponent searching for help. It didn’t come, as the 8♠ fell on the turn and the 3♦ was another brick on the river to confirm Skjervoy’s 5th place elimination. Andres Torbergsen makes $2,942.80 for his final table run while Domini added to his advantage on the top of the leaderboard.

YOU’LL GET ONE DOUBLE BUT THAT’S IT: Lystig doubles but then hits the rail in 4th place

On the very next hand, the short stacks finally got some traction, albeit some short lived traction.  Lystig scored a double through Abbe77 but a few hands later, was sent to the rail one spot short of the podium.

The double was picked up with Abbe77 opening to 555,555 from the cutoff and Lystig, next to act on the button, quickly three-bet to 2,041,665. That represented a majority of his stack and Abbe77 then wasted no time getting it all-in, with Lystig calling for 269,000 more. He needed to hold to stay alive, as his A♠K♠K♣6♠ was against Abbe77’s A♥Q♥10♦7♥.

The A♣4♣4♥J♣3♣ runout was good for the double, as Lystig’s pair of kings came in handy to represent his high-card. That shot him up to 4,990,0000, while Abbe77 was left with just under 5,480,000. A half dozen hands later, that double counted for nothing though. Lystig ran into me so fish, starting his run up the leaderboard.

me so fish opened the button to 625,000 and Lystig three-bet to 2,000,000 even from the big blind. me so fish then clicked it back to 6,125,000, which was more than enough to put the short stack all-in, as Lystig called off for 2,600,000 more. He needed to crack aces to stay alive, holding A♥K♠Q♦10♣ to me so fish’s A♦A♠4♦8♥.

After the 7♦7♣5♥ flop, it wasn’t looking good for Lystig and when the 2♦ fell on the turn, he was officially drawing dead. The K♣ completed the board but it was too little, too late, with Lystig falling in 4th place for a $4,624.40 score. me so fish moved just under 14,000,000 after the hand, still trailing the final table chip leader Dimoni by a decent margin.

CHANGE AT THE TOP: me so fish takes two pots, chip lead off Dimoni

For the first few hands of final table play, it looked like Dimoni was going to go wire-to-wire and run away with this Event #11-L title. That was, until me so fish got involved with the chip leader to first take the chip lead and then extend it in a matter of a few hands.

Both of those hands were in blind versus blind encounters, with the first seeing Dimoni opening to 750,000 from the small blind. me so fish called in the big to see the K♣10♣7♣ flop. Dimoni made the same wager on the flop and me so fish just called again to see the A♦ fall on the turn. Dimoni didn’t slow down, betting 1,500,000. The Fin called for a third time and after the 7♠ paired the board on the river, Dimoni finally pumped the brakes.

He checked and me so fish bet 5,000,000. Dimoni quickly called only to see his opponent table A♣K♥K♦7♥, for a rivered full house. A 16,000,000 chip pot was heading to me so fish and with it, went the chip lead, as he was playing 21,995,000 to Dimoni’s 18,700,000.

A few hands later, me so fish’s chip lead was increasing with Dimoni on the wrong end of another battle of the blinds. Dimoni raised to 625,000 from the small blind and me so fish again just called to see a 7♣7♥4♠ flop. Dimoni check-called 750,000 and after the K♣ fell on the turn, he checked for a second time, only to raise to 4,500,000 after me so fish bet 1,750,000.

me so fish called and after the J♠ completed the board, both players quickly checked. Domino turned over K♦Q♦6♥5♥ for kings and sevens but that was no good, as me so fish tabled Q♥9♥7♠4♥ for a flopped full house. When the chip settled, me so fish was playing the better part of 28,000,000, while Domini was at his lowest standing, with 12,000,000, since there were two tables remaining.

DIMONI’S FALL CONTINUES: Abbe77 doubles to knock Dimoni down even further

When three-handed play began me so fish and Dimoni controlled nearly 40,000,000 of the 46,000,000 chips in play but the two big stacks couldn’t stay out of each other’s way, with Dimoni seeing his chip lead quickly disappear. Abbe77 was the player working the short stack but after playing spectator while the big stacks clashed, he scored a drop Dimoni down even further.

That hand was picked up after Level 39 began, pumping the blinds to 150K/300K, with Abbe77 opening to 600,000 from the button and Dimoni three-betting to 2,100,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded and Abbe77 called to see the Q♣5♥4♥ flop in position. Dimoni shoved the flop and Abbe77 called off for his 3,760,000 chip effective stack, holding Q♦Q♠8♦3♠. Dimoni turned over A♠Q♥J♠10♣ and while he had top pair, he was drawing thin, as Abbe77 had flopped top set.

The J♣ gave the former chip leader a gut-shot draw to broadway on the turn but after the 6♥ bricked out on the river, Abbe77 was scoring the double. He chipped up to 12,030,000 and Dimoni was left working 4,200,000, the shortest stack remaining at the final table.

 BRICK, BRICK; DOWN TO TWO: Dimoni’s draw doesn’t get there, he’s out in 3rd place

After giving up the chip lead at the end of the last level, nothing seemed to go Dimoni’s way and eventually, he was all-in with a massive draw against me so fish’s two pair. That hand was picked up with Dimoni opening to 900,000 from the small blind and the Fin calling to see the Q♠10♣2♣ flop.

Dimoni bet 1,999,9999 and me so fish quickly raised to 4,800,000. That was enough to put the short stack all-in, as Dimoni called off for just 2,028,000 more. He held A♣K♣10♥8♣ for bot flush and straight draws but me so fish had him again, holding Q♣10♠9♠6♦. The chip leader’s two pair held through the 8♥ turn, which gave Dimoni and inferior two pair hand, and after the 9♥ completed the board, Dimoni’s downfall was complete, as he hit the rail in 3rd place.

Dimoni made $7,146.80 for his podium finish but that meant that Event #11-L : $11+R PL Omaha [6-Max], $25K was heads up for the title. me so fish held a nearly 2.5:1 chip lead, working 32,882,000 to Abbe77’s 13,322,000.

 ACES VERSUS KINGS FOR ALL THE CHIPS: Cooler ends Event #11-L, Abbe77 eliminated in 2nd place, me so fish wins first SCOOP title and $13,244

Pot Limit Omaha is usually a game of draws and slight edges but a few hands into Level 40, with the blinds at 200K/400K, the chips got in the middle with each player looking to go Route 1. me so fish held pocket aces and Abbe77 held pocket kings, with that hand starting with the chip leader opening to 2,400,000 from the button.

Abbe77 then three-bet to 7,200,000 from the big blind and it was just a matter of time until the four-bet came, as me so fish clicked it back to 21,600,000. Abbe77’s effective stack was just 12,675,000 and he called, turning over K♥K♠10♣9♠. He needed help though, as me so fish tabled A♣A♦Q♦6♠.

Help didn’t come on the 8♦4♣2♦ flop and after the 6♦ fell on the turn, Abbe77 was drawing dead heading to fifth street, as me so fish had improved to the nut flush. The 7♣ cruelly completed the board, and a meaningless straight for Abbe77. He’ll make $9,669.20 for his runner-up finish while me so fish takes home $13,244.01 for the win.

me so fish also claimed a special champions watch courtesy of Movado, hardware to commemorate his first ever SCOOP victory. A complete list of the Event #11-L final table results are posted below:

SCOOP-11-L ($11+R PL Omaha) results
Entrants: 2,442 (4,300 re-buys, 1,66 add-ons)
Total prize pool: $84,080
Places paid: 330

1. me so fish (Finland) $13,244.01
2. Abbe77 (Sweden) $9,669.20
3. Dimoni (United Kingdom) $7,146.80
4. Lystig (Norway) $4,624.40
5. Skjervoy (Norway) $2,942.80
6. gregor7878 (Poland) $1,593.31

Will O’Connor is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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